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    In the aftermath of rioting across Britain, David Cameron blasted the nation’s “slow-motion moral collapse”—a matter he plans to “take on and defeat.” Facing a “demoralized” state, “I will not be found wanting,” the prime minister said today at a youth center. The riots were a “wake-up call” for a “broken society” born from “children without fathers; schools without discipline; reward without effort; crime without punishment; rights without responsibilities; communities without control.” British society, he said, is one that “incites laziness, that excuses bad behavior, that erodes self-discipline, that discourages hard work,”

    It would be nice to hear one our own senior politicians have the stones to tell the truth about our own society in these terms, and then have the will to do something about it.

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    People don't realize that if a non-native species gets a foothold and propagates faster than the native species, the non-native species will overtake and exterminate the native one.

    Funny...but true.
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    I get the sentiment from the attached thumbnail, but I was an Arabic linguist in the military, and the sentence on the bottom doesn't make any sense.

    In the photo, there appears to be a comma (which the arabs don't normally use) and a space between those last two words. As it is written, it is nonsense. It occurs to me though that if someone put those words together, and added another N, they would have the word WA:NUN (using the Standard Arabic Transliteration System), which could be "Washington", which would actually make sense.

    Then the sentence would read, "The location of world security is in Washington" or "World security resides in Washington." It could be that someone photo-shopped the sentence, and left off the last letter. In any regard, it still doesn't make sense in the context of the question.

    But, what the hell, it's just something that's supposed to make you smile, if you agree with the xenophobic sentiments expressed in the photo that is.

    For myself, I'd like to see secure borders, and a reasonable immigration policy. I don't see (the right sort of) immigrants coming to this country to be a weakness, but rather a potential source of strength; our history has borne out the soundness of that idea. Our current situation is insane though; something only Washington could create.
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    As 0bama resides in the white house; IMO opinion "World insecurity resides in Washington."

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    You may be right, and I'm not sure that we should just limit that comment to Obama. Apparently our congress is equally willing to destroy the country, if not the developed world, to score a political win. When those idiots finally bring our own country to it's knees, we're going to drag a lot of other countries down with us.
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    After the democrats controlling both Houses of Congress I would never limit it to merely 0bama. Bonehead's brilliant "deal" to give 0bama and Congress another 2 trillion to waste adds a lot of Repugnants also.

    0bama's ideologies have failed so badly even 0bama knows it. However, 0bama is so stubbornly entrenched although he knows his ideologies have failed he cannot adapt or change.
    If I "ran" the democratic party; I'd nominate someone one else.
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    obama and the Comgress are simply following the script they have been given by their Masters. Anyone who believes THEY are 'in charge' does not know jus thow the current political system works. It's not just the USA either. This cancer runs through ALL the first, second and many third world nations.
    I am all for trying to affect meaningful 'change' through the ballet box, but fear that is far too late. We are on the road DOWN, and only the strong will survive. What the politicians fail to grasp is, when the end finally truly comes, it will be THEY who are first strung up by a very angry populace......
    No threats there - simple human history. They do not learn from, but they always will suffer from it.
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