Boston Marathon bombing conspiracy theories

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  1. Quigley_Sharps

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    Lets keep the Boston Marathon bombing conspiracy theories here in this thread.

    Post them up here and lets see which ones turns out to be true later on.
  2. DarkLight

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    And not just "It was a false flag!" Try to be a little more specific.
  3. Icefoot

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    Distraction so the Senate can pass the gun grabbing legislation currently being debated while nobody is looking.
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  4. Icefoot

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    They will find the bombs were made with reloading gunpowder and move to over regulate it like they did ammonium nitrate after OK City in order to stop people from reloading ammo. Now that they have effectively dried up the supply by ordering 50 years' worth (25 already delivered but they keep ordering more).
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  5. Icefoot

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    Trace the origins to a "right-wing extremist group" and start a crackdown on militia groups.
  6. Icefoot

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    Trace the origins to North Korea (or Iran) and use it as an excuse to start a fight. Which will then be followed by the false flag nuking of our own cities to bring about martial law across the land and begin the reign of King Obama the First.
  7. Seacowboys

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    My guess is that it is a ultra-left-wing group wishing to further impetus to the gun-control agenda by false-flagging the blame to right-wing gun-nuts that were mad because the Marathon was dedicated to the survivors of the Sandy Hook Massacre. Remember the Weather Underground and all their bombings back in the 60s...can't get more left-wing liberal than those hippies...
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  8. Icefoot

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    Sorry for the pause. Ran out of tin foil and had to make a run to Sam's Club to buy more (rolls at Walmart are too small)... Here's another one:

    Russian oil barons funded some Iranians (through proxies so it couldn't be traced back to them) who then attack the US starting with the Boston Marathon and hitting other targets in the coming weeks until the US figures out who is behind the attacks and destroys the Middle East oil production in the subsequent retaliation (which goes nuclear when Iran uses one to defend themselves). Then the Russian oil barons make obscene amounts of money as Russian oil production becomes the new Persian Gulf...
  9. Icefoot

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    Al Qaeda test run to time the response of a well prepared and ready force. The purpose being to determine best response timing in order to plan a future series of attacks at high profile events with a heavy security presence. Like the MLB All Star Game in July. Or the NBA playoffs (multiple venues with large closed space crowds at once).
  10. Brokor

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    Any and all terror events will lend impetus to the cause of further disarming Americans, creating a constant state of fear and promoting the continuation of the police state, which is essential to cementing perceived legitimate authority. No "conspiracy theory" needed when we are faced with an already abusive government and ignorant society.
  11. Clyde

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    Pre-cursor to alien invasion and total annihilation off the human species

    My head really hurts
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  12. VisuTrac

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    Well at least you weren't probed elsewhere :)
  13. VisuTrac

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    Strangely enough, yesterday was Patriots Day.
    combine that with the day our taxes are due.
    General unrest in non sheeple society.

    Yep, they'll blame it on militia groups.

    Not going to be a well funded group nor one with expertise. Had they had either or both. This would have been devastating.

    Hell, the london city bombings on tube and bus make this look like amateurs which they probably are, which also leads one to believe that it was orchestrated by a domestic alphabet group.
  14. kellory

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    I'll add one. I recently heard of a mandate to make primers green, and with a two year shelf life. If that is true, then hoarding ammo would be prohibitively expensive, for it would only be good for two years. if the bombs were made from reloading supplies, that could be used to force a change in the materials available to the general public (two year primers) and would greatly restrict the amount of ammo that could be used AGAINST a tyrannical government.:( EDIT: I don't want to win.
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  15. BTPost

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    No One uses Primers in the making of IEDs.... It is just fantasy, to think so... and I challenge anyone, to try and collect enough of the Energetic (Lead Styphanate) from Primers to make even a small Initiator Charge that would detonate an HE Main charge. If you want to make a #8 Cap Equivalent, it is much easier, to brew up a batch of Mercury Fulminate, or Lead Azide, and do it right, than to mess around, trying to collect the tiny amount of energetics in a Primer. No Primer Manufacture is going to change the way Primers are Manufactured, as the Liability Issues alone, would keep them from doing so. Requiring them to have two completely different formulations of Primers, One, that somehow doesn't work after two years, for Civilian Uses, and one that lasts for 50+ Years, for the Military, is just stupid on its face. The chemistry doesn't work that way. That is like saying that your First Amendment Rights need to be Renewed, every two years, or your Free Speech, isn't Free anymore, and is now LICENSED, by the State. There are a lot of REALLY Dumb Ideas being floated around by some really Kookie People.... It is all BS..... My Opinion..... YMMV....
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  16. kellory

    kellory An unemployed Jester, is nobody's fool. Banned

    I don't remember saying that primers had to part of the bomb, I said "reloading supplies". I also did not require two types of primers. one would do in this scenario. The government tends to spend our money on dumber stuff than 2 year "green" primers. and Government is required to use it's fuel allotment each year, to get their next year's allotment, and I've seen truck driving in circles to use up excess fuel, so why not steal our money to fund short term bullets?;)
  17. Cruisin Sloth

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    Just stumbled over this one.
  18. VisuTrac

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    LMAO, ammo propellant?

    I'm betting it's some household chems and weed killer or match heads. :)
  19. Silversnake

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    Why Boston and not New York? I heard someone say an unnamed, anti-gun, East-coast Mayor was behind it in order to go for reloading powder as part of a broader antigun strategy.
  20. BTPost

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    If the Writer, is talking Pyrodex Powder (A Black Powder Substitute) then I would AGREE with him, If he is talking a Smokeless Powder used in Modern Ammunition, wither it is Single or Double Based, he is WAY OFF the Mark..... No Smokeless Powder, would produce that kind of Obvious SMOKE, Period. This is a simple FACT, that can't be disputed, by anyone with experience in the field. If they were to Outlaw Pryodex, there would be such a CRY from Vintage Weapons Hunters, as to collapse ANY such Legislation, before it even got into Committee. Heck, if you can still buy REAL Black Powder, which you can, and that is a Class A Explosive, why in the world would someone try and make the SAFER Substitute, ILLEGAL. Inquiring Minds, would like to KNOW.....
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