Brunton Lamplight (damn you autocorrect!!)

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    Was looking through a drawer for something the other day and dug up and old combination flashlight lantern. The old silver and blue one, like in this stock photo.


    Well, I have had it for years. Used it camping a few times and a few times during power outages. I realized I still had the original batteries inside. So I figure I would leave it running and burn through the old batteries and put rechargeables in it to lessen the risk of corrosion.

    72 straight hours later.


    And with fresh enerloops.


    So here is the review. Man, it has long battery life. I read it was rated at 200 hours with three AAA. I believe it to be accurate.

    It is not the brightest light. In extended lamp mode, I gives a dim, but useful area light. In very dark, it is bright enough to do most things by.

    In the retracted flashlight mode, it has a useful range of maybe up to 20 feet. Here is a beam shot from about twelve feet.


    I couldn't find the lumen rating for it. But I read someone estimate 20-30 lumens. I do not think that is accurate.

    Compared with my Fenix, I would guess it to beat around four lumens, especially with that run time. It gave about the same lighting as the Fenix on low (4 lumens). The Fenix on medium (27 lumens) totally blew it away.


    I think the Fenix is way more versatile, being able to throw out up to 100 lumens on one AAA.

    And even if you carry three AAAs and the Fenix, you would only get 84 continuous hours with battery changes.

    So maybe for the ultralight group that don't need really bright, it would work great. I think you might be able to squeeze out a month of usage on one set of batteries. For me, I don't mind carrying a flashlight with very good throw and a headlamp for utility. That was probably why this lamplight was in the back of a drawer.
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  2. KAS

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    we didnt eat anything while testing this light ?? no ice cream ???
    hanzzoooooooo your letting me down here!!!!
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  3. Hanzo

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    Ask and you shall receive, @KAS...



    Fruitcake, pan fried in butter.


    Mushroom scramble for breakfast with fried cheese.


    Lunch, the ones I took pictures of anyway.




    My tai chi student gave me some tangerines.


    Ate some and made tangerine sparkling water with one.


    During tonight's sunset...


    Little monkey asked me to make asparagus wrapped in prosciutto.


    Probably TMI, but you asked for it.
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  4. Tully Mars

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    Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto-RULES
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  5. Dunerunner

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    Great light review, @Hanzo ! I like the foodie post, too!!
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  6. HK_User

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    Need Espresso with those sweets!
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  7. Hanzo

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    I make French press coffee. My wife blended it with coconut oil and butter. Supposed to be good for the brain. Looks like a latte with foam. Tastes ok, but I prefer plain.

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  8. HK_User

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    Local place has a grind your own. I do the Turkish grind with some great French Roast Beans. Done so right that the beans have a layer of oil on them. Then to the Aero Press and a good cuppa coffee.

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  9. Tully Mars

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    That sounds REALLY good! While I can still appreciate a fine cup of coffee, I'm afraid I've ruined most all of my tastebuds on oil rig coffee..:eek:
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  10. HK_User

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    Too much oil in the pot.

    We only had three leaks, Air, Oil and Water.
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  11. Hanzo

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    I grind mine at home to just the way I like it. Fresh ground to the right coarseness and French pressed is really good.

    When I was in college, the owner of a local dive I used to visit would add a pinch of salt to the coffee in his machine. It was consistently one of the best cups of coffee. So sometimes, when I feel like it, I will add a little pinch of sea salt before I pour the water in. Really good that way too.
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  12. kellory

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    I will have to try that:)
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  13. ghrit

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    Must be like shipboard engine room sludge. Yes, I know that stuff well.
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  14. KAS

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    thanks hanzo..

    I prefer bilge gravy...
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