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    ATS Premium: Barksdale Missile Number Six: The Stolen Nuclear Weapon

    Someone, operating under a special chain of command within the United States Air Force, just stole a nuclear weapon.

    ATS Premium Article by Chuck Simpson

    Some History

    Barksdale Missile Number Six deserves far more public attention than it's received to date. Missile Number Six is potentially the major story of at least this year.

    Until 1968 under the Airborne Alert Program, informally called Operation Chrome Dome, the Air Force routinely kept about a dozen strategic bombers with nuclear weapons flying at all times.

    One predictable result was crashes and incidents. In 1968 the Department of Defense published a list of 13 serious nuclear weapons accidents that occurred between 1950 and 1968. In 1980 the list was revised to include 32 incidents through that year.

    Notably, the Pentagon has not acknowledged any accidents since 1980. This alone highlights the importance the Pentagon is placing on the recent transportation of nuclear weapons from North Dakota to Louisiana.

    Through 1968, several reported incidents involved plane crashes or malfunctions, beginning with the crash of a B-29 near Fairfield, California in August 1950. The resulting blast was felt 30 miles away.

    In July 1950 a B-50 crashed near Lebanon, Ohio. The high-explosive trigger for the nuclear weapon detonated on impact. The blast was felt over 25 miles away.

    In May 1957 a nuclear weapon fell from the bomb bay of a B-36 near Albuquerque, New Mexico. Parachutes malfunctioned and the weapon was destroyed on impact.

    In October 1957 near Homestead, Florida a B-47 crashed. The nuclear weapon was burned.

    In March 1958 a B-47 accidentally dropped a nuclear weapon near Florence, South Carolina. The high-explosive trigger detonated on impact.

    In November 1958 a B-47 crashed near Abilene, Texas. The trigger of the nuclear weapon exploded upon impact.

    In July 1959 a C-124 crashed near Bossier City, Louisiana. Both plane and nuclear weapon were destroyed.

    In October 1959 a B-52 with two nuclear weapons was involved in a mid-air collision near Hardinsburg, Kentucky. One weapon partially burned.

    In January 1961 a B-52 broke apart in mid-air near Goldsboro, North Carolina. Two nuclear weapons were released. The parachute on one weapon malfunctioned, and contamination was spread over a wide area. The uranium core was never recovered. Daniel Ellsberg reported that detonation was a very real risk because five of six safety devices failed.

    In that month near Monticello, Idaho a B-52 carrying nuclear weapons exploded in mid-air. No information was made available as to the weapons.

    In March 1961 a B-52 with two nuclear weapons crashed near Yuba City, California.

    In January 1964 a B-52 carrying two nuclear weapons crashed near Cumberland, Maryland.

    In January 1966 a B-52 carrying four hydrogen bombs crashed after a mid-air collision near Palomares, Spain. Two weapons exploded on impact, with resulting plutonium contamination. A months-long program was undertaken to locate and extract the other two weapons from the ocean. Major policy changes were taken under consideration.

    In January 1968 a B-52 carrying four hydrogen weapons crashed and burned near Thule AFB in Greenland. Explosives in one bomb detonated, spreading plutonium contamination. Apparently, the other three weapons have never been accounted for.

    Following large public protests Denmark, which owns Greenland and prohibits nuclear weapons on or over its territory, filed a strong protest. A few days later the Secretary of Defense ordered the removal of nuclear weapons from planes. After that order was issued, all aircraft armed with nuclear weapons were grounded but kept in a constant state of alert.

    In 1991 by Presidential order, nuclear weapons were removed from all aircraft. Bomber nuclear ground alerts, during which nuclear weapons are loaded onto bombers during test and training exercises, were halted. After that time, all nuclear weapons to be delivered by plane were permanently maintained in secure storage facilities.

    August 30, 2007

    All of which makes the transport of nuclear weapons in combat position on a combat plane so newsworthy.

    On August 30, for the first time since 1968, nuclear warheads in combat position were carried by an American bomber. Numerous international treaty provisions were violated in the process.

    That Thursday, a B-52H Stratofortress flew from Minot AFB in North Dakota to Barksdale AFB in Louisiana while carrying twelve cruise missiles. Either five or six of those missiles were armed with nuclear warheads.

    Cruise Missiles

    The missiles on the B-52 were AGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missile units, specifically designed to be launched from wing pods of B-52H planes.

