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    Got the good news today that Brownells is adding more Sadlak products to their inventory.

    In the past, they have carried our Aluminum, Titanium, and Airborne model scope mounts but have not carried our standard steel. As of today, they will now be carrying the Sadlak standard steel which gives Brownell's customer even more scope mounting options. In addition to our pistons and spring guides already in their catalog, they will also be offering our M14 line of tools, QD post assemblies for mounting Harris style Bi-Pods and our newest addition, a short rail for bi-pod and accessory mounting. This is similar to the VersaPod but has some enhancements such as the internal nutplate that will make it an excellent alternative to the standard QD post.

    Brownells will also carry our AR15/M16 line of gas blocks which are currently used by most of the major AR15 manufacturers and builders. We have 5 different gas blocks in steel and aluminum, standard style as well as clamp ons. One model, the GB220, has a short rail top and is available in either a low model or a high model. We think of ourselves as "Gas Blocks R Us".

    In addition to the news from Brownells, we also added another major distributor - Jensen Arms, Inc. located in Loveland, CO. In speaking with Bob Jensen, he explained that he is impressed by Sadlak's commitment to quality, both in manufacturing and customer service, and for that reason, has decided to carry our product line.

    We have the advantage over other companies in that we manufacture everything in house - on the other side of the wall from my desk. Also, since Mike Sadlak in an engineer, not just a businessman, every drawing, modification, and decision happens in our shop. He's very "fussy" about quality but then again, every product we manufacture has his name engraved on it so he has every right to enforce his standards. I have know Mike to work through the entire night, checking every detail of a part or parts, making sure they are perfect before we ship. This dedication to quality is the foundation on which Sadlak Industries has been built and continues to grow.

    At Sadlak Industries, customers service is more than just answering the phone and taking an order. Our goal is to make sure every customer has the opportunity to discuss their needs and options so they can make an informed decision on their purchase - we view that as our responsibility. Mike and I have made many friends through the years, ones who started out as a potential customer calling with a question.

    I've been preparing several photo tutorial covering installation of our products and they are available in pdf format in the library section of our website. I have more tutorials scheduled but they are very time consuming and I can't get them completed fast enough for my taste. All of our products come with written instructions but our customers seem to appreciate the visuals to go along with the words. The Tutorials have become very popular.

    I'm also rewriting our entire website but haven't gotten it online yet. It still need more work before I'm ready to go live.

    I hope you will all feel free to visit our website or give us a call for your M14/M1A parts and our AR15/M16 Gas blocks.
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