brit "terrorist" attacks..

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    Enquiring ( skeptical, slightly paranoid)foil covered minds wanna know:
    Who engages in (three!) terror attacks with a casualty count of 1 terrorist/0civilians)

    MI-5???MI-6 ???SAS??

    Far from failed attacks; seems they were executed perfectly; no innocents got hurt, The press was immediately shouting about Islamic extremists
    Oh yeah the "terrorist taken alive ( burned but alive)jumped out of the car and shouted "Allah!, Allah" and starting punching rescuers,
    Not "Allah AKBAR!!"*( God is great). The U.S. talkers (fox) were already talking about the need for cctv here.

    Sumpin aint right...
  2. ghrit

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    The more nations that these OSB thugs attack, the more likely there will be an extermination to follow.
  3. BAT1

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    I'm afraid Tango3 is correct. Seems like every trime some draconian legislation is up for the ballot "coincidenses" like this happen. I just saw on Drudge a line saying the age of the car bombers. Big brother is trying to smother our freedoms at a high rate of speed. Unfortunately, most Britons are fooled by these govt staged acts, and it's coming to America, and most are fooled here too. Prepare!
  4. Tango3

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    Tony blair's replacement had just given his incoming speeches about britain taking a new direction and emphasizing social programs, not more intense security...( good timeto blow something up eh?)
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    The Evening Standard said one suspect on the list had posted a comment on an Internet chat room condemning Danish cartoons portraying the Prophet Muhammad in a derogatory way. The newspaper, which cited unidentified intelligence sources for the information, did not say which suspect.

    The above caught my eye. We do give alot of personal info out on these
    forums that others can use.

    Just for giggles one time on a different forum I decided to find out how much info we freely post about ourselves on internet forums. I focused on an individual which was a loud mouth and had made some remarks my way.

    This is some of the stuff he freely posted and which I was able to retrieve just by looking at his past posts.

    Pictures of himself and his wife. His GPS location. His occupation and his wifes ocupation. His security system for the house. He listed all of his weapons. He listed two handguns he kept loaded in the bedroom. He lived in a rural area and gave a pretty good decription of the house entrances/exits and the location of neighbor houses and their proximty to his. His log in times were displayed on the forum database giving a pattern of activity. He had a dog which rarely barked. He had a 5th wheel trailer parked in front of his house loaded with SHTF supplies, mostly ammo and food. He gave vehicle information about what he and his wife drove.

    In short he gave a good shopping list for thieves and included his GPS location telling them if both the truck and car were not in the driveway they were at work, all he had were night time motion detectors, and the neighbors were too far away to see anything.

    He was truly one of his fav terms to describe others: "A dumb arse."
  6. RightHand

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    Thanks for the reminder brotherpoop.
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