Boston Marathon Blasts

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    that is picture of the cowboy hat guy holding the guy with no leg 's in the wheel artery shut.

    GD what a hero!
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    That guy who lit his underwear on fire on the plane was Al Qaida.

    The failed shoe bomber was Al Qaida.

    The guy in Times Square who filled his trunk with the ingredients for explosives and soaked it with gas was Al Qaida.

    The list of failed AQ plots goes on.

    They have always been capable of "limp" attacks, just as they are always capable of "spectacular" attacks.

    In my humble opinion, blowing off the legs of dozens of Americans on world TV is pretty "spectacular" -and it could have been FAR worse.
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    Oh dear God no...
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    Yes it could have been far worse. Woke up from a late nap, checked my email and there was subscribed news email mentioned bombing and I freaked a bit, because one of my friends had been posting yesterday about she's finally there and all excited about the marathon. I believe she finished about half an hour before they went off.
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    I got around 8-10 miles while testing with BTPost as he drove by my office.
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    There was just an explosion at the Boston Marathon - Will use this to live update : news

    For those unused to live update threads, the best way to view them is to switch periodically between sorted by top and sorted by new. The sorted by new lets you get the most recent information, the sorted by top will let you see replies to important comments.

    It looks like there has been a big explosion at the Boston Marathon, with some on twitter saying it looked like a bomb went off. Stay safe.
    Update 1: Live video of the finish line:
    Update 2: Mass casualty event, potentially more bombs:

    Update 3: Not for the squeemish:
    Update 4: Boston Fire Dept. scanner:
    Update 5: Another live feed:
    Update 6: Bomb Squad en route to Mass Ave. and Newbury:
    Update 7: At least one person lost both legs:
    Update 8: Boston PD has reported at least 3 dead.
    Update 9: Youtube video of the explosion itself:

    Update 10: State Trooper scanner says more devices potentially at Boylston and Gloucester.
    Update 11: Fairmont Copley Hotel on lockdown as per WBZ.
    Also, another link to the Boston Fire Dept. Scanner:

    Update 12: List of scanners in Boston, including police scanner:
    Update 13: Another video of the explosion:
    Update 14: EMS on scanner reporting for all personnel to be wary of trash containers.
    Update 15: Numerous sources including scanners reporting secondary devices have been found unexploded, pleading with people to stay away from the area:

    Update 16: A controlled explosion next to the library in about a minute from now from the bomb squad, also all off duty officers have been called in.
    Update 17: Red cross safe register listing, always handy to have:
    Update 18: Take with a grain of salt, but NY Post is reporting 12 dead from a NYPD source:
    Update 19: Large photodump, several more photos. Very graphic, please be aware.
    Update 20: Police scanner: JFK library on fire, more undetonated explosives found.
    Update 21: Yet another video of second explosion:

    Update 22: Revised numbers from Boston Police: 2 dead, 22 injured via @boston_police
    Update 23: EOD now heading towards Huntington Ave & Ring Rd
    Update 24: Reporter, "Homeland Security source tells me Boston Firefighters discovered an undetonated device at corner of St. James Ave and Trinity place"

    Update 25: Scanner: Confirmed explosion at JFK Library.
    Update 26: Very graphic, but an injured man being prevented from bleeding out.

    Update 27: Another planned explosion at Boylston St for controlled detonation.
    Update 28: Conflicting reports on if the JFK Library fire was related:

    Update 29: A lot of confusion over the JFK Library fire, with some on the scanner calling it an explosion and "incendiary." May or may not be related. Will try to get a good source once we have confirmation.
    Update 30: (4:28 PM ET) AP Confirms at least 2 more devices were found and are going to be detonated in a controlled fashion.

    Update 31: (4:31 PM ET): From scanner and multiple reports on twitter, a mall near the Boston Marathon is being cleared out. Likely precautionary. I will start to timestamp now, apologies for not doing that the entire time.
    Update 32 (4:33 PM ET): Mashable references our page here. I would like to say that I am getting a lot of information from redditors here that are present in Boston, as well as other social media sites, its just good to see Reddit get its place as a very up to date source for news information:

    Update 33 (4:35 PM ET): News conference in front of the Westin Hotel in 15 minutes.
    Update 34 (4:36 PM ET): More confirmation of 2 more devices being found, from AP and a US
    Update 35 (4:41 PM ET): Lots of updates now. Exact locations of where the other devices were found, according to the Boston Globe:

