BRICS Bank - IMF Connections Explained

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    The Art of Power
    How Western States Keep the Lead in

    Global Organizations

    Robert Wade

    Is the United States really losing power to developing
    countries, even China? This political scientist says the
    West’s power, led by the United States, is still preeminent.
    He presents five case studies to make his point.
    (see attached .pdf)

    Headline: China and Brazil Ditch Dollar

    So Long, Yankees! China And Brazil Ditch US Dollar In Trade Deal Before BRICS Summit

    What is to become of the Dollar as Brazil, Russia, India, China, and S. Africa unite to form a "new" bank collective and enter trade agreements?

    Don't be fooled. It's a well planned attempt to alter the economics of the global stage. Read the .Pdf attached below to learn more.

    And it all leads to this:

    And the "right people" will definitely be placed, that's a certainty.

    Look for plenty more on this subject, since global economics will dictate how much of the happenings in the world will take place. And do not be confused, we are talking about very powerful entities, each vying for supremacy and legitimacy without restraint. It becomes a mixed kettle of greedy banking cartels and corrupt politics, all centered around globalization. Do not trust the governments of the world, do not buy their stories. As long as the few elites at the top of the corporate pyramid structure benefit, national sovereignty means very little.

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    I think this signals that China is just about ready to do a cabinet swap with US Debt After they did the 300MM 30B /year currency swap at the Brics meeting.
    That's ok, Japan will eat more.

    I feels a currency war a brewin'
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    Yup. And no matter how this turns out, the globalists always win.
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