Breeds of guard/watch dogs

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  1. KAS

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    totally agree on the reputable breeder...
    "big momma" is getting old and we were looking to get a pup so she could teach her the ways and we found a fe on craigs list but they were so inbred it was redicilous...

    This one is from a great bloodline ...Her grad father is a world chambion and his pups were going for 3k last time i checked...
    I wont be spending 3k for no mutt !!!!
    {but i am the same guy that took the dog on vacation with me and spent more on her ticket than mine}
  2. Yard Dart

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    Gorilla Has Startling Reaction to Momma Goose | Trending Now - Yahoo! News
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  3. Tracy

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    I know what you mean! Grandparents had them and you could only go so far down their driveway without being chased back to the house!
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  4. tulianr

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    Newest addition to our livestock guard force - a three month old Anatolian/Pyrenees mix, named Jake.
  5. Yard Dart

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    Scout 3.
    My beloved Scout was laid to rest today... best darn guard dog I have ever had!! Liver failure due to cancer and separately another cancerous tumor affecting her thyroid. From the day we noticed the tumor growing on her neck... she lasted 30 days till we had to put her out of her misery. She rode all the way to the vet flying (head out the window) as she always loved to do....she did not mind the cool air.

    RIP Scout-
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  6. kellory

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    Sorry, @Yard Dart. It's always hard to lose a friend.
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  7. Quigley_Sharps

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    Sorry YD its never a easy thing to do. She looks like a great pal.
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  8. Yard Dart

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    Now I have a 203 lb male Dane wondering where his girl is.... he keeps whining and that is making it harder to deal with.
  9. limpingbear

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    So far our best guard dogs work as a pair. The mini dachshund is in charge and the lab/pit mix just follows the little dogs lead. If you are family you are good to go.....if you ignore the no trespassing take your ankles into your own hands. You will definitely know when someone comes walking up the driveway. Don't pet the little one.....
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  10. Sapper John

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    Sorry for the loss of your companion and protector!
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  11. RightHand

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    I am so sorry to hear the news YD. we're never prepared to lose them.
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  12. ditch witch

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    Sorry YD. :(
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  13. KAS

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    YD sorry to here this !!!!!
    We have our Rott BigMomma who is on her last leggs also and i fear the day We have to put her down !!!!
    Im terribly sorry to here about this!!!!
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  14. xls

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    Caucasian Ovcharka , hands down, natural protectors, a family dog by breed yet when that age is met they don't let anyone new in period( outside of his family.
    We have a few that my youngin calls bear dogs 180 lbs - 200 lbs
    We spend hours working them, no training was really needed they love mean. Yet big babies with their family. We keep them up as responsible owners .
    Then we have the 120 lbs female pit/Dane X
  15. ozarkgoatman

    ozarkgoatman Resident goat herder

    We have had St. Benards for years but they were getting old and we figured we had better get something to replace them. I had been interssed in Mt. Currs for a while so that's what we got. Those dogs are so attentive, if someting getts put in a new place in the house they will growl/bark at it. :) They have started treeing stuff on thier own.
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  16. KAS

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    MT currs is that like a catahoula curr ????
    do u happen to have a pic?
  17. Gator 45/70

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    Take a look at the Black Mouth Cur, Interesting breed.
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  18. ozarkgoatman

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    Attached Files:

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  19. KAS

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    thanks thats a great pic
  20. ozarkgoatman

    ozarkgoatman Resident goat herder

    Thanks Kas the one on the left is our daughters dog hes fixed. The one on the right is my wife's and she's not getting fixed were are likely going to get another female then get a male.
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