Boston Marathon bombing conspiracy theories

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    I'm glad you explained that. You just added to my knowledge of things medical. :)
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    Now that video has been released of the two suspects, how much do you want to bet that this will be used to further the prevalence of surveillance cameras on every building, street corner, and traffic light and encourage friends, family, and neighbors to report anyone who acts suspiciously at any time.
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    See something, say something,
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    "The Craft"

    A detailed, hi-res photo of more "The Craft" operatives and what appears to be their mobile communications van has just surfaced. "The Craft" is a group of private military operatives who have been revealed through a fast-growing number of photos published by Natural News and Info Wars. The mainstream media is engaged in a total blackout and refuses to run any photos of "The Craft" operatives.

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    To bad we can't see the License Plate..... that would be fun to Trace down......
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    Here's the latest from Jones. He has the same thought going as I do. The kid in blue at the Boston bombing was labeled as one of the bombers by independent sources, but cleared by the corporate media. Enter sob story, blurs the lines, makes independent study look bad, media continues to ignore "The Craft" and other smoking guns.

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    The terrible thing is, "The Craft" could just be an honest, private group trying to do good. However, with as much tragedy which occurred on their watch, and with so many police and federal agencies on guard, one must ask the pressing question, "how exactly did anybody manage to pull this off?"

    Perhaps in some perfect world, a reality I just cannot grasp, "The Craft" really are the good guys. And, perhaps I am wrong. I mean, if the corporate media JUST did ONE piece on them to clear their names, I would probably be more comfortable. Not...a single...word.

    And the Boston police are hunting down WHO KNOWS, could be a regular perp, could be a drug dealer they want rid of, could be a genuine patsy. This game is wide open for maneuvering. One shot dead, OH HUSH, HUSH, SECRET! CAN'T GIVE YOU TOO MANY DETAILS YET! Nobody is certain of anything, the corporate media states they will voluntarily gag on the issue due to the sensitivity of the matter and "National Security" --because we all know how the independent media can screw up their scripted and well written world. *yawn* Seen it all before, nothing new here.

    This reality of ours is so riddled with lunacy, I often wonder how the zombie clones absorb it all. Honestly.
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    How true --

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    I was just thinking this morning about how the police and federal agencies must get everything right a thousand times a day while terrorists only need to get it right once. With those odds, something is bound to slip through the net. While I may go nuts with the conspiracy theories at times, what I find amazing is not how anybody managed to pull this off. But the fact they haven't pulled it off more often.
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    The sniffer dog teams were very obvious, all they needed to do, was watch for them to pass, then plant the bags, where the dogs had already been. like following an ambulance in traffic, it leaves a clear path right behind it.
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    You guys are forgetting, there are no real terrorists. This is my point. All hired, paid, helped, trained, bribed, inspired, or conned into doing these deeds. Every single one of them.

    And if it's so easy, it would be done by average people, and perhaps one day it will. And herein is the real matter at hand --cutting off the tumor before it grows to malignancy. The people WILL have to resort to violence in order to defeat tyranny. Think chess, they're already way ahead of us. Demonize the people, make it out to be a terror event, usher in more police state doctrine, tighten the noose. When the people WANT to act, they won't even be able to because they've been devouring each other for so long, and bought the tyranny/terror bit completely, there's no hope at all. Cancer, cut out.
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    I made this one myself =)
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    All of those Conspiracy Theorists who were warning of a police state in the 90's, got their day in court so to speak.

    It is here, LIVE on all major news networks.

    Martial law was implemented on an American city without calling it martial law. Please remain indoors while we assist you. All for the safety and protection of the community and aiding law enforcement in doing their job.

    With the amount of force being excercised in the hunt for this guy, you would have thought he had just executed the President or was the person that set off a nuclear bomb in NYC. This amount of police/military presence didn't go after the cop killer in LA.
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    Here is a consipiracy theory. Putin is behind it to villianize the Chechans in order to frame further crackdown on them. Perhaps even garner support for a crackdown.
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    Practice run for nationwide implementation to see how the populace will react and finding an excuse the sheeple will accept for implementation. Even clamor for...

    I like the Putin theory. I'll go further with that: Get us to do his dirty work in eradicating his Chechen problem.
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    All three videos are most relevant:

    Most important (we are well into crisis stage so you know):

    Very important:

    Also important:
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    Look at the bright side, at least they didn't go around shooting random citizens.[tongue]
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    That we heard about..................
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    I have to agree with Broker here. The world Government has so much control now we wont know the truth period. Every bombing, every attack of any kind will be labeled terrorism whether the government (world government) does it or not. It serves the global military industrial complex, central banks and the maggots who reap untold profits from unending war. In short they relish these attacks, they need these attacks. Without them the U.S. Military is supposed to be disbanded in two years. To stop this they MUST KEEP US IN A WAR. If we were following the constitution we would have a navy to protect us. In some ways I support keeping a small modern standing army here on our shores not in 137 bases all over the world. The real power brokers however are the men guiding all of this with their money. The world central banks.
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    Where the sam hill did that come from?
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