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    Out of the frying pan and into the fire?
    It sure seemed that way for a few days here!
    I recently ( and NOT easily) acquired ONE of 2 of the "original" land parcels I "thought" I was being sold, back in March of 2009.
    It was not much fun.
    The real estate lady seems to be somewhat incompetent, on a good day.
    The Title company's escrow agent is either a crook, or a loon!
    I'm going for loon! No one can make 6 pages of mistakes, out of 9 pages, on a land sales, without being stupid!
    There has been so many screw up's even I couldn't believe it all...
    I have seen strange but even old Sigmund Freud would have loved this mess!
    Totally incoherent.
    After all is said and done, the escrow that was supposed to close last week, on a Friday, will now be closing about noon-ish on Monday!

    The closing costs were inflated, from $817.00 to $1,287.81!
    The original agreement was 6% interest on $2,800.
    The morons wrote it up as 10% interest on $3,500.
    They forgot the $700 fee ( 20% of the actual costs of $3,500.00 to close) and they also "conveniently" forgot about that small $200.00 earnest fee!
    It gets better!

    The "original" monthly payments were $240.99...
    The escrow dingbat wrote it up as $290.44!
    Yeah, see what I mean about either being a crook, or just completely incompetent to the level of criminal!
    Now I can see typo's and all that, but,................ wait for it......
    I had to sign an agreement, that restricted me from "pre-posession" of the land/parcel prior to the close of escrow....
    Ok, no big deal, right?
    Ha! Gotcha!

    There was a 'stipulation' that the document had to be signed and delivered NO later than September the 6th at 5:00 pm.
    Now it gets fun!
    The "owner" signed and dated the agreement on September the 6th at 6:25 pm!
    Oops! ( contract TORT!, aka: "UNCONSCIONABLE ACT")
    Then they had me sign it and date it.
    That took place ( in front of a couple witness' I just happened to bring along!)
    All on September the 7th, at 12:26 pm!
    Then, since the land is in my and my son's name as: "joint tenancy with right of survivorship", and he was in Oklahoma at the time with a girlfriend, they had me FORGE his signature on the document!
    You think that's good?
    They tried to tell me I had to pay for the 2009 land taxes in arears....
    Uh no. It is illegal to sell land here that has back taxes owed on it!
    If there is anyone more incompetent than the 3 people I dealt with ( beside the big "O") I'd like to know about it!
    There was a minor problem also as I had not been issued a "disclosure report" for the land, as required by State law here....
    Finally, all the paperwork was "straightened out" and so off to the bank I go, to wire transfer the closing costs and get everything notarized....
    Well, I thought it was all straightened out!
    Seems the babboons that did the escrow paperwork "accidentally" filled in the notary's date space! they had it all dated for the 20th and the date was the 23rd!
    The banker was NOT a happy camper!
    But he was aware of the Prior idiocy I'd had to contend with on the other land purchase back in March of last year!
    Ok, so we send the paperwork via Fedex....So far so good?
    We did have a signature receipt requested in the delivery ( Thank God!)
    I get a call at 3:00 pm on the 24th, where is the paperwork?
    In transit. They asked me for the transaction number, and they got the same message from Fedex!
    3:15 pm, I get another call "IF it's not here by 3:30 today, there is no way to close and the whole deal is defaulted"!
    Ok....Now I'm not having fun!
    I sit, and I wait....
    At 4:25 pm, the title company calls and says the package got there finally at 4:15.
    Uh no. I have confirmation that the package was delivered and signed for at exactly 3:30 pm.
    Now I'm making calls to them!
    I very carefully and quite slowly, spell, my attorney's name and give them his address in Scottsdale.
    "He'll be suing you and your's, for the rest of eternity", I explained to them.
    Suddenly, attitudes changed, especially when I tell the title companies escrow agent, that I know her boss and her assistant personally!
    Now the closing will ONLY be slightly delayed, by the weekend!
    So, how's the past few days been for you?
    From the 8th thru the 24th mine has been, shall we say: INTERESTING"?
    I can't wait for their call this afternoon!
    I know I'm a glutton for punishment, but sincerely now, have you ever in your life heard of such crappola?
    It's no longer a hobby, it really is an adventure!
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    I almost had to clean coffee spray off the monitor this morning. They really do sound like a bunch of crooks. But, if you are indeed doing this for some bent, and are a glutton for punishment, I can provide you with a name and phone number of an exotic mistress in Gainesville Fl. To each as it pleases them.... lol
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    Sounds like we also met your realitor. Apache county by chance. I think a lot of the "professional" people as they like to be called here wouldn't make a bump and a third graders butt. Welcome to the professional world. They probably voted for the O as well.
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    Somewhere after the 2nd mix-up it was time to walk from this deal. Not sure why you would ever consider going forward when you sensed problems in the beginning.

    Also, you committed fraud, a federal offense, and posted it on the internet. That won't look good if this guy hauls you into court so he can dupe someone else with the same scam while you fend off the feds for signing your son's name on the document.....and your banker who notarized committed fraud by going forward with the notarization.