    One device was found "on the glass footbridge over Huntington Ave near Copley place"; the other, "Another suspicious package was reported near the Harvard #MBTA station"
    Also, according to the globe: Police have cordoned off a block of commonwealth, where there's a suspicious "device."
    Update 36 (4:45 PM ET): From a redditor, another stream of the PD/FD scanners:

    Update 37 (4:46 PM ET): Combative subject with a backpack at a California pizza kitchen. EOD dog called to area.
    Update 38 (4:48 PM ET): For those looking for loved ones, from a redditor (Throwaway-apr15), a compiled list of all runners who were in the area within one minute of the explosion:

    Update 39 (4.50 PM ET): Injuries and fatalities revised from the boston globe. 2 dead, 64 wounded.
    Update 40 (4:55 PM ET): From a redditor Mauhdk, guardian twitter list of reliable sources some on the ground.
    Update 41 (4:56 PM ET): BPD looking for video of the moments before, during, and after the explosions. As we can see just from this live update thread, there have been several. They want to comb over to try to find clues. All tips can be called in at 1 800 494 TIPS.
    Update 42 (4:59 PM ET): VERY closeup and clear video of the explosion,
    Update 43 (5:00 PM ET): Edward Davis: JFK incident was not a controlled explosion, was definitely an "incident." (read into that however you'd like.)
    Update 44 (5:01 PM ET): Scanner sourced: Coplin mall security has on footage someone setting down a package then running out the mall.
    Update 45 (5:03 PM ET): Cellphone service shut down in Boston to prevent remote detonations of explosives, official says:

    Update 46 (5:04 PM ET): Tonight's Senators/Bruins game postponed:
    Update 47 (5:06 PM ET): dr0ne_: Please edit post and add link to IRC chat where we are trying to find more information about the bombing today. #bostonbombing
    Update 48 (5:06 PM ET): For everyone posting about reporting from the NY Post, I am not using them as a source. They were getting some crucial facts wrong early on and are still reporting 12 dead, something I have not found confirmed anywhere else.
    Update 49 (5:09 PM ET): Boston Globe reports over a hundred being treated. (MARATHON EXPLOSIONS: Boston hospitals report more than 100 being treated after Marathon explosions.)
    Update 50 (5:12 PM ET): Many sources on twitter in the last minute, as well as a redditor with a firefighter friend, and scanners reporting a possible bomb at TUFTS medical center (where 9 of the injured have been taken.) As always, take iwth a grain of salt til we get a confirmation.
    Update 51 (5:16 PM ET): Google has created a Boston Marathon person finder:

    Update 52 (5:17 PM ET): From scanner, its an unattended duffel bag near a hospital. No report of an actual explosion from any verified source, or even a bomb, but EOD is on its way.
    Update 53 (5:28 PM ET): Update from the Boston Globe: 2 dead, 90 wounded.
    Update 54 (5:32 PM ET): Fox 29 confirms a person of interest is in custody.

    Update 55 (5:35 PM ET): Post has gone read only. Going to make a live update 2 thread. Would anyone like to pick up the reigns that has time to spare?
    Update 56 (5:42 PM ET): Switching over shortly to a new, non-read only thread.
    Update 57 (5:47 PM ET): While waiting for the new thread, BPD has denied that they have a person of interest in custody.
    Update 58 (5:49 PM ET): New thread here:
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    This is the continuation of this thread.
    For those unused to live update threads, the best way to view them is to switch periodically between sorted by top and sorted by new. The sorted by new lets you get the most recent information, the sorted by top will let you see replies to important comments.

    Update 55 (5:35 PM ET): Original Post has gone read only.
    Update 56 (5:47 PM ET): While waiting for the new thread, BPD has denied that they have a person of interest in custody.
    Update 57 (5:53 PM ET): Obama is to make a statement at 18:10 EST.

    Live feed:
    Update 58 (5:53 PM ET): FAA orders no fly zone over Boston explostion site.
    Update 59 (5:58 PM ET): More reports that the JFK Library was fire related. Whatever that means?
    Update 60 (6:00 PM ET): /r/boston thread with some more information.

