Browns holding a press conference today

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    The Browns are supposed to hold a news conference today, Monday 18-June at 2 pm EDT.

    Browns To Hold National Press Conference
    Randy Weaver to join tax protestors on Monday
    Prison Planet | June 14, 2007
    Steve Watson
    Tax Protestors Ed and Elaine Brown have exclusively revealed today that they are to hold a press conference at their home in Plainfield New Hampshire this coming Monday.
    Joining them in support and as a freelance reporter documenting the event for Infowars and the GCN radio network will be Ruby Ridge standoff survivor Randy Weaver.
    Weaver was shot himself and lost his wife and young son in 1992 when the federal government brutally killed them when they refused to leave their property. He is showing incredible bravery and patriotism by putting himself back into a very similar situation.
    Weaver has said that he wishes to diffuse the situation and prevent any bloodshed.
    A press conference will be held with Weaver and the Browns this Monday at 2pm EDT, national and local press have been welcomed by the Browns.

    There's more to the article here;
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    Read the Crap at the Bottom from the Locals:

    Browns in custody


    13 minutes ago
    <!-- Begin - Site: Union Leader Corporation Zone: Article Inline --> <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> <!-- var keywords=''; var browName = navigator.appName; var SiteID = 1; var ZoneID = 13; var browDateTime = (new Date()).getTime(); if (browName=='Netscape') { document.write('<s'+'cript lang' + 'uage="jav' + 'ascript" src="' + ZoneID + '&Task=Get&IFR=False&Browser=NETSCAPE4&PageID=87347' + keywords + '&SiteID=' + SiteID + '&Random=' + browDateTime + '">'); document.write('</'+'scr'+'ipt>'); } if (browName!='Netscape') { document.write('<s'+'cript lang' + 'uage="jav' + 'ascript" src="' + ZoneID + '&Task=Get&IFR=False&PageID=87347' + keywords + '&SiteID=' + SiteID + '&Random=' + browDateTime + '">'); document.write('</'+'scr'+'ipt>'); } // --> </script><script language="javascript" src=""></script>
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    Concord – Tax protesters Ed and Elaine Brown were captured last night by U.S. marshals pretending to be their supporters.
    U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier said at a press conference this morning, "They welcomed us in, and we escorted them out."
    The convicted tax evaders had promised to defend themselves to the death. Monier described the end of the months-long stand off as "the best possible outcome."More details will be posted later today. An earlier story follows:
    Tax protesters Ed and Elaine Brown were taken into custody without incident at their home in Plainfield about 7:45 p.m. last night, according to the U.S. marshal for New Hampshire.
    "We had no indication that the Browns intended to voluntarily surrender, so we had to move forward with an operation that promised the safest possible outcome. That day was today, U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier said in a written statement.
    The Browns were taken into custody by a team of deputy marshals, Monier said.
    He said marshals moved "forward with an operation that promised the safest possible outcome" but did not provide details. The two did not surrender, he said.
    A news briefing is scheduled for 10 a.m. today at the U.S. District Courthouse in Concord.
    Elaine Brown: Tax evaders embrace freedom
    Common anti-tax arguments analyzed, rebutted The Browns' web site
    Brown grows gray as siege drags on
    Browns say they will either walk free, or die
    Alleged Brown backers returned to NH
    "I am very pleased that in this case our patient, methodical approach worked. No one was injured and the community remained safe through the operation," he said.
    Monier noted the two have already been sentenced and will be turned over to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons. He was uncertain where they would have spent last night, but said it would not have been in a county jail.
    The Browns -- he is 65 and she is 66 -- were sentenced to 63 months in prison April 24 after a jury found them guilty in January of federal tax crimes, including avoiding paying taxes on $1.9 million that Elaine Brown, a dentist, earned between 1996 and 2003.
    They claim there is no law that requires them to pay federal income taxes. As the showdown entered summer, the New Hampshire Union Leader reported the Browns had also stopped paying local property taxes. Each promised to defend themselves to the death, vows that alarmed some neighbors and angered others.
    Their fortified house located on more than 100 acres was described as a bunker by anti-government friends and reporters who visited.
    Authorities said from the beginning that they would wait out the Browns. To that end, they cut off their electricity, Internet access, television, telephone and mail service.
    Four supporters of the Browns were arrested on Sept. 12. In his news release, Monier said that since those arrests, "there had been a dip in the number of visitors to the house."
    In June, heavily armed police surrounded the Browns' compound while they seized commercial property the couple owned in a neighboring town.
    Their house is at 401 Center of Town Road in Plainfield, a town of about 2,500 on the Vermont border.
    The arrests "will be a relief to everyone in the community," state Agriculture Commissioner Stephen Taylor, a Plainfield resident, said last night.
    The Browns could face additional charges related to their stand-off; after their felony convictions, they continued to possess weapons. The couple continued to seek weapons, issuing pleas on one of their Web sites, including requests for body armor, thermal-vision cameras, flare guns and pistols.
    New Hampshire Union Leader Staff Writer Dan Tuohy and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