    A total of 460 units were manufactured by Raytheon. A total of 394 units are currently maintained by the Air Force. Apparently, 38 are to be modernized and upgraded in Fiscal Year 2008 and the other 356 are to be decommissioned pursuant to the 2002 Moscow treaty.

    Raytheon has publicly announced the AGM-129 missiles are to be modified to accomplish a "classified cruise missile mission". This has widely been interpreted to mean conversion to bunker-busters, most likely for use in Iran. This widely accepted explanation is being used to explain why armed cruise missiles are being flown in American airspace.

    Nuclear Warheads

    The AGM-129 was specifically designed to deliver a W-80 nuclear warhead. The W-80 weapon has a variable yield capability, of 5 to 150 kilotons. For comparison purposes, the bomb used on Hiroshima was 13 to 15 kilotons, or equivalent to 13,000 to 15,000 tons of TNT explosive.

    News Stories and Flawed Explanations

    The story of the B-52 flight was first reported by Army Times, owned by Gannett, on Wednesday September 5. Gannett relied on information provided by "anonymous officers". The story was picked up by Yahoo Wednesday morning, published by USA Today and The Washington Pos, and then quickly spread.

    In response, the Pentagon quickly spread an official explanation.

    The Air Force admitted to an inadvertent error: The intent was to transport ACMs without weapons. According to military officers, the nuclear warheads should have been removed before the missiles were mounted on the pylons under the wings of the bomber.

    In the words of the Pentagon:

    "There was an error which occurred during a regularly scheduled transfer of weapons between two bases. The weapons were safe and remained in Air Force control and custody at all times."

    For almost the first time in the history of the nation, the military has publicly and promptly admitted it "made a mistake". This in itself is truly astounding.

    To reinforce the military's claim that a mistake was made, a system-wide stand-down was ordered for September 14.

    That official explanation was quickly explained away. The mistake was made intentionally, so a "deliberate leak" of a secret operation could occur.

    The CIA and the Office of Counter-Terrorism in the State Department explained that Barksdale AFB is a "jumping off point" for re-supply of the Middle East.

    The "deliberate leak" was intended to serve as a veiled warning to Iran. This deliberately misleading explanation is evidently intended to lead the public or Iran or both to logically conclude the missiles are bound for Iran.

    Bluntly, State and the CIA converted a whistleblower leak by true American patriots into a deliberate leak by official Washington, to scare Iran.

    By this means Washington has led the public to forget or overlook the real issue.

    To begin, the multiple official explanations reek to high heaven. They collectively read suspiciously like flimsy cover stories concocted in hasty desperation. And no amount of pretty lipstick will be able to make the official explanations pretty.

    Transportation Violations

    More conflicting explanations followed. These missiles are part of a group scheduled to be decommissioned. This would explain why they were shipped out of North Dakota.

    But the missiles were not transported on their way to decommissioning. Missiles are normally decommissioned at Davis-Monthan AFB at Tucson. Nuclear weapons are decommissioned at the Department of Energy's Pantex facility near Amarillo, Texas, accessed through Kirkland AFB in New Mexico.

    And military policy requires minimization of the number of flights made with nuclear weapons aboard. So the weapons should not have been mounted on the missiles, flown to Louisiana, un-mounted and flown to New Mexico.

    The mode of transportation is also a major issue not defused by official explanations. Per standard operating procedures, or SOPs, both missiles and nuclear warheads are transported primarily by air, in specially modified C-130s or C-17s. Under no peacetime circumstances do military SOPs allow transport of nuclear weapons mounted in cruise missiles mounted in combat positions on combat planes.

    Department of Defense Directive Number 4540.5, issued on February 4, 1998, regulates logistic transportation of nuclear weapons.

    By delegation of Commanders of Combatant Commands, movement of nuclear weapons must be approved by commanders of major service commands.

    Commanders of Combat Commands or service component commanders must evaluate, authorize and approve transport modes and movement routes for nuclear weapons in their custody.

    The Air Force is required to maintain a Prime Nuclear Airlift Force capability to conduct the logistic transport of nuclear weapons.

    Under SOPs, combat planes with combat-ready nuclear weapons can only be flown on the authority of the Commander in Chief, the Joint Chiefs of Staff or the National Military Command Authority.

    All of these transportation regulations were flagrantly violated on August 30.

    Handling Violations

    Violations of regulations concerning handling of the nuclear weapons in North Dakota are worse.

    A sophisticated computerized tracking system is used for nuclear weapons. Multiple sign-offs are required to remove the weapons from their storage bunkers.

