bring back the 91% tax bracket

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    The Twinkie Manifesto -

    This guy makes me want to puke. Notice how he starts off in the previous paragraph talking about how racist and sexist we used to be . . . sets the tone in your brain to what Neanderthals we used to be . . . now we're so much smarter, but we've allow those evil conservatives to reclaim more of their money. It's ECONOMIC INJUSTICE I tell let people have more of their money. It's OK to allow rich people to keep $0.09 out of every dollar they make . . . they're more frugal now . . . they don't need it, dems DO, so they can keep spending.

    Libtards . . . never do they question spending (unless a Republican is doing it). If and when TSHTF, I personally blame people like him for putting me and my family in harms way because of their stupid ideals. Now, my retaliation is just to not let people with "Obama" stickers over in traffic. After SHTF, I will have no remorse when cleansing the gene pool when they do something stupid like "confiscating" property.
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    "We are, morally, a much better nation than we were." ( in the 1950's ) -- Are you friggin' kidding me ??

    "America in the 1950s made the rich pay their fair share" -- Nothing like those who pay NO taxes bitching that the people who do pay taxes don't pay enough.. / sacrasm off..

    The fact of the matter is, due to shear numbers of people, the middle class and the bottom half of the 1% ( $300k-$500k income ) pay 98.7% of the bills... And if you're still working, and my age or younger you probably don't have a pension - if you're lucky you have a 401k ( until they take that ). But don't plan on retiring, because you never will get the opportunity to. You're going to be taxed into funding the previous generations pension, making it even harder for you to try to build a nest egg. -- Thanks to the deals the unions set up decades ago...

    Oh.. And you may as well forget about Social Security. IF it exists at that time, it will be a shadow of what it is today and they will have raised the retirement age to 90 by then anyway...
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