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Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by Huntinbull, Jun 13, 2011.

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    Saw the link about the Fed in the chat box. Watched it. Certain level of believability.

    Got me to thinking about some things. BIG stretch but here it goes. If guards at concentration camps and prison camps can be held accountable for following orders, does that mean that bank tellers would be held responsible for the damage the Fed has done? They have more ability and right to leave their jobs than guards had to leave their posts. Just saying.

    Haha, maybe this should be in the foil hat section??? I know it is stretching reality, but how can anyone do those jobs such as bank tellers and stock exchange workers and not see what is going on?
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    I don't see ordinary branch tellers as corrupt or in any way becoming conspirators in committing usury. The "banks" in question are the private Federal Reserve cartel and the Bank of England, respectively. It is true that the major banks, (Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, etc.) have received bailouts, but the root cause of the problem has always been the Federal Reserve and its monopoly on lending power and government corruption. If you want a good primer to understand, I suggest this documentary:
    YouTube - ‪The Secret of Oz - Winner, Best Docu of 2010 v.1.09.11‬‏

    Also, look at G. Edward Griffin's look at the 1913 Federal Reserve Act, "The Creature From Jekyll Island":
    YouTube - ‪The Creature From Jekyll Island (by G. Edward Griffin)‬‏
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