Boston Military training for urban ops.

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by UGRev, Jul 28, 2011.

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    Watch what they do and learn.
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    So, here is some more detail on the Boston exercises:
    Military conducting exercises in Boston area from Metro Desk

    Since the unit is now narrowed down, it makes a bit more sense to me. If you know anything about urban operations training sites, you know they are a few buildings stuck in the woods of a training range. Not exactly what I would call ideal for large scale urban operations where the city is as far as you can see. Things like urban navigation are tough to practice without a much larger scale site. I can understand the point of this training.

    Regardless, some will hype it up. I've already read that the helicopters were "black" and "unmarked". Anyone that has been around any military helicopters know they appear "dark" (especially at night) and the markings are so small, they are near impossible to see while the bird is in the air.

    The secrecy also makes sense.

    I can't imagine some of the CTs we have today living through WWII when training was being conducted large scale on private farmalnd all across the nation... some would likely start firefights.
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    realism my azz. No one was shooting at them. Come to Detroit MF'ers try buzzing around E. Palmer and Jos. Campau. That will test your body armor and uparmored Humvees. Watch out for the tracks east of concord, Homies got that rigged.

    oh yeah, and don't try to fast rope to the roof. We got those mined with rot and decay, you'll be fast roping two floors down into an MS13 crack room. Kizz ya azz good bye.
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    at least we have a idea of what we may be up against and can train accordingly and as best as we can. P.T., weapons,etc. be ready for anything. and like my sgts used to tell can't prepare for everything, but prepare for everything you can.
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    SF 18Ds train in Boston's Emergency rooms.

    That says a lot for not living in Boston.
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    These exercises are going on all the time, all around the country, with varying degrees of visibility. I deployed with six Marine Expeditionary Units during my time in, and our pre-deployment workup always included a TRUEX (TRaining in an Urban Environment EXercise). A city would be selected - it might be Houston, New York, Savannah - my last one was in New Orleans, and we would start to trickle into the area. Some would fly, some would drive. Our equipment would come in rental cars, rental vans, U-Hauls, etc. We would generally stay in motels, and always in civilian clothes.

    We would establish communications networks, conduct route surveillance, set observation posts, etc. In my particular case, the units involved were HumInt (Human Intelligence), SigInt (Signals Intelligence), Force Recon, Snipers, and Counter Intelligence. We would use local facility security guards and the police force as our OpFor. If we got caught, we would have gotten caught in an actual operation.

    An FBI agent always traveled with us to get us out of trouble, if we were arrested. One of our teams was busted in Rocky Mount, NC; for suspected drug dealing. The team had an OP set up in a public park, which unbeknownst to us was frequented by drug dealers. The cops were watching this park, and saw several men slipping into and out of the bushes, exchanging bags, etc.

    I got caught red handed, breaking into an abandoned house in New Orleans, planning to use it for a listening post for our SigInt guys. Luckily, the counter intell guy with me was much faster at thinking on his feet than I, and handed the deputy a business card from a construction company, and rapidly explained that we were assessing the construction of these particular houses because the city had opened bidding on a contract to tear them down. We needed to see what we were going to need in order to demolish them. I was glad the counter intell guy was there, because my mouth was opening and closing like a goldfish. I can't lie to save my life.

    Anyway, these ops were usually centered around the takedown of a building, and occupying terrorist force, with sniper shots, and dynamic entry to secure hostages, and a rapid withdrawal from the area.

    Before I post this, I know the doubters will keep doubting BUT, the operations were always aimed at foreign terrorists/hostage takers; and were never conducted with the intent of attacking or detaining American citizens. We trained in American cities because they were convenient, safe, and cheap; compared to trying to carry out a similar exercise at an overseas location. These larger scale exercises in uniform may be more visible, but these things go on continuously.

    Just my two cents.
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    To be quite honest these exercises have been going on since the 1960s.
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    Could you expand further on the training exercises. A white paper on standard setups, tactics, ...etc. It would be a great tool for all monkeys to practice.
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    FM 3-21.8... FM 7-8 FM 3-90.1 FM 3-21.20 FM 71-3 FM 3-21.12

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    On another forum I read a thread about "role players" for OpForce. I was thinking wouldn't it be a hoot to have a bucch of like minded folks sign up for this (Not me I'm too old for this kinda fun) ...and then go rouge ?

    "Capture" various vehicles, cause miscellaneous mahyem, confound, confuse and disrupt as much as possible ?

    This comes from once upon a time long ago when my battallion went on maunevers out in Ft Irwin (Nothing like what tulianr posted about) and a half dozen of us snuck out of camp to visit the OpForce the night before we were scheduled to "go tactical" and disabled a bunch of vehicles, stole nearly all of their M-80's and blank ammo and swapped out live fuses for duds on their smokes.

    (This was before the lasertag gear, we trained force on force using blanks, M-80's smoke grenades and the occasional tear gas grenade with lots of observers)
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    I'd be happy to contribute any way that I can, and add a personal perspective but, as Tikka points out, there are field manuals out there that provide much of the information relevant to these exercises. I'll tell you one thing, if you see two or more nine-passenger vans traveling in trace, someone is in town; be it military, FBI, DEA, or some other friendly agency. The first thing we did was to rent every high capacity van in the city to move our equipment and personnel. Guys with military, or near military, haircuts, with poor taste in civilian clothes, taking photos of bridges and overpasses is another clue. Ha ha!
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    First, none of us have the training, numbers or "gear" to be Regulars; however, to be an Irregular, one must know how the Regulars operate.

    FM 31-15 etc
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    well, ok i will buy that because we did one urban training op, but it was known by local law enforcement what we doing and why{ anti-terriorism}. still, it is something to keep a eye on. the boots on the ground who actually do the training i am not too concerned with . it is the higher ups. they don't always tell ya everything. and i know that medics get extra training and facetime in local ERs. good practice for them .
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