Boston Marathon bombing conspiracy theories

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    I hope I'm wrong about this one . . . the bombing and the ricin will turn out to be related.
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    I think they will find it was perpetrated by a couple of Muslim extremists or a group of so called right wingers who may or may not be American citezens. Then the government can justify taking more rights away here in the states for so called "security" reasons like the patriot act after 911. The bombing also is a pretty big distraction from all of the other problems being publicly debated these days. During times like this the government knows emotions rule and the people will unite and wave their flags in jingoistic fasion and believe what they would be told by big brother. Either way, my heart goes out to the victims and their families. I hope they get some justice.
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    Fox yanks Family Guy episode referring to deaths at Boston Marathon


    "n the episode, which originally aired March 17, protagonist Peter Griffin is asked by sports announcer Bob Costas about his performance at the marathon. A flashback shows Peter mowing down runners with his car.

    Do you want to know what the matrix is?
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    No conspiracy here, just the local Muslim population doing what they do.

    Source several sites on the internet:
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    It is awfully convenient that this happened at a time when their Gun Ban legislation is faltering. As one of O's admins once said "Never let a Good Crisis Go To Waste" An from what lil has been reported the devices were awfully weak & cheaply made, almost as if they were made just for the purpose of calling them a bomb but to not really do much of anything. An the JFK bombing is hardly recieving any mention at all. Almost as if the JFK bombing was the REAL target to get rid of sumone/sumthing an the Marathon was to distract away from it.
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    Ooohh. I like it. A CIA hit on someone at the library with the Marathon used to deflect attention/blame and ultimately pin it on a foreign group we are already fighting against.
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    Thought of another one: someone in an alphabet agency is working to get O out in the open where they can eliminate him. Putting Joe "dumber than a box of rocks" in charge because he is much easier to control by the shadow government.

    Disclaimer: I apologize for demeaning rocks with that Joe B comparison. At least a box of rocks is useful for a number of things. Paperweight, trot line sinker, blunt force trauma generator, car key, boat ballast, traction assist for pickup trucks, etc..
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    if that is true, How long before King Zero declares martial law?

    I'll see what AJ has to say.
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    Quig, did you mist the tourniquet, on his leg just below his left hand?
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    He's in shock. Pale skin, hollow eyes. He almost bled out. There's no trail of blood because he's been "stabilised". There's pics of him being treated in a pool of blood. Look hard enough and you'll find them. You'd be surprised how long somebody can hang on after being grieviously injured.

    Wheelchair came from the medical tent. People push themselves (more than they should) during these events and a fair number collapse as they cross the line, or shortly thereafter.

    I believe martial law would have already been declared by now.
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    I would expect there to be wheel chairs in plenty at the aid tent for the runners, they WERE set up and waiting for dehydration issues, fatigue, and running injuries.
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    I like being open minded about these kinds of possibilities. is very common for a completely transected artery to spasm (they are mostly muscle) and retract causing active bleeding to cease immediately after injury. In my opinion, a completely transected artery is desirable to a partially transected one because the section that is still attached will not spasm, while the open, opposite side does, making a large window in the wall of the artery to bleed from. Very bad.

    EDIT: The advantages of a partial artery transection are the artery stays stretched so it has more length to keep it amenable to a tourniquet and it keeps the hemorrhaging injury within the wound cavity where a hemostatic can be more easily applied to it if not amenable to a tourniquet. Not recommending intentionally cutting a partial transection to turn it into a complete transection.

    Also, he had what appears to be a left hip-disarticulation (in other pictures of him online, including the whole picture inserted above with him in uniform). A hip disarticulation is just that, the head of the femur down is surgically removed from the pelvis. The thigh in the picture above appears to be his actual leg, not a moulage extremity (I have decades of experience with the very best of them). The right amputation appears to be a high, above the knee amputation in the proximal third of the femur. If you really want to believe they put fake leg amputations on his actual amputations, go ahead, but I think this is reaching.
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    I don't believe it, just posting the conspiracy theories i find. Its great with the wide experiences we have on the monkey and the professionalism brought into discussions. Thanks Silversnake from what you say seems like it is exactly what you say.
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    Using cellphones for Comms was a Giant mistake, that no REAL Operator would make... Even if they were Burner Phones, they ALWAYS leave a Tell, when they are ON...and those records are available to the FEDs in short Order on a case like this. Once they have the EIS Code, they know where the phone went from the time it was turned on, who it called, or who it received a call from. It also leaves a trail wherever it goes while on. No REAL Operator would compromise that much information, by using that Comm system, Period.
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    Staged ? Doubtfull. NO!!

    Boston has a large Muslim population, they've staged a few large demonstrations in the past ten years.
    IF the attackers are found to be "Homegrown Terrorists" they'll be US born Muslims.
    This is an issue that's been festering for some time.

    ETA: after reading about Oblabla's secret meeting with the Saudi foreign minister and the announcement of the detained suspect's deportation the "staged" suggestion becomes possible.
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    I think it is disgraceful and disrespectful to Lt. Vogt. That man has been through enough and he has shown courage. That poster displayed above makes me angry.
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