Bought a couple of kayaks & some packs this week

Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by SoCal09, Aug 3, 2010.

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    Apparently by the looks of my title I can't spell, my bad...Anyway few weeks ago I went kayaking with a buddy down the guadalupe river for about a seven hour journey. It was off the "beaten trail" as one might say, away from most civilization. While in route I saw a few places that looked like good place to set up camp. So I decided to purchase the Vapor Angler Kayak from Old Town . I actually got it off a friend for 300 plus extra gear with it. Anyhow I'm giving it a go in the morning for a short journey, then this weekend i'm going camping with it, let yall know how it goes...

    Also picked up a couple of EDC urban packs by 5.11, and both red. The first is the Responder 24, and the second is the PUSH+R+PACK that I'm going to use as a first aid kit. I let my girlfriend take the Responder 24 to Paris, when she gets back I'll be doing a write up on that one as well. I really liked all the pocket options and she called to let me know she was in a down poor yesterday in Paris and all of her stuff stayed dry IN the pack.
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    lol cool man. Your spelling does suck, but that's a good story! Keep the details coming, too!

    The Rush 72 is perhaps the best version I have seen of the mil-spec 3 day assault pack, but I have never taken notice to the Responder 24. That medic pack looks perfect for a carry med kit.
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    that better?
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