Boston Marathon Blasts

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  1. VHestin

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    What do you all think the likelihood is that they were 'small' explosives because this was just a 'dry run' to plan something bigger?

    Added: The Criminal Minds 2parter this whole situation is reminding me of is called Mayhem if anyone wants to check it out.
  2. Airtime

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    Personally, I think unlikely. These explosives were small because that is all they could deliver by backpack or a package like a McDonald's bag with "trash" in it. Bigger things would not have been placeable without raising suspicion during the event and could not be emplaced prior to the event without likely being found during the security sweeps and inspections you know happened in the days and hours before hand. Just thinkin...

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  3. Byte

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    Just an observation but the upper picture doesn't appear to be the location depicted in the lower pic. It may be indicative of how and where mail boxes & trash cans are located, however. The building directly behind the tree near the front of white sedan doesn't appear to have the protruding railing in the orientation seen in the lower pic. Just a nit-pick I suppose.

    But judging by the circled blue debris in the lower pic it does indeed appear that the explosion could have originated inside a standard street corner mail box as depicted in the upper photo. It doesn't seem to me that any lower powered explosion contained in even a flimsy trash can sitting next to a mail box would shred the mail box in that manner. Sure it would send it flying and mangle it but shred it? BT, what say you?

  4. Airtime

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    I had the same suspicions and conclusion about photo locations when I first saw this picture.

    Inside the mailbox, my initial thoughts as well but with the recent info, can one really fit a 6 liter pressure cooker through the mail slot on a box? and if not but it was inside.... a new form of "going postal?"

  5. kellory

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    Just need the key for the box portion.
  6. Quigley_Sharps

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    I think they were just showing that the boxes and trash cans are placed the same between the two and not trying to depict it as being the exact same spot. imho
  7. JABECmfg

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    The blue debris laying on the ground, while looking like it could be a shredded mailbox, also appears to be the same color blue as used in the marathon's logo. Between all the spectators and race officials at the finish line, it's not too much of a stretch to think that there was probably a lot of blue near the blast.

    My guess is that it's marathon-related paraphernalia.
  8. Quigley_Sharps

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  9. Byte

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    Hmm yeah hard to imagine anybody getting a pressure cooker into a street corner mail box via the slot...

    Now this makes sense. And might even reinforce the initial reports of the devices being placed in trash cans. Cities often paint up things like trash cans, signs & such along major event routes to match an events color scheme & theme.

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  10. Quigley_Sharps

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    Boston bombs were pressure cookers filled with shrapnel | National & World News | KEPR CBS 19 - News, Weather and Sports - Pasco, WA
  11. Donldson

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    Assuming it actually was some Saudis that did this, do you suppose they were not stopped and the large black duffel bags were not checked because it would be considered profiling?
  12. BTPost

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    I suspect that the "Pressure cooker" ID was made from the investigators finding pieces of the Lid Locking Dogs, in the debris, left by the explosion. Nothing yet released on the Energetic used, but I suspect that they know exactly what was used. They did say that the Device was in a Duffle Bag, that "MAY" have been in the Trash Can. They were published Reports from site witnesses that the smell of "Sulfur" was evident, at the site, right after the explosion. This is a Significant Clue, as to the composition of the Energetic, used.
  13. Airtime

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    Better go purchase another pressure cooker or two or three before...
    - a background check is required,
    - high capacity pressure cookers that hold more than 7 jars are prohibited,
    - transfers between family members is prohibited,
    - cookers with a handle that protrudes excessively beyond the flange are prohibited,
    - pressure cooker free zones are established,
    - pressure cookers must be registered
    - a pressure cooker tax stamp is required
    - training and license to own a pressure cooker are required
    - proof of insurance for a pressure cooker is required
    - records of each jar sealed in the pressure cooker must be recorded and submitted quarterly
    - it will be illegal to own a pressure cooker if you take any medication at all
    - one must present a convincing special need to own a pressure cooker
    - the price goes up.

    After all, these are clearly dangerous devices and there is no constitutional right to own a pressure cooker. Our foundering fathers never envisioned a pressure cooker let alone the distructive power it posseses all by itself. This is about protecting the children. An 8 year old was killed by this terrible event and if just one life can be saved then these common sense measures must be undertaken. We must not be detered by the extremists who would oppose such common sense controls that will save lives.

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  14. Silversnake

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    The pic with the mail box does not show any blue debris in the street, so I would assume the device was placed on the street side of the box, blowing it towards the building. The mail box and trash can may have absorbed some of the force saving lives.
  15. Byte

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    That first pic just shows the layout prior to any explosion. See all the leaves on the trees and the cars? Totally different day & time of year so no debris. I think it's just to show what the garbage and mail boxes probably looked like and how they were arranged near the poles along the street.


    Doh I now see what you were saying! I think you meant the pic without the mailbox, as in it now seems to be in pieces, seems to show all the debris pushed toward the sidewalk and not in the street...or I'm a monkey's uncle...wait...and so I am. Lol! I concur with your assessment. Please do carry on.
  16. Silversnake

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    NBC reporting that the third fatality was a Chinese citizen
  17. BTPost

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    The Talking Heads got it wrong AGAIN tonite.... NBC Nightly NEWS stated that the Energetic used was "Gun Powder, like used in common Ammunition" and showed a hand pouring out some, what looked like "Ball Powder" from a round 1# container. Now if they had used Pyrodex, which would have been Yellowish in color, they would have been correct, but what they showed was black, and spherical in consistency. I wonder what they would "SAY" if they got called on the issue? MSM got it WRONG, AGAIN..... My Opinion.... YMMV....
  18. Yard Dart

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    That was to justify the outlawing of the civilian possession of black powder....

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  19. Silversnake

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    Truth be damned. They'll use it to ban all powder. Can't buy powder for the past 4 months, now this. Convenient.
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  20. Silversnake

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    one ton of gunpowder blowing up a building...look familiar?

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