    Update 61 (6:05PM ET): NBC Boston is saying the youngest victim is 3 years old.
    Update 62 (6:06PM ET): Album of photos and a video GRAPHIC NSFL -

    Update 63 (6:08PM ET): MISPLACED BOSTON MARATHON ATTENDEES: Goggle Doc with places to stay. YOU HAVE A PLACE TO OFFER:
    Update 64 (6:10PM ET): Obama Live Feed:
    Update 65 (6:13PM ET): Obama: "We will get to the bottom of this. We will find out who did this. We will find out why they did this.''
    Update 66 (6:14PM ET): Varying reports of the actual status of the Cell service in Boston. But officials with Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel said there had been no such requests. Sprint spokeswoman Crystal Davis said: "Minus some mild call blocking on our Boston network due to increased traffic, our service is operating normally."
    Update 67 (6:15PM ET): Potential suspect detained. Will update with more as it becomes available.
    Update 68 (6:19PM ET): PSA A lot of unattended packages are being reported. At this point I'd imagine all are being treated as suspicious. Will try to update with those that are being reported.
    Update 69 (6:22PM ET): As always but more so now, you can donate blood through the Red Cross. redcrossblood.orgedit Enough blood right now, but in the future your donation will be welcome.
    Added IRC link above
    Update 70 (6:25 PM ET): The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency also said people trying to locate friends and family can reach the Boston mayor's hotline at 617-635-4500. Their crime tips hotline is 1-800-494-TIPS.
    Update 71 (6:26 PM ET): The fire in the building (JFK Library) is out. Appears to have started in mechanical room. All staff and visitors are safe & accounted for.

    Update 72 (6:29 PM ET): Reports of "smoking package". Approximate location 250 Longwood. Bombsquad in route.
    Update 73 (6:30 PM ET): Video of Obama's speech.

    Update 74 (6:33 PM ET): HOW YOU CAN HELP
    Update 75 (6:35 PM ET): Reports that one of the two killed was an eight year old. No information available at this time regarding the other casualty.
    Update 76 (6:42 PM ET): Reports of 400-500 stranded runners at or around Boston College.
    Update 77 (6:44 PM ET): Courtesy of u/BrutusHFX: CANADIANS SEEKING CANADIANS in the Boston Marathon can call 1 800 387 3124 or email

