Breeds of guard/watch dogs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Mar 21, 2013.

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    Any dog is better than no dog. All can hear/see/smell better than us. I watch my wife's chihuahua. If her ears perk up I know someone has turned in the drive--100 yds off.
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    we currently have three dogs, a Golden, a Malamute, and a Chihuahua. It is the little one that loses it's mind at the slightest noise, the Malamute that watches at the windows, and the Golden that truly follows commands. When they are loose (in my fenced yard) the mail man will not even deliver the mail. No one approaches unseen.
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  4. RightHand

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    Having always had Dobermans, I can attest to their fierce loyalty and superior performance as guard dogs. Mine have have protected me from danger more than once, even if it was only their perception of danger but I trust their perceptions.
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    It's kind of interesting that they overlooked one of the best of all. A mastiff (sometimes called an English Mastiff) is a fiercely loyal dog, well mannered, gentle with his family, but very dangerous to get on the wrong side of. First, the dogs weigh up to 200 lbs. Also, it doesn't care about arbitrary boundaries or objects or any kind of property. It cares about its people.
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    My Shepherd is high intensity. He is the most intelligent dog I have ever own and I have had my share of smart ones.
    He has this ability that seems to me a sort of Photo Graphic memory.If you move something in a room when he is gone, he will almost always go right to the spot looking for the item when he returns. Its kinda cool to watch.
    He is fearless and highly Loyal to my Family.
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  8. Pax Mentis

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    Our Rotties are sweet and lovable...unless you threaten one of their family or come over the fence onto their turf...then they become the dogs of war.

    The funniest time was when our oldest, Coda, used to babysit kittens for "her" cat...6 ounce kittens wrestling with a paw bigger than them.
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    Okay, okay VT, you force me into this

    Ninja and Taj awaiting my command
    Taj and Ninja.
  10. Brokor

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    Is "Ninja" the one with the leather collar, RH? I only ask because the chain collar is not effective at being stealthy, thus negating the level of such an awesome name. :love:
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    [dunno] Why can't I see RHs dog picture? I can see every other pic on this thread? [whiteflag]
  12. RightHand

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    You are a perceptive man my friend. Yes, Ninja has the leather. She was the leader of the pack and smarter than I ever thought possible. Taj was 3 yrs her younger and all body. A bit like "Odie" which was his nickname. Sadly, I lost them both. Later, along came Apollo who was was another of my fierce protectors. I lost him last year to a degenerative spinal disease.
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    Tac, I didn't optimize the file so it may be too large. I'll compress it a bit
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    Pups waiting for treat.JPG

    the mighty Ninja
    Mighty Ninja.JPG

    Taj, all grown up
    Taj All Grown Up.JPG
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  15. CATO

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    I just see Higgins calling for Zeus and Apollo.
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  16. tulianr

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    My current best guard dog is a St. Bernard. I wouldn't have believed it before we rescued him from a shelter, but of all the dogs that we have, he is the one who will absolutely bite. (He's proven it a couple of times. Cost me $300.00 the last time he proved it.)

    All of my dogs - Shepherd, Malinois, Pyrenees, Terrier, Labrador, Retriever, Husky, Pit Bull (I don't think I've forgotten anyone) will bark; but the St. Bernard is the one who will take the seat out of someone's pants. In the years since we've had him, I've met other St. Bernard owners who reported the same thing.

    They're not commonly thought of as a "guard dog," but St. Bernards are very protective, a great family dog, can deal with cold weather, and (this one at least) doesn't bother my poultry or goats. That could be a serious concern in a post SHTF world. You may have a great guard dog, but if he raids your goat pen or hen house, he could cost you more than he's worth. So, my St. Bernard fits the bill for me, particularly from a prepper standpoint.

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    I really want a Malinois, a Ridgeback and a Catahoula. Won't be possible for a few years, though, when I can buy a house with plenty of space. We live in a little apartment now and we have a sweet girl of a Boxer. She is alert and vocal, but her usefulness as a guard dog ends there. She acts tough by growling and stamping her feet, but then turns and runs. I swear, though, she has a sense of humor. A very good little sidekick, she is.
  18. tulianr

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    I accuse my Malinois of being the stupidist dog I have ever had. Other Malinois owners have told me to just be patient, and not to even try to teach her anything until she's at least two. She's about a year and a half now, and if she were a person she would be in therapy. At present, she is ditsy, extremely hyper, LOUD (she yodels more than barks), and incredibly destructive.

    We tried making a house dog out of her, but finally tossed her out after she ruined countless pairs of shoes, and two different pieces of furniture, by chewing on them. When she started on the antique dining room table, she became an outside dog. She still chews in two anything that she encounters. We've had to replace all of the dog collars for the outside dogs with fabric interwoven choke chains, because she chewed all of the collars off of the other dogs' necks, one at a time. The jury is still out on what sort of dog she'll become. Obviously the breed has great potential. Maybe I just got a crazy one.
    059 - Copy.JPG
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    My hunter runs at least a couple miles almost everyday.When I say run I mean flat out runs. I've posted several videos on FB of him and his buddy doing this . If I didn't take him I could see him becoming destructive. He craves these runs. He has never chewed anything that wasn't his. He's never created a mess in the house. He is ultra high energy.
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  20. ditch witch

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    With the flock guardian breeds they list (Kuvasz, Kommodor, Boerboel), while they're bad to the bone tough (I can personally attest on the Kuvasz), they're not bred to be obedient. You can teach them to sit, stay, heel, come, etc... they're plenty smart enough to grok commands. However, if they think something warrants their attention, they'll take a memo and get back to you later, after they've finished doing their job. They can't look to humans for commands when they're out guarding in the fields so they figure out what needs to be done on their own, and any input from us is mostly just taken under advisement.

    I'm with RH on the Dobies. Best dogs I ever had, and you can't sneeze at the visual intimidation of them. I used to take my old guy who barely had any teeth for a run and people would cross the street when they saw us coming. At the park, they'd flock to pet Rotties and veer away from Hondo, who dearly would have loved to have his ears scritched by one and all. "Those Dobermans are crazy, one day he'll snap and tear your face off!" If only I had a nickle for every time I heard that idiocy. And of course, if your town or HOA has some nonsense about banning Dobies, you can leave the ears and tail natural and just call it a hound dog. :D
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