    <hr> The voices of readers: To join's discussion of the news, use the form below.
    Great job by the US Marshall's Service. The IRS did their job, the US Attrorney's Office did their job by prosecuting the Browns and now the US Marshall's have finally apprehended them without any bloodshed. Justice is being served. Now, for those of you who are disillusioned and think that wages are not taxable, read and research the Internal Revenue Code. Specifically Section 61(a)(1) for the definition of Gross Income. Here it is, I did it for you: 61(a) General Definition. —Except as otherwise provided in this subtitle, gross income means all income from whatever source derived, including (but not limited to) the following items: 61(a)(1) Compensation for services, including fees, commissions, fringe benefits, and similar items; Hmmm...Compensation for services. Sounds like wages to me and most other prudent people. Get over it. Pay your taxes. Ben Franklin himself said that taxes are what we pay for a civilized society. How else are we to pay for all the entitlement programs the liberals are pushing? We also have to fund our military and government agencies who make this country safe, secure and strong!! So be a REAL Patriot!! Be a true American and pay your fair share.
    - Dan L, Derry
    Finally, amen! But I still don't get this: 'Four supporters of the Browns were arrested on Sept. 12. In his news release, Monier said that since those arrests, "there had been a dip in the number of visitors to the house."' Explain to me again, why people were allowed to come and go to that place and aid and abet the criminals. Why weren't these people arrested and procecuted immediately for aiding and abetting? Seems like that helped drag this drama out way longer than necessary.
    - Thom, Hummelstown, PA
    Dave Ridley, if you believe that America is so evil that it does all that, why are you still here? LEAVE!
    - Mark Edan, Pelham
    To Bill B from Pelham I will say this...our country was founded on the idea of dissent. It's the reason the US exists today. But there is a huge difference between dissent and the Browns histrionics and shenanigans. The vast majority of Americans understand, and appreciate, the reasons behind why the 16th Amendment was adopted. The idea is simple...if you want something it must be paid for. And, despite what many people think, our general tax burden is one of the lowest in the world compared to the services we receive from all levels of government. That doesn't mean we ALL won't carp and moan about taxes but they exist for a reason and all the bellowing from people like the Browns won't change that. The Browns are not patriots...they are not people to be admired...they are just criminals. And, like many lawbreakers, they refuse to be accountable for their own actions. Peace to all.
    - Joel, Nashua
    Whatever their failings, the Browns have never tortured anyone; they don't occupy foreign lands against the will of the inhabitants, they haven't inflicted a welfare state on anyone and they don't force you to pay their salaries. The same can't be said for the institution which snagged them yesterday, and which will lock them into concrete and steel boxes for the rest of their lives simply because they kept the fruits of their labor. Whether it is popular or not, I'll be out in front of 1000 Elm today from 3 - 4pm in protest of this arrest.
    - Dave Ridley, Manchester
    To Mike in Sutton, Cryer won on "willful failure to file". Which means that the jury believed him when he said that he honestly believed that he didn't have to file. Get it? They never issued a verdict on whether or not he actually owes the taxes, just on whether or not he believed he owed it. Read the transcript, the charges, and the verdict instead of repeating what Tommy tells you. And you people think that *we're* the sheep... Cryer still owes those taxes.
    - Sarah, Loudon, NH
    Great!!! The Browns are going to get just what they deserve. Throw the book at them. Throw several books at them. I hope their possessions and property will pay for the cost of this stupid affair. Also, great job keeping it free of bloodshed.
    - eric w., derry
    Big thumbs up for the US Marshalls!!!! Good job to all involved.
    - Tim, Derry
    Mr. Monier treated our fellow citizens with dignity. The world was watching, and the dispute was resolved PEACEFULLY. Thank God we have wise men in our Justice Department who have the proper temperance and restraint in the performance of their duties. Respect for law enforcement just increased ten-fold today.
    - Steve, Manch
    Mike Delahunty, that debunked battlecry of the ignorant has been answered repeatedly. It's called the 16th AMENDMENT. "The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration." Read your own Constitution, will you?
    - Mike R., Bedford
    Ha! Good to see the big tough rich people in their big mansion got taken down without a single shot fired. They talked tough because they thought the feds wouldn't do anything. Looks like they're wrong.
    - Brent Fisher, Bedford, NH
    Mike in Sutton: the IRS is not losing case after case. They have lost a few cases on technicalities and any other ones handed down by some weirdo judge are promptly overturned. When looking for a legal precedent you can't just pick and choose the ones you want, you have to look at all of them. And when you look at all of them, it tells you you have to pay taxes. Get over that.
    - Tom, Manchester
    It's funny how they actually thought they could get away with it.
    - Allen, Londonderry
    It's about time!
    - Shawna, Manchester
    I hope all those people out there celibrating the Browns being taken into custody by Federal Marshalls are just as happy when they can't pay their mortgages anymore and the same marshals are throwing them out of their homes and out onto the street.
    - Joe, Derry, NH
    About time. To Mike in Sutton, no one needs to show you the law. The Browns were just convicted of breaking that law. All the proof you need is right there.
    - Chip, Bow
    I strongly disagree with treating people who don't pay taxes as criminals.
    - Jacob Halbrooks, Hudson, MA
    It's about time! Good job to the law enforcement officers who got them without anyone getting killed or hurt.
    - David, Fremont
    ok a quick lesson for everyone. Law comes in two forms, statutory law, and case law which is also known as judge written law. Even if the initial law was to ambiguous to be enforceable, this issue has clearly been decided many time previously by judges, thereby setting a precedence and establishing case law, which has the same enforceability as statutory law. Hence income tax has the mandate of law behind it. It is legal. Case closed. I think it is very presumptuous of all of you freeloaders out there looking to get something for nothing to implicate that you are better versed in law than all of the ruling judges on this issue, both past and present.
