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  1. I just bought a Browning pistol that has french writing on it I think. The writing says FABRIQUE NATIONALE D'ARMES DE GUERRE HERSTAL-BELGIQUE BROWNINGS PATENT DEPOSE. It also has a A in a square box on the front of the trigger gaurd on the left side and a P on the front of the trigger gaurd on the right. The serial number is 5 digits long. If anyone could tell me anything about this gun would be great.
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    French is the language spoken in Belgium, so you have a Belgian Browning. 7.65 is the European designation for our 32.acp.
  3. Any advice on learning more about the age of the gun and what all the tooling marks on the gun mean?

    Also if your interested I'd buy a cup of coffee and show it to you if you had any info about it.
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    I appreciate the offer, but right now I have a bug and am not willing to share it, so I'm not going out in public.
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    Might be proof marks or inspector marks.
    check proof marks
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    Does it have 3 stamps on the left side one being an eagle 359?
  8. No eagle but visutrac sent me alot. Now it's time to get the readin glasses and see where that takes me. Thanks Guys You have been more than helpful. I really appreciate the help. Have a good one. By the way it's a straight shooter. YAY!!!
  9. What about a winchester mod 1300 defender 2 3/4 and 3 inch with 4BK. Any ideas on a green dot lazer for it?
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