Bomb-Proof Police Car

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Yard Dart, Sep 30, 2013.

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    Why the hottest new police car is a bomb-proof military SUV | Motoramic - Yahoo Autos
    Coming soon to your town.......
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    First, no such thing as bomb proof. Abrams cracked in half when tow two 500 lb pound bombs were detonated underneath. Also, I wonder how long it will be until those organizations receiving said vehicles start to complain about the cost of maintaining them.
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  3. VisuTrac

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    Oh they won't complain. They'll just write more tickets and seize more property. problem solved.
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    They can't arrest you from inside their "bomb-proof" vehicle. All they can do is drive around and look menacing. Knights on horseback were once the terror of the battlefield; but once they were unhorsed, a peasant with a pike could make quick work of them, as the English proved at the battle of Agincourt. In our history lies the wisdom of our future. And yes, those maintenance costs will begin to tell.
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    Remember just last year that enough APCs were given to the states that each one could have 53. Of course some states got more than others but that is a lot of armor to smaller towns. Larger towns have had them for several years. Remember this, every vehicle has to be refueled, crews swapped, maintained, and runs on bearings. Tires may have sealant and the vehicle may be impervious to small arms fire but that bearing in the hub of the tire is vulnerable to an AP round. W/O mobility it is simply a pill box. Saw a German Tiger tank that had been stopped by a ricochet '06 round. It burst the bearing/race in the front pulley and stopped the monster.
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    There are a number of different types of Improvised Devices that could be used to stop these vehicles, "Dead in their Tracks" One of my favorites is Jellied Fuel, used to ignite the Tires and Undercharge of the vehicle, while it was rolling over the device. The other is "Classic" ManHole Cover used as a Tamper Projectile, for a charge of Energetic Materials, that when detonated, smacks the vehicle on the underside Armor, causing the vehicle to turn Turtle. Knock out the Tires, or Knock it OFF it's Tires, and it is literally Toast..... This isn't Rocket Science, in fact it is taught to Light Infantry and Airborne, when dealing with Enemy Armor, in close encounters. Remember WWII Sticky Bombs.... ......
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    it's pretty easy, just think about cooking a turtle in it's shell.
    I'd probably not suggest eating it though.
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    Remember monkeys; Marksmanship is a perishable skill, so get out and pratice !

    Low on ammo ? Sling up and dry fire, dry fire, dry fire !
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    That baboon is so going to have a semi-circular scar in 3...2....1...
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    Dry fire practice is good...but allow a bit more eye relief than in the pic ;)
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