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    I have two habits which make these book weights essential. Both are wind related, either from the ocean breeze while reading outdoors or the ceiling fans that keep air moving indoors. They're light, and narrow enough to be closed inside the pages as a book mark on larger books. This is hard on the binding, so I generally use a ribbon book mark and hang one of these book weights in a handy spot where I'm likely to be reading.
    Book weight.
    The weights in the ends of these are lead, and the underside has the leather rough side out.
    There are obvious alternative uses, just as with my coin pouch. It's a bit heavier, but rides easily on my belt with $25 in gold dollars inside. Handy for leaving a tip, or for social situations that require a more hands-on approach.
    book weights.
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    Good thing those aren't saps. :rolleyes:

    You just never know when ya'll need a book weight in Chinatown. ;) (Homage to Polanski's film of the same name)
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    So @hot diggity , do you have a source for that nice coin pouch? Might be an Item I would like to acquire for myself or as gifts.
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    All the usual disclaimers apply. I don't get a dime from anybody for recommending their gear.

    I do know a little history of this company. Gene Higdon started a small leather business in town a couple decades ago, in an old out-building at the gun range. He spun that business up into High Speed Gear, maker of custom nylon military equipment. He sold that business a couple years ago and retired... Well, I could hear him shooting a lot, so he was home, but obviously he got bored with retirement, and returned to leather. My coin pouch is a couple years old, and I expect it to last longer than I'm around to carry it.

    MGL “Hot Tamale” Coin Purse | Mean Gene Leather
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    @hot diggity I am interested also but what I want to know first is that coin pouch useful as a slap or will that zipper come open when it hits something? Sure seems like a very useful piece of gear if it's strong enough to stay closed as then it would have due purpose. I know what the vendor is saying but would like to hear what you think from experience with it.
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    Had a look at Gene's website, was looking for book weights, no could find nunna dem. However, Amazon has them unless Gene has them in hiding someplace.
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    @ghrit, sorry if it wasn't clear. The link I provided was just for the coin pouch. Yes, lots of book weights on Amazon. Best ones are rough side out on the book side. Slick ones slide around too much.

    I have hit things just as hard as I could with a whole roll of dollar coins inside and never had any concerns about the zipper. I was worried that I might have broken a table top with one strike. When you slip it off your belt (mine rides behind my holster and just forward of the right rear pocket, so I can access my wallet) it naturally slides into your hand with the flat side facing the right way for a strike. Gene uses Lenzip zippers, and a quick visit to their site might give you greater confidence in their strength. I feel confident that I could strike with any surface of the coin pouch without the zipper coming open. The tab of the zipper tucks in at the end. Not necessary for strength, but it keeps it from interfering with the snap.
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    Thanks so much for posting the "Gear Review" and source info. Bought a pair, as I might gift one. Got Antique Brown, and Black.
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    I'd only seen the black and brown in person. The antique brown is beautiful, but would require too great a wardrobe change.
    Too long in the military maybe. Black shoes, black belt, black change pouch.
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    Please note my order went in last Thursday 11 Jan 2018. The arrived by mail today 16 Jan 2018. Awesome product and service.
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