Boston Marathon bombing conspiracy theories

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    I have to find my copy of the constitution again . The Government is supposed to maintain a navy. Every two years there is supposed to be a vote on whether or not to keep a standing army. This has turned into how much will we spend on the military every two years. How much we spend was not the original intent. The founders did not want a standing army on OUR SHORES or any where else. My copy of the constitution is locked up in my cache so Ill google it for you.
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    12: To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years;
    13: To provide and maintain a Navy;

    Section 8 parts 12 and 13. As you see the army is supposed to be only raised during time of need for period of two years then a new vote is taken. As long as we stay at war and there is a threat the vote will always be to continue funding the army. If we were not at war there would be no need to continue funding the Army. The Government is charged by constitutional law to maintain a Navy for our defense NOT a standing army. Ron Paul is an expert on this matter. It is the unending wars that keep the United States Army funded. Every two years they have to vote on keeping the army funded. The Navy MUST be maintained by law. The army is maintained as needed every two years. So you see how the military industrial complex works. Keep us at war to keep them funded. Kingfish
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    So you see, the bottom line is this. It does not matter who or how these acts come about. As long as we have the threat of violence from anywhere or are involved in a war anywhere they will keep the Army funded. So if in two years you dont have a terrorist attack or fight somewhere it is my contention that the world powers will create one to keep the military industrial complex going. It is self perpetuating . Create war to keep funding it. Keep funding it to create war. Piss off some ethnic group until they retaliate by bombing some town or building. And it goes on and on and on as it has since Korea. War hawks all say that we can not allow our guard to drop ever again like before ww1 and ww2. By law to keep our Army funded the Congress has to declare war every two years. We all know how that one got pushed aside dont we? The executive war powers acts. This stuff should be common Knowledge to all of us here. Ron Paul has beat the subject to death and back again on the house floor. This is why congress does not declare war any longer. All they need a is some small threat and BAM !!! Billions spent to fund 130 plus bases around the world. The military industrial complex marches on.
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    Well. @ Kingfish I refuse to assume you are in favor of disbanding the army and air force, even if it seems to be a requirement. The Marines are part of the Navy Department, so they stay, yes? Is the Coast Guard still part of Treasury, and how are they affected?

    And I have to ask, since I'm not on firm ground, but how many actual Congressional authorized declarations of war have there been since WWII?

    Rhetoric aside, the War Powers Act is a pretty feeble substitute for Congressional action.

    From your item 12 above (post 62) there seems no requirement that war be declared, just to vote on funding levels every two years, unless I missed something previous. I don't see that disbanding is a requirement once the army is raised.
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    I believe he was referring to Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. Of course, that don't apply to a dictatorship under the emergency of war powers.

    Some of the founders were pretty certain about not having standing armies, and permitting only the states and the people themselves to form militias, and even at a state level, per the articles of confederation, there was much speculation and resentment.

    Then, there's the "modern day" argument, and expansionist policies and political reasons to have armies. But, one thing is for certain, governments tend to use their military against the people when they turn tyrannical. In our case, the civilian police have become a military force, but most are too ignorant to even see it.
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    Quote"but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years" That states that after two years funding is to end, disband, discharge. We had a very small meager army before ww1. Even that was called unconstitutional then. The Navy is the only armed service required by the constitution as to be kept. The army , armies have a two year expiration date. Of course they don't anymore. The Constitution hasn't meant shit to our government for decades. The emergency war powers act is what we have been running on since its inception. The coast guard would be considered navy. My guess is the founders would frown on 130 plus army bases all over the world. I already stated I favor a small well trained defensive force and that could be all marines under the navy. There is no mention of air forces but that can also fall under the navy. You asked , I showed you. This is why we vote every two years for military funding. It has become that which it was never intended to be. A standing Army of several million men.
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    Distraction for Congress passing the CISPA. (Don't watch the hand in DC, watch the one in Boston)
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    From my roomie, just for the h*ll of it:
    It's the government, trying to outlaw the Boston Marathon. biglaff
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    where are their weapons? no pictures of cops holding captured guns, no bullet holes in police cars from the shootout.what were they armed with?
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    Craft Mercenary with Mobile Communications Vehicle

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    They think we'll [kneelsuckers], and many people did. Sheeple have short memories.
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