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Handbooks Guides & How-Tos Bows for consideration, 2014-01-08

if and when all else fails , and the ammo has run out, consider a lighter and quieter approach to hu

  1. jack_froste

    jack_froste Monkey

    jack_froste submitted a new resource:

    Making Bows, Crossbows and Archery - if and when all else fails , and the ammo has run out, consider a lighter and quieter approach to hu

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  2. chelloveck

    chelloveck Shining the light on a truthier truth!

    Some good useful information here. Bows have their place in the scheme of things for hunting and personal protection. Being able to make your own bow is a useful skill. Thanks for posting.
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  3. DMGoddess

    DMGoddess Monkey+

    Great files. I recently got some books on making PVC pipe bows (flattening them and then bending them). I'm going to work on the techniques, and then try to design something like a Scythian horse bow. I'll let everyone know, but it's likely to take 6 months or so. I take the slow but sure method of learning new hand skills.
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  4. whit256

    whit256 Monkey+

    Been trying for the past few months to make a bow for my son. This is going to be very helpful. Thanks
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  5. -06

    -06 Monkey+++

    Bud from the NC mts makes his own. Last two had 55 and 57 #s of pull. More than enough to bring down a deer/etc. At close range a broadhead has more power than a 30-06.
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  6. whit256

    whit256 Monkey+

    That is awesome! I would love to learn that skill.
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  7. -06

    -06 Monkey+++

    He comes to our gatherings--next one is 19-21 April. Can get you in contact with him. PM and will find his info.
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