Breivik and the Slaughter of the Innocent

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    In one way or another, yes. I think I agree *some* with what Dr. Pieczenik has to say:

    ‪Dr. Steve Pieczenik: Breivik, The Oslo Terrorist Was Real! "NOT A FALSE FLAG" - Alex Jones Tv 1/4‬‏ - YouTube
    ‪Dr. Steve Pieczenik: Breivik, The Oslo Terrorist Was Real! "NOT A FALSE FLAG" - Alex Jones Tv 2/4‬‏ - YouTube

    You don't want to miss this four part interview.

    Of course, as the interview continues, he just runs off the cliff and I cannot follow him...

    ‪Dr. Steve Pieczenik: Breivik, The Oslo Terrorist Was Real! "NOT A FALSE FLAG" - Alex Jones Tv 3/4‬‏ - YouTube
    ‪Dr. Steve Pieczenik: Breivik Terrorist Was Real! "NOT A FALSE FLAG Event" - Alex Jones Tv 4/4‬‏ - YouTube

    I think this is a situation that has been manufactured in part, planned by very few people including Breivik, and carried out most likely by Breivik himself (although he may have had assistance with the bomb). He's obviously a freemason, his Facebook page was recently changed to show he was a Christian, there's already some shady links. Breivik has already admitted to his intent, and I agree with Pieczenik when he says Breivik isn't a simple psycho with problems -his actions were well thought out. "In the world of terrorism, he has already been successful, whether we agree or not. You can say whatever you want, Neo-Nazi, whatever...he will be the image of the 21st century cyber group of terrorist." -Steve Pieczenik. The fact that a single individual committed this act and did this much damage also proves just how dangerous the "lone wolf", white, right-wing, christian, patriot could really be to any government or society.

    I think the corporate media/banking/corpolitical cartel syndicate is merely capitalizing on this situation in every way it can. Even if this Norway tragedy wasn't secretly sponsored by some covert intelligence agency, the end result will be the same if it were. THIS is my point.

    Another important link: Prison » Norway Killings Prompt Crackdown On Brits Opposed to Immigration

    Now, as for Alex Jones. You see, over the years I have watched Alex slip up only a few times. I let this go because he has been spot-on most of the time. However, recently he has been taking large leaps and just "filling in the gaps" with his own diatribe, usually unsupported and very loose winded. In fact, he's even claimed a few things in "prediction mode" which were far from the truth, and that is not something I can fully support. I understand he is trying to gain support, and his cause is a noble one -but I am fairly certain he is harming his cause more by taking large leaps and attempting to connect too much to the global elite. All occurrences do not inevitably lead to the banking/corporate collective. There are many, but not all. I think he is confusing the simplicity of the nature of these elites with some type of "master plan", since the media and the corporate cartels will often times jump on an instance and use it to their own benefit, this should not be mistaken for some kind of well conceived plan to dominate the world. It may very well turn out this way, mind you...but there are many sects and secret orders in play here, some of them unknown to others. A few may even be useful servants to the order without their foreknowledge.

    Understanding this web of deceit is extremely taxing. Perhaps Alex Jones needs a vacation to help him readjust.
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