    - sean G, Hooksett
    These people are a menace to society. I'm glad no law enforcement personnel were injured while effecting the arrest of these criminals. Good riddance to the Browns.
    - Joe, Wilton
    Adam F. has it exactly right. The Free Staters lost whatever credibility they had left when they started backing these criminals. Time for them to leave. Hearing that the Browns had been captured this morning completely made my day. I hope they now charge them with everything they can come up with to add on more prison time. I never want to hear about these two ever again.
    - Peter, Jaffrey
    Any idea how much the compound is going to sell for? Score one for the good guys. Let's not forget the criminal threatening charges to go along with weapons charges.
    - Steve, Derry
    Show me the law. The IRS has been losing case after case in court. It has been ruled in federal court that income tax applies only to profit, interest and capital gains. Google "Tom Cryer and IRS". Not all of your wages are profit. As the first commenter noted, the Browns did an excellent job of keeping this issue in the news where it belongs. And to the many sheep who have posted here, the many feedom loving Patriots who have historically called NH their home would be ashamed of you. Vote Freedom First!
    - Mike Delahunty, Sutton
    To Joe of Louisville, KY Yes because taxes are just for the greedy government officials, it's not like they go to pay for our public services and law enforcement or anything......
    - Benjamin, Bedford
    The Red Sox are one game up, the Yankees lost, the Patriots are 4-0 and the Browns are finally in jail. All is good in NH!
    - mike, whitefield
    While I do not agree with what these two did I am amazed at some of the comments here. In fact they had a valid point and if we all took a look at what we pay in taxes compared to how they(the government) spend it maybe we would see things a little different? Not sure what "the New hampshire Way" had to do with this because it was US Marshalls not NH law enforcement doing this. The reality is they at least had the courage to question the tax burden placed on us and the legality of taking it. I can only say that there are many circumstances when I do not agree or condone how my tax dollars get spent. Many here make it sound like they are guiltless in this life and that they can make judgement on something they probably know very little about.
    - Bill B, Pelham
    Joe from Louisville-----Please get a clue. Pay your taxes and live a normal life. No reason to fight everything. If you don't like it, move to another country. There are plenty of countries out there looking for people. I think everyone is glad Ed and Elaine are locked up. Now lets move on to more important news events.
    - Roscoe Rules, Manchester
    The Brown's main objective was to publicize the illegality of the income tax. They succeeded in educating many people about the tyranny of our Federal government. Unfortunately, a lot of people will choose to continue to live in slavery out of sheer laziness and stupidity.
    - Joe, Louisville, KY
    Hats off to Marshall Stephen Monier for handling this situation the "New Hampshire Way" . Congratulations.
    - Mike N., Claremont,NH
    Three cheers for the Marshalls service!!!!!!!!! Both your diligence and your patience are to be commended. You folks did a fine job: no injuries, and you collared 2 convictrd felons in the process. Hopefully they both get additional time for being felons in possession of firearms. It is about time that these two criminals have the privilege of paying their debt to society, and also for being reminded that they are no better or worse than the rest of us. Maybe they'll both have the time to discover the error of their ways and study the Constitution AND the record for ratification of the tax statutes. They both sorely need the education.
    - Ed, Bennington, NH
    Good riddance.
    - Adam Wells, Manchester
    Maybe now the "Free stater" carpetbaggers will leave and go to some empty state in the midwest! Note to any reading this...we do not want you free state nuts here! Go home! Don't be coming into quiet New Hampshire with your militia moonbat tinfoil nuttery, we like our state the way it is! GO HOME!
    - Adam F., Merrimack
    Wow. Sounds like they were already jailed up in their home anyway. Good luck to them, they made wrong choices.
    - Vanessa, Manchester
    Finally, the Browns can pay their debt to society. Commit a crime, go to jail. Hopefully we won't have to hear their names for 63 months. Bravo to the U.S. Marshals.
    - Catrina, Manchester
    What an embarrassment these folks and their freestater followers were/are. Ron Paul is in tears.
    - Bob Wills, Manchester
    Congratulations to the Federal law enforcement team that pulled this off without any bloodshed-you've gotten them behind bars where they belong, and nobody's making a martyr out of them.
    - Jim B, Manchester, NH
    BRAVO!! Good job, marshalls! Well-done! Nobody got hurt, and the job was done. And now they'll really find out what trouble they're in. Felon in possession of a weapon is a far more serious offense than tax evasion!
    - Mike R., Bedford
    Amazing that someone who made $2 million in a six year period ($333,333 per year) could complain about paying taxes. Give me that problem!!
    - Jeff, Manchester
    And to think many hammer the media for only reporting bad news. What a delightful story to wake up to. No one hurt and slime removed can it get any better?
    - Brian, Concord
    Thank God this matter is ended now, with no one injured on either side. Perhaps we have learned the lessons from Waco and Ruby Ridge. May God bless our law enforcement for the jobs they do every day to protect us.
    - Marge, Lyndeborough
    It's about time these two convicted criminals were taken into custody! These people thought they were better than the rest of us, and didn't have to pay taxes, continued to hoard weapons as convicted felons, and so on. These people scared the heck out of their neighbors and the continuous stream of militia-type whackos coming onto their property made this a dangerous situation for months. Kudos to US Marshal Stephen Monier for putting a peaceful end to this circus.
    - Stephen, Manchester
    It really is sad that these people are jailed over money. Money really is as evil as they say it is.
    - Kate, Manchester
    I think I speak for all of us when I say it's about damned time.
    - Jason St. Laurent, Auburn, NH
    Happy happy joy joy!!!!!!! Yeah!!
    - Tina, Manchester
    Hurray!!!!! :) & I hope there have been suitable arrangements made for the dog & any other pets...
    - Denise, Manchester
    Its about time they did this. Finally they can pay their debt to society.
    - Eric, Tilton, NH
  4. ChemicalGal

