Book-banning Greens bent on programming school-age children

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    Book-banning Greens bent on programming school-age children »
    by John Myers — Welcome to the Brave New World. As in the novel by Aldous Huxley, we live in a time where even children are targeted with propaganda. Yet another example of this occurred in Portland, Oregon when a resolution was introduced by school board superintendent Mike Rosen. Rosen wants to ban from all public schools any material that questions the veracity of man-made global warming. More »
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    Well, that is what it has been about for at least the past 30 years. Control education and teach the young what you want them to think. One of many goals of the usurpers of Capitalism and the American Ideal.
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    Control education = control their minds
    Control healthcare = control their bodies
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    The Romans, had a program of selling air to the citizen. Well ok not really air. But the goal was if the people would
    understand they could breath only because they were allowed then free men would feel free even if they truly were not.
    The idea is teach people they are free and tell them freedom means you get to freely believe in what information we educate you with.
    The USA Electoral college was set up to help guide us because we are all morons and the state needs to help educate us, but you and I still think voting for President is a freedom enacted thing and it is not. You think its freedom because you were taught it was freedom to vote. I digress, if we have children are they not free to play in the yard, and with toys, in fact most over 50 can recall how free we were as kids. But even then freedom came at a parents kind and mindful control.

    Schools have just taken human condition and the need by many people ( sheep ) that need to be led, they provide aprogram were you can enjoy freedom they provide in a way you see it as the ultimate freedom anyone has ever had when in reality many Monkeys here would call it brain washing.

    Anyone remember Patty Hearst? She was kidnapped and eventually followed her captors feeling she was free to do as they said.
    The lines gets confusing for sheep as to what is freedom and what is freewill and often combine the two thinking if the state provides me freedom to follow their guidance then I have free will. Nothing could be father from the truth, but our children as being taught freewill and freedom are the same. When in reality freewill allows freedom to exist. The Government wants you to think freedom allows you free will.
    And that is how they are teaching out children freedom comes at a cost of freewill not in exercising it.

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    where have you been for the last 30 years of educational programming? this isn't new [LMAO][own2]
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    Nothing new, but they are filling in the holes with common core and home schooling and other "standards". Saw this morning on TV news that over 50 % were OK with same sex relationships etc. When you look at preschool materials it shows mixed race, same sex, cultural diversity, anti Christian etc as the norm. I call a black man a Negro, he is upset and it is a racial slur, he calls me a honky and it is just descriptive. More and more schools and housing areas are becoming segregated, not by law, the whites are treated with disdain, the law favors the blacks and minorities, and the whites leave.
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    So, why aren't the parents teaching the kids different stuff at home.? Because the parents don't care as long as someone else does it !
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