    The AGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missile was designed to carry nuclear weapons. No non-nuclear warhead is available for this missile. So the only possible error could have been loading nuclear warheads on the missiles instead of practice dummies.

    The practice warheads have standard blue and yellow signs declaring "Inert, non-nuclear". The nuclear warheads have at least three distinctive red warning signs. This error is therefore highly improbable, absent tampering with signage.

    Nuclear weapons are transported from the storage bunker to the aircraft in a caravan that routinely includes vehicles with machine guns front and rear and guards with M-16s. All steps in the process are done under the watchful eyes of armed military police.

    Rules require that at least two people jointly control every step of the process. If one person loses sight of the other, both are forced to the ground face-down and temporarily "placed under arrest" by observant security forces. All progress stops until inspections are made to assure the weapons weren't tampered with.

    All nuclear weapons are connected to sophisticated alarm systems to prevent removal or tampering. They could only be removed from the storage bunker by turning the alarm off. And the squad commander clearly would not have authority to turn off the alarm.

    The Impossible Mistake

    Bluntly, the mistake of loading nuclear weapons on a combat aircraft in combat-ready position is simply not possible to make. Safeguards are far too stringent and far too many people would be involved. Particularly given that the mounting was in violation of policy that's been in place without exception for almost 40 years.

    No discipline is expected to be meted out. The New York Times tried to imply the commanding general had been fired. Actually, the squad commander in charge of munitions crews at Minot was "relieved of duty pending an investigation". He has not been removed from his position or disciplined. The crews involved have been "temporarily decertified pending corrective actions or additional training" but have not been disciplined. No mention has been made of the wing commander.

    Note carefully: These actions amount to nothing at all. The wing and squad commanders are still in place and the crews can easily be re-certified.

    Successful Confusion

    Washington's efforts to confuse the public have been successful. Attention has shifted from the crucial issue.

    This news has already become non-news. The August 14 stand-down will momentarily become news, followed by announcements of more stringent restrictions, improved safeguards and additional training. The public always has been and always will be safe.

    One of the major issues will be avoided:

    Someone in an irregular chain of Air Force command authorized loading and transport of nuclear weapons.

    And that would never have been done without a reason. Given the magnitude of regulatory violations involved, the reason must be extremely important.

    The paramount issue will be avoided, if necessary with repetition of the reassurance that the Air Force was in control at all times. The weapons were only missing during the 3.5-hour flight.

    At Barksdale, the missiles were considered to be unarmed items headed for modernization or the scrap heap, and of no particular importance. They were left unguarded for almost ten hours.

    According to one report, almost ten hours were required for airmen at Minot AFB to convince superiors that the nuclear weapons had disappeared. According to information provided to Congress, this time lapsed before airmen at Barksdale "noticed" the weapons were present. News reports will continue to overlook this fact also.

    Even here the focus is on time. The number of missiles and warheads issue was overlooked.

    Early news reports spoke of five nuclear warheads loaded onto the bomber. Apparently, this information was provided from Barksdale.

    That number was later updated to six weapons missing from Minot, apparently based on anonymous tips provided to Military Times by people at Minot. This information has also been forgotten.


    Six nuclear weapons disappeared from Minot AFB in North Dakota.

    Five nuclear weapons were discovered at Barksdale AFB in Louisiana.

    Which leads to my chilling conclusion:

    Someone, operating under a special chain of command within the United States Air Force, just stole a nuclear weapon.

    What next?

    The answer has been provided several times, most recently by CIA Director and General Michael Hayden. On September 7, dressed in full military uniform, Hayden told assembled members of the Council of Foreign Relations:

    "Our analysts assess with high confidence that al-Qaida's central leadership is planning high-impact plots against the U. S. homeland."

    "We assess with high confidence that al-Qaida is focusing on targets that would produce mass casualties, dramatic destruction and significant aftershocks."

    An eye for an eye. Use of nukes will justify use of nukes. A perfect excuse to wage nuclear war against Iran.

    I suspect Hayden is absolutely correct, except for his mistaken identification of the "central leadership" that is planning detonation of a nuclear weapon on American soil.

    Chuck Simpson's blog: The Geronimo Manifesto
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    Interesting supposition....... and wouldn't surprise me.

