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    I go into Wal Mart occasionally , and I always walk thru the sporting goods section , sometimes the hardware section. I will always check out the knives , you can never have to many knives. I'm Pretty rough on them , working , cutting and carving stuff . So I don't buy the really expensive ones , not that Wal Mart has the good ones anyway.
    So , looking the other day , I stepped it up a bit and bought a Buck , 293 , assisted opening. Never really had an assisted opening knife that I can remember. It has a belt clip , but it's on the butt of the knife instead of the blades pivot end , which is weird to me . That was a first as well. Carried the knife for 3 days , barely used it at all . Now the assisted opening , can only be opened with 2 hands. It's like the blade alignment is off centered now , so the blade is pressed tight against on side of the frame. It also has a safety lock on the backside that is unusual , not really convenient for one handed use . I paid about 40 bucks for it , Buck list them on their site for 60. I got on their site to look at warranty , they will fix or repair it , but I'll have to print off a piece of paper and ship it to them . So for what it's worth , I wouldn't buy one again.
    But , it may be to early to tell . But last night I bought a Kershaw 1306BW , assisted opening knife last night for 14 bucks , plus tax. The opening is stronger than the Buck was , and it's an all metal knife , frame and all , no plastic , bone , etc , handgrips. Which I can see the only downfall being if you have sweaty hands, But the a file scoring some grooves in the handles , or some rough grit sand paper could help. I use my knives for work , and functionality , not show , so scuffs don't bother me.
    Any way , just for what it's worth.
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    Hit me up you want a better quality one. Walmart buys seconds and most of there stuff is not made in the main factory.
  3. Brokor

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    Not only that, the companies who deal with WM must deliver a certain quantity or else they lose the contract. Sometimes keeping up is not exactly an easy task, and I hate to say that quality slips, but it's an unfortunate fact. The good news is, Buck has a lifetime warranty to take advantage of.
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    That is what I found out when I went to their website. The lifetime warranty. I did look into reviews on this knife , and I am not the only one to have these same issues.
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    cut strips of skateboard tape that fit the scales... no slip and keeps the knife in the pocket of your pants...(Anyone else have to put ranger bands on a lighter to keep it in your pocket...)
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    Awesome idea WD01,,,, thanks,,
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    I have never bought a Buck made knife in my life...have been gifted two however that I shall never willingly part with !!
    The old 110FG...
    ...the other I have no pic of but has literally been all over the world with me ...!
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    WitchDoctor,,,,,Anti skid tape applied , and problem solved. (y)
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    So sad that I lost mine.
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  10. UncleMorgan

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    I got a good deal on a assisted-opening knife with a safety.

    "Is knife--is not supposed to be safe!" (Misquote!)

    So I epoxied the safety in the off-safe position.

    When seconds matter, safeties are not safe at all.
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  11. arleigh

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    The locking aspect on some knives leaves something to be desired , not to fret . my solution to the problem is to make a sheath that will accept the knife open or closed.
    In some cases I have done this and will continue to do so because of the task at hand (doing electrical)
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