Border agents let fake IDs go through

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Aug 1, 2006.

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    WASHINGTON - Undercover investigators entered the United States using fake documents repeatedly this year — including some cases in which Homeland Security Department agents didn't ask for identification.

    At nine border crossings, on both the Mexico and Canadian borders, agents "never questioned the authenticity of the counterfeit documents," according to Government Accountability Office testimony to be released Wednesday.

    "This vulnerability potentially allows terrorists or others involved in criminal activity to pass freely into the United States from Canada or Mexico with little or no chance of being detected," concluded the GAO, the investigative arm of Congress, in testimony obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press.

    The findings come as Congress considers delaying a 2007 deadline requiring passports or tamperproof ID cards from all who enter the United States.

    Homeland Security spokesman Jarrod Agen said agents are trained to identify false birth certificates, driver's licenses and other documents. But he conceded that agents are sometimes unable to verify more than 8,000 different kinds of currently acceptable IDs without significantly slowing border traffic.
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    Yeah I saw this on NBC snooze tonight......then they gave a bartender a pile of driver's licenses with fake ones mixed in......he got them separated 100% right in short order.

    Sounds like the 'fatherland' defense boys need to go to bar tending school and OJT on that job for a while.
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    No wonder I feel so safe and serene now. H.S. is on duty. What's next? H.S. officials getting bribed with Monopoly money? 'Hey gringo, here's a few thousand. Let me and my hundred other buddies with all our weapons through. We pay better.' :mad:

    And these are the same pukes that are going to 'protect us' if the SHTF? I say I protect myself. Better off.
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    Bumper sticker that p*ssed me off!

    I saw this bumper sticker on a van that said "I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as soon as I could!" Now this all in all is not what p*ssed me off, but that the sticker next to it was a mexican flag. :mad: I know where this person works, and I am 99.99999 % sure that individual is an illegal.
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    E.L. Two words you can use in a situation like that.... Immi Gration. :D

    I know several mexicans that came to this country legally and have made something of themselves. They have jobs, families and houses. They wanted a piece of the American pie and worked hard to get it. It makes them and me mad when I see some slinky bounce across the river to come and peddle drugs and commit crimes here. Our prison system is nothing like Mexicos. If we had the same thing, then I think there may be less of an influx. Sit in prison town for ten or more years waiting on a trial and when you get your day you are usually executed. Sounds like a deterrent to me.

    After all, how do they get here? They have Coyotes smuggle criminals across so they can make the Coyotes (read Criminals) some money. Then they get here on the outskirts of civilization and murder, rape, rob honest Americans. Then once they arrive in the cities, they get all they can from the system and supplement it with drug sales, weapon sales and more murderous mayhem.

    Hell, maybe I should become an Illegal. Sounds like the good life. :mad:
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