    ** As always you can view the Original thread here:**
    Update 78 (6:47 PM ET): Boston Globe - Footage from the finish line.
    Update 79 (6:49 PM ET): Commissioner Davis, “The preliminary investigation indicates JFK incident may not have been an explosion. It may have been a fire."
    Update 80 (6:51 PM ET): has some photos some may be graphic.
    Update 81 (6:52 PM ET): Reuters map graphic. - imgur rehost:
    Update 82 (6:59 PM ET): It would appear the thread has gone read only. Continued HERE
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    FBI and Boston police want info from witnesses. 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324), prompt #3 "No piece of information or detail is too small
    Community members wanting 2 assist this investigation anonymously can call the BPD’s Crime Stoppers Tip Line @ 1(800) 494-TIPS.
    Update 83 (7:04 PM ET): Reports still indicate 2 killed and over 100 injured.
    Update 84 (7:10 PM ET): Has hospital updates.
    • Tufts - 9 patients hurt from attack, none critical, 8 more patients w/ marathon-related injuries
    • Boston Medical Center - 20 patients total, 2 children, most have lower leg injuries
    • Mass. Gen. - 22 patients total, 6 critical, 5 serious
    • Brigham & Women - 26 patients total, 2 critical, 8-10 serious
    • Bethg Israel - 21 patients total, 18 major, 3 minor, 7 life-threatening
    Update 85 (7:17 PM ET): Some good graphics/maps from Boston Globe.
    Update 86 (7:19 PM ET): There are reports of runners being let in and out of area hotels.
    Update 73 UPDATED Video of Obama's speech:
    Update 87 (7:26 PM ET): @MassDOT: I-90, I-93, I-95 open. I-90 Exit 22 Copley Square ramp remains closed.
    Update 88 (7:29 PM ET): U.S. Navy providing an Explosive Ordnance Disposal team to assist local authorities at the request of the State of Massachusetts
    Update 89 (7:32 PM ET): Street Closures: Clarendon from Huntington to Newbury, Newbury from Clarendon to Hereford, Huntington from Belividere to Clarendon.
    Update 90 (7:34 PM ET): /u/99trumpets first hand account.
    Update 91 (7:35 PM ET): Photo album of a few more photos - WARNING NSFW GORE
    Update 92 (7:38 PM ET): ABC states "Authorities believe they were caused by small portable devices."
    Update 93 (7:39 PM ET): Reports of Mass General is on lockdown. Suspicious device found.
    Update 94 (7:41 PM ET): Another graphic/map with data.
    Update 95 (7:49 PM ET): CNN is reporting 2 Killed and "more than 130 hurt."
    PSA: I will not post info regarding any posts on 4chan.
    Update 96 (7:52 PM ET): Mass General NOT on lockdown.
    Update 97 (7:54 PM ET): CNN is reporting that "Doctors are "pulling ball bearings out of people in the emergency room."
    Update 98 (7:55 PM ET): Authorities questioning person of interest in Marathon bombings at Brigham and Women's Hospital.
    Update 99 (7:57 PM EST): Good folks over at /r/Random_Acts_Of_Pizza//
    Update 100 (7:59 PM ET): Family members looking for info relative to individuals injured during the incident are encouraged to call (617) 635-4500.
    Update 101 (8:02 PM ET): Southwest is assisting with accommodations.
    Update 102 (8:14 PM ET): Reports of two buses full of what appeared to be military unload at scene.
    Update 103 (8:23 PM ET): Injury count as of 745 pm by hospital: Boston Children’s 8; Brigham 27; BMC 23; MGH 22; BI 21; St E's, 15; Tufts 9
    From /u/hgmanifold: Thanks for all the links and sources! I'm deeply saddened by today's events but take solace that reddit as a community comes together and helps each other out. My thoughts and well wishes go out to all those affected today. I will be passing this on momentarily and will link to the next threadHERE. Thanks /u/c0reyann.
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    Update 102 (8:30PM ET) Jet Blue Airlines waiving change/cancel fees for services to/from Boston April 15th to 17th.
    Update 103 (8:34 PM ET) Other airlines joining in. Delta, US Airways, United American Airlines has not issued an advisory yet.
    Update 104 (8:35 PM ET) Info graphic map of bomb site
    Update 105 (8:38 PM ET) Wall Street Journal is reporting officials have found what they believe are five additional undetonated explosive devices in the Boston area.
    Update 106 (8:40 PM ET) Boston Marathon (Boston Athletic Associate) has released a statement.
    Update 107 (8:42 PM ET) Bill Iffrig, 78 year old Boston Marathon runner, gives interview. He was the man seen in many pictures at the finish line that had fallen down.
    Update 108 (8:46 PM ET) Live News Conference taking place with Boston Officials. also
    Update 109 (8:47 PM ET) Runners bags can now be picked up on Berkeley Street, between St. James and Boylston.
    Update 110 (8:50 PM ET) FBI has taken over the investigation. Call 1-(800)-CALL-FBI with tips.
    Update 111 (8:50 PM ET) Wall Street Journal is reporting total breakdown thus far of the injured: Brigham & Women’s: 26 Boston Medical Center: 23 patients (including two children, none critical) Mass General: 22 (six in critical, 5 serious) Beth Israel Deaconness: 21 patients total Brigham & Women’s Faulkner Hospital: 13 Boston Children’s Hospital: 10 Tufts Medical Center: 9 thanks to /u/wanderso24
    Update 112 (8:53 PM ET) There is NO suspect being detained at a local hospital, per the Boston News Conference via Boston PD Commissioner.
    Update 113 (8:56 PM ET) There are at least 3 deceased per the BPD Commissioner.
    Update 114 (8:57 PM ET) Governor Patrick, "Expect random checks of backpacks, parcels on the #MBTA Tuesday, in the interest of safety." thanks to /u/RyanKinder
    Update 115 (9:01 PM ET) Peace activist Carlos Arredondo's first hand account. He is the man seen in a cowboy hat wheeling an injured man away from the site.
    Update 116 (9:08 PM ET) IRS giving an extension to Boston area residents, details on Tuesday. thanks to/u/Iampossiblyatwork
    Update 117 (9:14 PM ET) Boston Celtics game cancelled for Tuesday.
    Update 118 (9:17 PM ET) Oleana Restaurant in Boston, "If marathoners need a warm meal or a safe place to wait for loved ones, we will help. (617) 661-0505"
    Update 118 (9:20 PM ET) The FBI is taking the lead in the investigation, Rick DesLauriers, FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Boston field office, told reporters. thanks to /u/jhenryf626
    Update 119 (9:23 PM ET) Map of crime scene area.
    Update 120 (9:25 PM ET) Boston Globe images, NSFW, GORE
    Update 121 (9:29 PM ET) Runners marry as planned after the race. They finished before the bombs.
    Update 122 (9:38 PM ET) Eight patients at Massachusetts General Hospital are now in serious condition, said hospital spokesman Ryan Donovan. Twenty-nine patients from the marathon have been seen at the hospital today, he said. He said there have been no deaths.
    Update 123 (9:38 PM ET) The Green Building is lit up like a flag at MIT.
    Update 124 (9:45 PM ET) CNN is reporting that the 8 year old victim is a boy.
    Update 125 (9:48 PM ET) Wall Street Journal now stating that the 5 suspect devices may not have been bombs.
    Update 126 (9:50 PM ET) MGH to give a press conference at 10PM. thanks to /u/kittyraces
    Update 127 (9:53 PM ET) Stories of kindness after the bombing. Yes I know this is feel good but I think it's relevant
    Update 128 (9:56 PM ET) #MBTA: every intention of operating regularly schedule service tomorrow, including all Back Bay services. Copley Station will remain closed.
    Update 129 (10:02 PM ET) No radiation contaminations found on victims at Brigham and Women's Hospital
    Update 130 (10:04 PM ET) 29 patients, 8 critical injured at MGH, per press conference by surgeon at MGH. No one under 18 at MGH, oldest patient is 71.
    Update 131 (10:07 PM ET) Most injuries are shrapnel, first injuries most severe, SEVERAL amputations per surgeon at MGH during press conference.
    Update 132 (10:10 PM ET) No ball bearings found in patients at Brigham and Women's Hospital.
    Update 133 (10:11 PM ET) Donations of blood for MGH are OK for now but will need donations in the days and weeks to come as their supplies will need to be replenished per the press conference.
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  11. Quigley_Sharps

