Boker Magnum Black Spear

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    I got this for x-mas from my father in law. It was really dull but I sorted it going up grit and finishing it off with a strop.

    I am not a big fan of the serration on these types of curved blades allthough I like them on tanto-style blades. It came in a cool metal case although it's just packaging and I don't have any use for it. Personally I've never liked these kinds of gift-boxes really and think they are a dumb way to spend money. If possible I would get stuff wrapped in some paper and put my money on the knife, not on the box it comes in. But, gifts are gifts.

    So far I have used it quite alot at work for cutting cardboard and the like and it holds an edge really good for 440. It says it is "Modified 440" wich I have no clue what it means but after inspecting the edge after sharpening I am guessing there's a layer in the centre of something else, like Cold Steel does on their knives.

    It has an aluminium grip that feels nice and hefty in the hand although not really suited for the climate here since it gets mighty cold this time of the year. The pocket clip feels like it's gonna hold up but it is reversed, it doesn't bother me much but there's no simple way to change it yourself if it does.

    The liner lock is a bit soft for my taste and I think it could be deactivated by mistake when you handle the knife with gloves.

    The glassbreaker seems like it's gonna work although I haven't gotten a chance to try it out. 2014-01-08 17.16.42.
    Bottom line: Yeah, it is gimmicky but it's a better quality gimmick-knife than those china-ones I see cheap online having tactical in their names. I am not a fan of tactical-anything myself and I miss out on alot of good stuff because I just think it's nerdy and for mall-ninja types. And we don't even have a mall here. This however seems like it's gonna stay in one tight piece for a while and I now have it in my workpants. It is quite heavy and thick and I doubt I'll wear it in my suit and when I'm in my jeans I carry a fixed blade.
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