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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by E.L., Aug 2, 2005.

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    I was really into the Wild West growing up. I have been through Lincoln Co. many times, and more specifically Lincoln itself. My dad had an account in Capitan, NM (Home of Smokey the Bear) and we used to drive through Lincoln on the way there. Once he stopped and let me look inside the Lincoln Co. Courthouse. It was locked, and it was hours until the closest showing, but I could see through the cracks between the doors the glass encased bullet holes in the wall and told my dad the entire story that I had read so many times from memory. I wish we could have stayed longer, and had a memory or two more to share, especially now that he is gone. I was also a big fan of Wyatt Earp, he was my boyhood hero. I devoured everything I could read about him. I was lucky enough to see quite a bit of the old west, but the crowning achievement will be the day I get to go to Tombstone and see the O.K. Corral. Maybe next summer.
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    Ok that threw me at first...I live not far from KC and there was recently a serial killer who had victims over the last 25 years or so who was caught and he was alwaus refered to by the initials of his meathods, bind torture kill or BTK, so saw the title and since he has been all over the news the last couple months it took me a bit of reading/thinking to figure out you werent talking local news. lol
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    Yeah, that was my first thought too when Billy referred to BTK.
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    Same for me melbo pmed me that BTK was here! I was like WTF? he has a puter in his cell????:lol: then it hit me [beer]
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