    So what city would they choose to hit?
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    Would it even be a city? There was mention on one of the news channels that the latest tape from Osama that the next attack would be on the heartland. Whiteman AFB is home base to the stealth fleet, right in the middle of the country, and a secured military instalation. Terrorism relys on phsycological impact more than casualties, body count is just a common way to get the terror but the goal is to inspire fear. All past attacks have generaly taken place when military has been stood down or on exercises to take them out of the way and according to the above thy would be stood down on the 14th. What would make people fear more than seeing that the enemy was able to set of a nuke at a secure military instalation in the middle of our own nation, and as a perk its the home of the bombers we use to fight the enemy. I could easily see Whiteman AFB being a prized target for them.

    Other than that, if they were going to attack the midwest I could see St louis, KC and Chicago being likely targets if they were going for body count and would find St Louis or KC as the most likely if for no other reason than the waterways. One on the Missouri river that drains into the Mississippi and the other on the Mississippi where the Missouri dumps in. Nuke either one and you carry contamination across a significant part of the country includeing makeing the drinking water for several other cities and towns and MANY millions of Americans glow in the dark.

    So yeah, I could see that as problematic and plausable if it was in the hands of someone planning an attack on us and fitting in with whats been foreshadowed in the media.
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    Pardon my humor, but I can't help myself. This sounds like a line from the "Dirty Harry" movie, but with some alterations!

    "Ah Ah! I know what you're thinkin'....did we up-load 6 or only 5 nukes? Well, to tell you the truth, I forgot myself in all this excitement! But, those were the AGM-129's, one of the most powerful Cruise missiles around....and would blow your city clean, you've got to ask yourself a question! Do I feel lucky? Well, do you, PUNK!"
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    Damn. I hate plausible deniability...but what really yanks my chain is covert espionage disguised as gross incompetence.

    I would follow those leads and see if anything else develops before a nuke is set off. Chances are an inside leak may prove to be helpful the more time passes, so watch out for key individuals tied to this story suddenly having accidents.
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    Concur; except there has to be an inert "trainer" w-80(or some other weight) or the missile center of gravity would be really off for load training and handling.( unloaded ones would not hoist or other wise balance like real loaded ones rendering training a waste of time.The load table on the "jammer" ( bomb hydraulic loader lift, flexes abit. it is important to match the handling pans and cradles up to the missile cg marks.
    Or when you pull the bolts out of launcher or pylon the missile tips( and there isn't much room between them in a loaded launcher or pylon.
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    So I wonder why the news weenies have gone silent the last couple days --
  9. Tango3

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    I would think the usaf wants this embarassing story to go away. .If there reallywas a question of a lost( misplaced?) weapon stratcom/dna can call for an "emergency" stockpile physical inventory" ; seen that once.
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    Man, how I wish I could tell you that I had it. Talk about a ransom note.
    A lot like the end of the story Molon Labe
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    Posted By: <big>Never_Surrender</big> <Send E-Mail>
    Date: Friday, 7 September 2007, 11:06 a.m.
    <table><tbody><tr><td valign="top">
    Something just occurred to me....
    On Aug. 30th we had the B-52 nuke incident, no one knows for sure if there were 5 or 6 nukes yet.
    If there were 6 ONE IS MISSING
    On Sept. 3rd, we are being told that a famous man went missing... a highly connected famous man.
    for days they have been searching for him.....
    This all just hit me when I was watching the news for the first time in about two weeks, and I heard them say that the MILITARY is helping to look for this Fossett guy.
    WHAT? The Military????
    It was then that it hit me....
    Nevada Guard Aids Search for Missing Pilot Fossett
    Air Force units assist in search for adventurer Steve Fossett
    They even have GOOGLE searching for the guy FROM SPACE!!
    This Fossett guy is ONLY missing because they needed a cover story... they had to find a way to explain all of the military planes that were going to be flying around over Nevada.
    They needed a good excuse and VOILA... Fossett provided it!!
    As soon as they locate the nuke, they will produce the set up "crash" scene!
    Right now that man is in a bunker somewhere with his plane hidden inside or underneath of a mountain being held in safe keeping away from public eyes until they find what they are really looking for......... A MISSING 150 KILOTON NUCLEAR WEAPON!!
    and then they will take him out to some remote location and set up the "crash" scene.... or, there is a chance that Fossett is in on this whole thing and that he volunteered to "disappear" for a few days into some government bunker so that he could play a part in saving the country from being nuked.
    In which case he will show up in a week or two with some heroic story of survival and everyone will be amazed that he made it.
    I don't know why it took me so long to get this one but...
    they are DEFINITELY NOT looking for a missing man using ALL of these military resources and EVEN going as far as to have satellites searching FROM SPACE....
  12. melbo

