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    [tf]Yes today is October 25th! A date proclaimed by the "best" oracles ( web-bot etc)as ripe for a a society changing event ohnoSpecifically the crash of the dollar. Guess what? Though the day's not over yet, U.N.inspectors are fruitlessly trying to get into an Iranian nuke site on fox news. But. I'm pretty sure this date will fall (come and go) and yet another dated prediction will "fall harmlessly like another knocked over bowling pin...

    "Dare I say Dec 21st, 2012 the sun will shine as brightly as any other day in the past millenium. and an entire industry of fear mongering will be out of work or looking for the next prediction to hype...[tf][gone]:whistle:[peep][peep][shtf]The biggest irritant is after all these self-reinforcing predictions fail to materialize not one site will admit thedate passed and there was no credibility behind all their " trusted highly placed inside sources"

    I'm starting to fear this is merely "adrenaline seeking behavior"(we all gonna die Wednesday!) and is a diagnosable condition in the DSM IV[gone][booze][booze]

    Will the worst happen in two weeks?then the prognosticators can say "close enough". At what point does it become just "wrong". and how many "strikes does an oracle get before it loses excutive washroom priveledges at the "see-'ers club"?
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    Actually, I wouldn't be surprised you are right. However, the science and the data supporting the galactic alignment and increased solar activity will certainly be difficult to easily brush off as mere eccentricity. The Mayan myths, legends, and astrological orientation are not the only focus points. The Earth will undergo radical transformation; droughts, floods, earthquakes, strong storms, etc. are all regular cycle events which will be magnified by gravitational increases and solar irregularity. Even so, humans have continually preservered even the most cataclysmic events. The only difference today is, that we now have a shadowy government which exists worldwide and it intends to fully capitalize: it makes surviving even harder, but still not impossible. Plagues, viruses, contamination in food supplies and water, social chaos and violent uprisings, nuclear and biological warfare, enemy invasions -who knows the full extent until it all plays out? The main point to consider is how delicate our modern societal structure truly is, and how dependent upon the conveniences of electricity, utility water, sanitation, and grocery outlets we really are.

    Prepare and be watchful. Be kind to others and have a plan. It pays to be cautious, but as long as you don't buy into the religious fervor, I think that one could very easily keep a cool head if things get too bad.
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    Whoa whoa wait a minute what's this??? 1700: E trade; td ameritrade; scott trade and other online trading systems are down for maintenance at the same time??

    I was reading through some of my favorite forums when I came across this pieace of information I thought I should share with the ATS community. Right now E Trade, Scottrade, And Td Ameriatrade are all down conducting Maintenance at the same time, aloung with a rising number of banks. With all of these financial institutions conducting maintenance at the same time it just seems strange to me. With the whole webbot prediction suppose to happend while this companies are it;s just strange. It is most likely just a cowincedence.

    Heres the links...
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