booze really does make life better

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seacowboys, Jun 25, 2012.

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    Best study ever proves booze really does make life better

    2 hrs ago

    Let's toast our new favorite scientists, a team from the Boston University School of Medicine who've found that folks who drink "in moderation" have a better quality of life than those who completely cut out the booze. The researchers tracked more than 5,000 50 year olds, and discovered that the regular drinkers scored highest when measured on factors including dexterity, emotion, cognition and mobility. "Overall, this study shows a positive relation between regular moderate alcohol intake and quality of life in middle-aged adults," said the study's authors. It's worth noting that their definition of "moderate" alcohol consumption is "no more than 14 drinks a week, and no more than three a day for women and four a day for men." Better crack open a bottle now if you want to meet your daily quota.
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    LOL, of course they'd be from Boston...
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    Survey seems to be flawed.... if folks don't drink due to medications, health issues etc that would prove the survey....
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    Survey look's just fine to me...Since i work 7/7.. i'll have to double-up...Life is good when logic come's to

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  7. I have injuries and arthritis and I say drinking defiantly works.
    Now I'm not talking drinking stupid amounts, but two Glasses of Jack, I just don't care that I hurt anymore. Plus it does help with sinus infarctions! I also find it helps with stress. It eases your mind to find the solution to your stress.

    I believe the study!
    Or maybe I just really like Jack Daniels?
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    try some Knob Creek; if it works to, then it is definately the Bourbon!
  9. Hahaha!
    I've been wanting to try it. Guess I will now! You know, for scciieennceee.. Yeah, science...

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    Well, I am improving the quality of my life at the moment with Jack Daniels.
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  11. Jack Daniels makes life great!
    : )

    Damn, now I want some!
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    Rum and coke in hand- life is good!!
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