Brass vs. Steel Cased Torture test!

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by VisuTrac, Jan 10, 2013.

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    thanks for posting that Visu.... definitely a good post +1
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    I guess with the bi-metallic projectiles (Russian) don't keep shooting after your barrel is smokin' hot. Lot's of erosion.

    That probably explains the M/N 91/30 I looked at the other day. Holy crap, that puppy was used up.

    Anyway, I thought it was an interesting test that members with AR's might want to know about.
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    I also like Silver Bear BTHP, which I found to be very reliable in the .223.
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    Good post.
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    My "testing" shows Russian ammunition to be a lot dirtier than US ammunition. Testing is cleaning after shooting LOL

    As ammunition is too expensive to shoot a lot. Pull a bullet from Russian and US then burn the powder. The Russian leaves a lot of residue when compared to the US made.

    "All accuracy testing consisted of ten shot groups at 50 yards from a supported position with a US Optics scope at 17x magnification."
    I have shot a lot of Russian and Chinese ammunition and shooting 50 yards supported using a 17x scope; I have never such a huge group and using AKs not ARs. LOL

    Has anyone seen groups sizes that big using similar weapon, scope etc?
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    I think they mentioned in the test that the uppers on 2 of the rifles were not assembled to spec, and that disassembly and reassembly shrunk the groups.

    I do hazzard to say that the shot out barrels probably grouped like crap at the end of 10k rounds though.
    But if it'll do minute of man ... get me some more ammo Martha the wolves are at the front gate!
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    Also, a NOTE, here.... Burning smokeless powder in the open s a LOT Different then burning it, in a Cartridge inside a Barrel, and pushing a projectile. Two, totally different, things, as the Pressure in the Barrel makes the Burn Rate, quite different, than it would be, at atmospheric pressures.
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    Well like they said, how many people will shoot 10,000 EVER, in their whole life? How many people will shoot 10,000 of centerfire ammo through any one gun, ever, in their whole life? At least this should put the brass vs. steel question to rest. It won't of course, but it should.
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    Theirs contains more stabilizers so there is more residue. Burn rate isn't measured in a pressure vessel. I believe you are talking about internal ballistics; a science where I doubt residue is considered. If you are interested, this is a good article. Internal Ballistics

    There is also the DIY version. Shoot few hundred rounds of Wolf and also of M193; the weapon shooting Wolf will be dirtier which is residue. As ammunition is too expensive to do that now, ask on a gun board where they did it. ;)
    Quite a few did when a case of Wolf was $55-60. :D As that included profit for the seller, back in the day, we put a group buy together to buy pallet. It was even cheaper. Shooting was inexpensive fun for quite a few years. Then ammunition went way up and until recently, a case of 7.62x39 cost more than some of the AKs shooting it. ;)

    Now, either are ridiculously expensive.
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