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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MicroBalrog, Jul 27, 2006.

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    About Israel and the rocket attacks – I guess many of you want to know what really is going on. So, let me deal wih all the questions all of you must be asking right now.

    So, first of all, I'm safe, and so is most of Israel. If you're south of Haifa (that's the little bump on the Israeli coast that you see on maps) then you're pretty much out of Hizbullah's missile range, and if you're not REALLY close to Gaza, you're out of the Palestinians' missile range, too (the ones in the West Bank don't have any rockets to speak of, or we'd be really screwed.)

    Israeli society, in my opinion, is reacting rather well to the events – what this is doing to the Israeli population is turn it really patriotic, and really anti-left. There's now only 27% support for the disengagement plan – all the bad things that were predicted, by even the most extreme right came true. Rocket attacks on Ashkelon? Check. Karmiel? Check. Haifa? Check.

    Still, the extremist left (Meretz and such) are still being their ugly self.

    What's much worse is that business and factories have been almost paralyzed throughout the North, as people are advised not to go to work unless their workplaces are shielded. Many still refuse to go to work for fear of bombings, and businesses are losing millions (the government is debating extending a law to ban firing people who are absent from work due to the war).

    In the Center (think of Tel-Aviv and the whereabouts) people are rallying to support the North – giving shelter to families who are fleeing the emergency, even putting them up in their own homes. Certain businessmen (like Gaidamak) are funding the construction of refugee camps for those who are leaving their homes in fear of the bombing

    But outside the North, generally daily life has gone on. People go to work, party, have a life. We're not ALL living on a front line.
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    Thanks for the update. I am glad to hear that you are doing well and staying safe. Where in Israel are you living?
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    Ashdod. I don't know if it means anytihng to you though.:)
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    You are close to the Westbank correct? Actually it should be called Judea instead of the Jordanian named West Bank. I was just curious as to how close you were to the Palestinian rocket attacks.
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    I'm nearer to Gaza, actually. Still out of the range of their silly Quassam rockets, though.

    In other news, my downstairs neighbors seem to be out cleaning the bomb shelter. Why, I know not. THese things are used ase basically undersized basements in peacetime, and now they are just cluttered with junk.
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    Good to hear your OK. Was thinking of you the past few days...

    Not a bad idea for them to clear out the shelter really. This current conflict is larger than hezbolla. Hez is but one face of a multitude of nations/states that want to see Israel gone. Think Syria, Iran, Jordan etc. Pretty much everyone around you and even further away. Except US. The U.S.

    Here the worst case scenario that has be scared out of my pants right now:

    Iran (or fill in another), decides enough is enough and fires off the forbidden fruit of Geo-political war. One simple Nuke, or 2 or 3 at Israel. IDF has ~135 Nuclear capable weapons, (prolly with made in the USA written on the side of them). IMHO, Israel would more than likely retaliate by sending ALL or MOST of THEM towards whatever enemies it has targeted.

    Think everyone but the US and Germany(Isn't that Ironic) could be a target of those weapons. Why many? IS has stated that they would retalitate against all who helped it's enemies.... So. The missiles are in the air and everyone who has radar sees them. What are they going to do?

    My bet goes on "Might as well launch our shit, See if this stuff really works and settle some old scores"

    What do they have to lose? It's Armeggedon. Nukes are in the air. No one who has the capability will just sit and wait to die without getting into the game.

    I think this game is MUCH larger than a rag tag band of terrorists running around Lebanon. It's High Stakes Texas Hold Em and IMHO, the ante is a little high.

    melbo is planning to dig a trench right now.

    Glad your OK. Might want to pitch in and help that neighbor clear out the Shelter. I hope you don't need it.
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    Good to know your are well my friend............:D

    It is much larger than Hezbollah. They are funded by Iran
    This is a attempt by <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comIran</ST1</st1:country-region>as is the Taliban, and <st1:country-region><ST1Syria</ST1</st1:country-region> is in with <st1:country-region><ST1Iran </ST1</st1:country-region>as well
    <font face=" /><st1:country-region><ST1IRAN < st1:country-region ST1<>to create a false objective while the real thing goes on.