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    After this I ask myself, Is there really hope for this country? Are there too many sheeple?

    Will even Ron Paul be able to help us.
  5. Blackjack

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    what gets me is all the comments calling them a "menace to society" and such.......

    How the hell are they a danger to anyone?

    The police are a much more dangerous daily threat to anyone than the Browns.
  6. ozarkgoatman

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    Sadly I think not. :cry: Americans are their own worst enemy.

  7. monkeyman

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    What got me was all the idiots talking about the Browns 'think they are better than everyone else and dont have to pay taxes' when the factis they were trying to get the word out that no one is required by law (only by extortionests with guns and prisons) to pay taxes, and that still stands. The law dosent require you to pay taxes but that wont stop the gestapo from throwing you in prison if you dont.

    I will say though that Im at least glad to see that the jackboots handled it beter than they have in so many other cases in that they at least brought them out alive.
  8. Clyde

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    The sheeple are well trained by the government screwool system. What we need is a good avian flu pandemic to thin out the masses of sheeple. Since we are preparing, I would imagine our odds are higher at surviving.

    :shock:Can't believe I just wrote that, huh?:sneaky:
  9. ozarkgoatman

    ozarkgoatman Resident goat herder

    You only said what I think some of people think. :sneaky: Me being one of them. Sometimes I think the gene pool could use a good dose of bleach. :shock:

  10. Tango3

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    truth being the browns didn't think they were better infact they were doing this for everyone. ( though I'm'still undecided if this isnt just a semantic legal loophole)
  11. Quigley_Sharps

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    The gene pool needs a life guard
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