brit "credit" banker steps in front of train...

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    brits are having their market troubles too..
    Credit crunch banker leaps to his death in front of express train

    By Christopher Leake
    Last updated at 11:06 PM on 27th September 2008

    [​IMG] Tragedy: Kirk Stephenson took his own life despite a successful 20-year City career, vibrant social life and a loving family

    The City was in shock last night after the apparent suicide of a millionaire financier haunted by the pressures of dealing with the credit crunch.
    Kirk Stephenson, who was married with an eight-year-old son, died in the path of a 100mph express train at Taplow railway station, Berkshire.
    Mr Stephenson is believed to have taken his own life after succumbing to mounting personal pressures as the world’s financial markets went into meltdown.
    The death of the respected 47-year-old City figure evokes memories of the 1929 Wall Street crash in America and comes as:
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    One down, how many yet to go? [troll]
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    Putting monetary wealth before one's own life is the "Peak" of greed. He had no love for his wife, his eight year old son, or himself.
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