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    Mp arrested by "police state" forspeaking out :

    Police state Britain: MPs want protection after arrest of Tory for telling truths Labour didn't want you to know

    By Benedict Brogan, James Chapman and Stephen Wright
    Last updated at 10:09 AM on 29th November 2008

    MPs demanded protection from a 'police state' last night after the heavy-handed arrest of a Tory frontbencher shocked Westminster.
    Extraordinary details of four simultaneous raids on immigration spokesman Damian Green's homes and offices raised urgent questions about the independence of Parliament.
    The Oxford-educated father of two girls, who denies any wrongdoing, was fingerprinted and required to give a DNA sample before being released on bail after nine hours.
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    Hmmmm..... the Brits turn in their Wellies for Jackboots... taser1
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    I just hope that they start doing their job properly and arrest a certain ex-prime minister for his crimes that he committed while in office, more accountability for all concerned, is a great idea.

    I think this is run of the mill stuff, most Britons have always enjoyed being treated like scum by the police, now the upper echelons are starting to feel the system at its worst, fills my heart with joy.

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