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    This comes from a long time informed reader. If you ONLY read one thing today... PLEASE read ALL of this!!
    This reader has put the dots out... NOW... it's up to ALL of us to connect them.
    Hi Raye,
    Sorry for the length of the following, but just too many overlapping threads to ignore.
    Many coinciding news items look like some sort of operation has occured over the past few days. Wonder where Jack Bauer has been lately?
    The errant USAF Nukes were headed to Barksdale AFB. The internet indicates that Barksdale AFB is home to the Air Force's cyberspace command center, responsible for maintaining secure cyberspace command structure for all of AF's computers, networks, and networked weaponry.
    3 days after the inadvertent nukes were pointed at Barksdale, the pentagon reported that their cyberspace was hacked by someone in China back in June 2007. (Were they still being hacked on Aug 30, but kept quiet to set a trap? A trap that was sprung only after the hacked loading procedures command was sent to Minot?)
    Were hackers in China responsible for the loading of the nukes on the B52? One might presume the AF has a semi-automatic supply chain procedure where orders are supplied over a "secure" AF network.
    For example, flight techs at Minot AFB receive a digital command to load 5-6 of part no. ABC123 onto bomber no. XYZ. As it turns out could that order have been hacked, and intended to load certain faceless missiles on that B52 heading to Barksdale, homebase of the AF anti-cyberhackers?
    If so, unbeknownst to the techs following the USAF cyber-based procedures, those faceless missiles were carrying live pointed directly at Barksdale.
    Imagine the hackers chuckling about that hack. Message delivered.
    Now look at the time line of some recent events.
    I don't know what it points to, other than that it looks like some sort of major op just occurred involving the Air Force, certain members of Congress, Boeing, weather, global terror ops.
    Aug 27, Atty General Gonzalez quits.

    Aug 27, Senator Larry Craig (finally) publicly flogged for lewd conduct commited in JUNE 2007 (same time frame as original chinese pentagon hacks, hmmm) (someone held onto this info for release on this later date, hmmm) All eyes diverted to this "scandal".
    Aug 27, motorcycle policeman dies escorting W's motorcade back to Albuquerque airport. Same as in Hawaii in Nov 2006. W then visits Seattle for 2 hours before flying to Reno for dinner.
    Not far from where Fossett goes missing a couple days later.
    Aug 28, India invites bids for $10 Billion worth of military jets. Boeing, as well as companies from France, Russia, Lockheed, Sweden, and Euro., are expected to bid.
    Aug 29, W visits NOLA on Katrina anniversary.
    Aug 29, Air Force "combat weatherman" John Frueh goes missing in Portland Ore while visiting from FLA. His last cell phone call was on Aug 30 from Vancouver, hmmm near W's visit 2 days earlier.
    Story at: ce.html
    Weather prediction and modification is certainly an important aspect of modern combat tactics. Both for movement of forces and optimization of communications, satellite intel, and possible use of scalar atmospheric technologies.
    Chemtrails have been alluded to as one likely way to manipulate the weather and to create an optimized atmospherics for advanced detection and/or scalar technologies. A combat seasoned Air Force "combat weatherman" would have insight into some of the above.
    BTW, the preferred military aircraft for conducting continuous chemtrail spraying appears to be the workhorses built by Boeing, including the C130 transport. The RR archives and internet have reports of many alleged scandals involving Boeing and a long list of pentagon brass, congressmen, judges in Chicago, lobbyists, and foreign heads of state.
    Aug 30, USAF techs blindly following digitized procedures/commands put ABC missiles on XYZ bomber headed to Barksdale AFB, homebase for the Air Force cyberspace and anti-hacking operations for entire Air Force. If a nuke went off at Barksdale, would our Air Force have been blinded to further cyber-hack commands waiting in the wings? Probably.
    (Announced Sept 6, Entire USAF air command grounded on Sept 14 to review adequacy of its "procedures" (digitized? web-based? procedures)
    Aug 30, Charles Vanik D-OH 90+ year old former congressman dies in his sleep in Jupiter FL. Had a long institutional memory of the early years of the cold war, and the environment that gave rise to Boeing and the MIC.
    Aug 31, Rove's last day on job.
    Sept 2, W leaves DC under cover of darkness and with minimal security detail to begin a surprise trip to visit Iraq.
    Sept 3, Pentagon releases report that China hacked computer networks in JUNE 2007. In following days, the European MSM reports that China also hacked British, French, and German govt security networks. USAF cyberspace control center is located at Barksdale AFB.
    Sept 3, aviator Steve Fossett's plane goes missing in western Nevada while "looking for a dry lake bed" for future work. Air Force rescue command at Langley AFB VA oversees search ops.
    Sept 3-4, German converts to Islam busted for planning bombing of a US AFB, and unnamed targets in US.
    Sept 4, Congressman Paul Gillmor R-OH found dead in his home at age 68 in DC. Long history with Air Force judge advocate general corps (front door for AF intel operations).
    Gillmor had lobbied Boeing a few years ago to build new facility in Ohio to manufacture the new 787 "Dreamliner". Boeing did not. But in Jan 13, 2006, Gillmor headed a delegation to meet and discuss trade with India's PM. 2 days earlier, India announced it had awarded Boeing an $8B contract to build commercial jets. Did Gillmor grease the skids before his trip?
    Sept 4, Lewd Senator Larry Craig reneges on decision to step down and seeks to stay in power.
    In 2003 Craig held up the promotion of hundreds of USAF officers. Craig wanted USAF to hold to a previous pork deal to provide some Boeing C130 transports (chemtrail sprayers?) to the Idaho Natl Guard.
    Was Craig trying to push USAF around again? Was that threat eliminated when Gillmor dropped from the picture?
    Sept 5, former Congressman Jennifer Dunn R-OH dies of a sudden "embolism" in her home at age 66 in DC.
    Dunn oversaw congressional review of Boeing-Pentagon contracting procedures, especially in regards to irregularities involving purchase of C130 transports (chemtrail sprayers).
    She was also co-chair of DHS oversight. After leaving Congress in 2005, she maintained her Virginia residence, and did not return to her native Washington state, indicating she found other lucrative work within the military industrial complex, or within ops for one of the factions. Boeing is based in Washington state, and likely made her election possible. Did she not want to live under that umbrella again?
    Sept 5, Boeing announces 787 Dreamliner production will be delayed for a couple of months, citing problems with assembly and "finalizing flight-control software". Was something wrong with the updated version of global hawk software (software that allows remote control of a pilotless jet)? Was the software susceptible to hackers? Hmmmm... 9/11 WTC technology?
    Sept 5, USAF announces it will ground all its aircraft in order to reveiw "procedures"...procedures for preventing hacking of command and control of USAF assets?
    Air Force command at Langley AFB VA oversees search ops. (Same AFB looking for Fossett).
    What do you make of that?