    Which is to make a Nuke and send <st1:country-region><ST1ISRAEL< st1:country-region ST1lace<>to the never land.
    It will never be allowed to happen.
    They are trying a multiple front which they tried once on <st1:country-region><ST1ISRAEL < st1:country-region ST1<>and got their asses handed to them by Isreal.

    <st1:country-region><ST1IRAN < st1:country-region ST1<>has Chinese and Soviet missiles we backed <st1:country-region><ST1IRAQ< st1:country-region ST1<>in the wars between the two.
    In time I believe <st1:country-region><ST1CHINA< st1:country-region ST1<>will be found to be behind all the trouble with <st1:country-region><ST1NORTH st1:country-region ST1< Korea<><st1:country-region><ST1IRAN < st1:country-region ST1<><st1:country-region><ST1SYRIA< st1:country-region ST1<>etc….
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    Jordan is significantly pro-Israeli, mind, they've even killed some terrorists recently who were en route to strike targets in ISrael. Our militaries cross-train and whatnot.
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    Feeling alright QS my boy? Need to track that smilie down and kill it. Seems to interfere with the html you were pasting?
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    The board software doesnt like commas after words with no space. go figure....foosed
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    deleted the tongue smilie...


    I tend to try to look behind the Main Stream Media on everything. QS, The Chinese have been seen massing. This is no more a small terror cell than 911 was an Arab job on the US.

    REALLY BIG boys are playing here and, sadly, it's us innocents that will pay the price in blood.

    Heading back out to work on my hole in the ground.
    Nothing good can come out of this.
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    I don't see them nuking Israel, after all occupation of it is paramount in their plans. The backlash from the world in general would put them on an island even if they could defeat and occupy Judea/Sammaria. Even their supposed allies in the Russians and Chinese would be thinking they were next, as they aren't muslim. They also know that Israel has a big brother, the U.S. I think we have a better chance of being nuked than Israel.

    I myself don't buy all of the 9/11 conspiracy stuff, I think Al-Qaida and possibly other arabic nations were behind it. That's my opinion.
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  14. melbo

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    Oh, I'm not a 911 Conspiracy guy...
    The whole damn mess since 1913 is one big conspiracy...
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  16. Quigley_Sharps

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    Federal Reserve Act of 1913 ?
  17. E.L.

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    Conspiracy, or illusion? David Copperfield has been running the federal reserve. ;)
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    Balrog, I don't know ya, though stay safe. I have a feeling that there will come a final straw and Israel will have had enough of these cowards and warm the place up a tad. As far as retaliation, I see that Hezzacrap will strike back, if they aren't all dead :D, though I do not see any involvement from China, Russia, or Iran. As far as the other Arab nations I can't say. Haven't been following their movements. China and Russia may indeed realize that backing the fanatics would be a bad move as they could very well become the next targets, and I see America knows this as well. As for Iran, I don't think they will get into any open confrontations on it, because that would just paint a big bullseye on them and America would send them some 'See Ya Later' presents. My math may be off, though it is what I am gathering. On a broader stroke, N. Korea is going to watch. They still fear America. Japan will watch China.

    India, well who knows them? The Arab nations, I don't see them in a big hurry to receive a 'Flying-Sunrise' so they may hold tight. I agree that there are Arab countries that are happy to be out of it and will remain so. After all the dollar, however weak beats having nothing coming in. So they will remain attached, if only at the wallet. Though I do see that the factions of these extremists are growing in their splintered way. There seems to be more and more of them. Maybe soon they will become so splintered that they cannot hold together. You know as much as the 'leaders' of these nuts call for a binding, they won't do it, because who likes to be second fiddle? They 'preach' a good game of cooperation, though when it comes to it, they would start killing each other.

    I, too say clean out that shelter. Never can tell and it is definitely better to be safe than sorry. Have a good one and may you be watched over.
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    Here's a map of Israel, peeps. Note where Afula is.
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