    You have created a tangled web of deceit of your own making and walked into a cluster**** of a deal. If you had to walk from your deposit rather than go forward, you might find yourself happier in the long run. It will be all of them against you and one can always say "incompetent", but I would venture to say the are totally competent in what they do and they do it well. After all, they found another sucker looking for a cheap piece of land to buy.

    Oh...all you needed was a power of attorney from your son, a one pager, and that would have solved your signature issues. You might want to hire an attorney the next time, too, as he/she will keep you in line.

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  5. dragonfly

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    I took precautions with the signing of the son's name.....
    2 witness' by phone where he was, and 1 where I was at the time.
    I had his verbal consent, as he is the co-tenant/buyer on the deal.
    I figure I have been thru the crappola before with the 1st deal, and know how these people 'think' everything works....
    I argued to their face about the contract, the date thing, and the stipulation of time element....It didn't faze them 1 little bit! Not even signing my son's name seemed at all important to them...It's all about money!
    It's like doing business in some (other) 3rd world country!
    Honestly, if I had no use for the land, I would not have walked, but RAN away from the whole mess. As it is, this land is one of the very few parcels that has any hope of ever having a local source of water, without having to drive into town, some 15 miles distant, (45 minutes 1 way) and hauling it back, uphill!
    There is a major aquifer ( confirmed) that runs thru this parcel, and one just north of it. That parcel adjoining this one, has just been re-listed as selling NOW for $9,995.00! There is verifiable evidence of the aquifer, as there are 2 areas where the water comes to the surface, some 600 feet north and about the same distance, south of this land. They call them artesian wells up there. I call them natural springs!
    Like I said, if it weren't for the water factor, I'd never have even considered this insanity!
    A friend of mine was looking at 2 parcels about a mile and a half north of me and they were up for sale in a bankruptcy....4.44 acres for $4,000.00 cash!
    Then along came the real estate lady.....She wants her 10% fee from the buyer! Not happening!
    That same person was trying to buy the adjoining lot to mine for the $3,500.00 price that was being asked. Then suddenly it was pulled from the market, after the seller discovered why I'd want to buy such an out of the way piece of land....water!
    But today, that seller is going to be very busy in court, (injunction time?) trying to find out why and how 3 real estate agents are showing and trying to sell his land without his listing or permission!
    Yeah, it's a REAL nut house up there!
    If I can get this all settled, fine. If not, then I'll have to go to court myself to get it all settled.
  6. Clyde

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    The reason 3 brokers are showing his land is because the owner won't sign a listing agreement, but will honor a broker if thy bring a deal. Also, the reason they buyer pays on these lots is because the deal is so small that it lacks incentive. $400 may seem expensive on a deal this small. 2% on a $150,000,000 deal sounds better on a percentage, but more rewarding for about the same amount of headache as one of these deals.
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    For a while, I was thinking of actually bying land by a lake here...and then I started thinking...To buy it from the state? Why would I do a stupid thing like that?
    What would happen if I just went there and built a cabin? Absolutely nothing! A bulldozer can't get there, bureaucracy doesn't care about 100 sq/meters of forest for the cabin, cops are afraid of the forest and the dark...If state sues me, they'll have to find someone to sue first...and with all those forest fires all over the world...(kidding here...I would never do such thing)...
    Even if they find me and sue me, I'd apologized and said I thought it was nobody's land...
    If SHTF happens, noone would own anything anymore, if not, I'll have a weekend cabin in the mountains for free...So, I decided not to buy land...I might be going GWBush on it...invading and conquering...pardon...liberating the land from the govt... :D
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    I FINALLY got an email from the realtor this afternoon, 5:02 pm..
    The escrow closed early this morning!
    Seems the real estate people are having a tough time up there , so many new clients, all looking for some land, with NO neighbors!
    Not easily done.....I mean some want no one around them for miles.
    Good luck!
    There are some 22 units of 1 mile square each, and few have any occupants, but many have owners.....In my area there are maybe only 6 parcels for sale, and I am the only person that has ever lived in or near the area for any real length of time. The "caretaker" was on the site for 14 1/2 months at one time.
    No one else lives up there. ( I like it!)
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    Good heavens what a nightmare ... you must have REALLY wanted that place. Congrats!
  10. Clyde

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  11. dragonfly

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    The one thing that ONLY you here on the site know about, is what is UNDER that land! Water. I would walk barefoot thru a lot to get that land, and I did! Water is gold in the desert.....Today it doesn't seem like so much, but soon it most certainly will! I had thought of dumping all 3 of my parcels and just disappearing to some place else....but knowing what I know, I just can't. Up there, depending on your distance from the nearest town, ( measured in miles) is how far you have to go to get any water....
    My source is less than 3 feet under my land, a major aquifer that runs from the northern end of the state all the way past Phoenix....confirmed by those that know: Gilbert Pump.....I used to work with them as I was a supervisor for an irrigation district on the west side of Phoenix...they have the info, maps, and knowledge.
    I left little to chance.
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