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    I am now done with Google. I should have ditched them long ago.
    July 3, 2012 by Bryan Nash
    You can’t buy this on Google.​
    This summer, Google will launch Google Shopping, which promises to be a new online shopping experience. But if you’re looking to buy guns, ammo or accessories, you’ll have to hunt elsewhere. Google won’t allow weapons or related products to be sold.
    Previously known as Google Product Search, Google Shopping vows to deliver “the best answers for people searching for products and helping connect merchants with the right customers.” Companies must pay Google in order for their product to come up, but Google is making it clear that weapon suppliers are not allowed.
    “We do not allow the promotion or sale of weapons and any related products such as ammunitions or accessory kits on Google Shopping. In order to comply with our new policies, please remove any weapon-related products from your data feed and then re-submit your feed in the Merchant Center,” the site said in an email to HamLund Tactical.
    Google added: “Our policies are often more restrictive than the law, because we need to be sure we can offer services that are legal and safe for all users.”
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    Except at work where IT deals with Google's tricks; I quit using Google after the never expiring cookies were discovered. I spell Google-foo as Google-fool.
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    There ain't much on here that hasn't been rehashed 10 times or more. The article was timely and new; ie 3 July 2012. Our olde search engine was fine for getting 1 million hits, but finding a particular post could be tiring. I haven't tried the search feature here yet if there is one. My bad, but no big deal.
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    This is true.

    I found the search engine to be wonky at first. I searched for a term that I knew was on a post and go no hits. Then, searched again using the same term and got what I was looking for. Seems to be working OK now. The backend database probably had to build an index on all words.
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    Tac, there is one. "Search forum" at the top of any page.

    Guit, I think you may be right about filling the database. I did a search the other day for "this thread will never die" and it failed, with a note that this, will, and die were too short to find. Dunno what that means, but it appears searching on a phrase isn't understood. Then again, I may have done something off kilter.
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    I just did a search for "This thread will never die!" and got good hits. Although, I would like the ability to limit the return to individual threads (as it is now), or just BY thread. To clarify, that thread runs hundreds of posts. In my search results, maybe I don't want each one....I just want the top-most thread containing that keyword or phrase.

    There's probably a way to do this, I just haven't spent enough time with our new system yet.
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    R.I.P. Google...I have not visited them in a couple of year's...
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