    Make sure to check the threads.
    New pieces of the puzzle are being added as we find them. We are also trying to explain the 100 war between the Federal Reserve Predators who control the world, and the group that has been trying to take them down since the late 1800s... a group we at RMN refer to as FACTION TWO... F2
  13. Brokor

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    "Faction 2"?

    Now, that's gotta be either a conspiracy theory or an anime toon adventure.
  14. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    eek3A bridge just abit too far (out
    ) for me. be a great movie though[tinfoil101]

    scalar atmospheric technologies.
    Chemtrails have been alluded to as one likely way to manipulate the weather and to create an optimized atmospherics for advanced detection and/or scalar technologies
    [LMAO]. A combat seasoned Air Force "combat weatherman" would have insight into some of the above.[LMAO]Boy there's; hardcore evidence rightthere..Has anyone ever defined"scalar technologies[LMAO] "? Or is that's just a "psuedo-classified" coast to coast A.M. buzzword...
  15. melbo

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    I didn't think things could get 'too far' out there for you Tango[winkthumb]

    But, let's carry on. This just in:

    Minot Air Force Base Airman Died While on Leave

    September 14th, 2007
    Remember the one about the B-52 bomber that, according to legend, had six nuclear weapons loaded onto it by accident, which, of course, could not have happened—by accident—for a dozen different reasons, or more.
    Airman 1st Class Todd Blue was assigned to the unit that provides security for that bomber wing at Minot Air Force base. He died while on leave in Virginia. No further details have been released.
    Was he on duty when those nuclear weapons were loaded onto the B-52, “by accident”? If anyone has any further information on this, please let me know.
    I expected to see many more deaths of Minot and Barksdale Air Force personnel in the wake of this incident.
    Have I missed any others?
  16. pgrass101

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    Tinfoil hat time
  17. sheen_estevez

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    This would be a good episode of 24
  18. Tango3

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    I think
  19. Tango3

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    b::..."still got the shovel"...b::
  20. pgrass101

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    So who's got the nuke? I'll beat it's Chaney [LMAO]
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