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    Look familiar ? ANAL/ANFO.

    7KG ANFO
  12. VHestin

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    Just had a thought, thinking about the amputees and infection/gangrene being a concern, do the investigators check to make sure there was no illness-causing stuff on the shrapnel?
  13. Quigley_Sharps

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    A family's heartbreak: Son, 24, commits suicide as US withdraws from Iraq - where older brother was killed in action | Mail Online

    Here is the guy who was holding the Artery of the guy in the wheel chair. wow things get deep really fast.The guy with the cowboy hat helping the man that lost both legs.... his son died in Iraq, the other took his own life after serving in the military. They were just interviewing him.

    He also tried to immolate himself after learning of his sons death. God kept him around for a reason.

    Interview with him afterwards, looks like he's in a state of disbelief.
  14. Quigley_Sharps

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  15. BTPost

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    The device used in Boston fit in a small BackPack, No way you can get 7 Kilos of ANFO in a Backpack.... If you saw the NBS Nightly News tonite, they showed a double Paned Storefront Window, (6' x 6' at least) only about 6 ft from where the device was, and only ONE Pane was broken. Had the device been an ANFO Device, it would have shattered both windows and most of the windows within 100 Yds, due to the Pressure Wave, generated by that Detonation. ANFO has a significantly faster Detonation Velocity, than what this device showed, when set off. The Talking Heads are saying these were "Crude Devices, with Shrapnel type Objects, mixed in with the Explosives. BB's, Ball Bearings, and bits of metal" Not REAL Black Powder, either, as the SMOKE color is wrong. That would have a Blueish Tint. Pyrodex is a Good candidate, or a Homemade Mix of KClO4/Sulfur, as the color is correct and KClO4/Sulfur are the main Active Ingredients in Pyrodex.
    One thing you NEVER do is try and STORE a PreMix of KClO4/Sulfur, as it tends to self-Ignite (Deflagrate) after about 24 Hours. his was a very BIG Issue, when the makers of Pyrodex, were first trying to formulate a BP Substitute Powder. They solved it with additives to the mixture. Don't ask how I know, but it was over 5 decades ago, and The Person of Interest, can still feel the Red Blisters on his behind, from his Old Mans belt..... .
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    In the chatbox, someone mentioned Tannerite as a possibility. I've never used the stuff. Does it have enough blast force to throw shrapnel like this?
  17. Yard Dart

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    @Quigley_Sharps mentioned this early on in the thread.
  18. ghrit

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    Yes, it would, enough of it present. However, it requires a dynamic shock to set it off. So far, there's no evidence that someone shot into a container full to cause a blast like those on the vids. (And I don't think the smoke is quite right for Tannerite.)
  19. BTPost

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    Tannerite is Ammonium Nitrate/Aluminum Powder Mixture. It is classed as a Binary Energetic, and therefor does NOT fall under ATF Rules if UnMixed. Once Mixed, it is fairly Stable, until a Concussion Blow, of significant force is applied. The it will usually Deflagrate at a Medium Velocity, but depending on how fine the Aluminum Powder is, How well it is mixed, and how fine the Ammonium Nitrate, is ground, Tannerite can be coaxed into a Full Detonation, with significantly Higher Velocities. A #8 Cap will usually be enough, to kick it off, or a hit with a 1500 Ft/Sec Lead Projectile.... Tannerite doesn't usually make as much SMOKE, as was shown for the Boston devices, unless there was some other ingredients added..... .....
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    Thanks for explaining.
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