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Bucket Gardening

Discussion in 'The Green Patch' started by Flip853, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. Flip853

    Flip853 Monkey++

    Interesting link for a self watering bucket garden created by 2 teens.

    Global Buckets

    Credit to their parents for getting them involved in something useful.
  2. Siskiyoumom

    Siskiyoumom Monkey+

    Awesome Alternatives to small scale growing

    Wow....thank you for the link to
    Two Buckets!

    We have used earthbox in the past and the concept of using a recycled five gallon bucket or cheap/free green and groovey shopping bag as a grow bag appears to be very do able for folks who live in rented small spaces or on tiny plots of land.

    I will be trying out the system next spring.
  3. Gray Wolf

    Gray Wolf Monkey+++

    The beauty of container gardening is that your nutrients and water stay right there for your plants to use instead of draining away into the ground. also, there is very little weeding necessary.
  4. Maxflax

    Maxflax Lightning in a bottle

    We've been container gardening on our 2nd story deck for years. It's especially helpful for Northern climates and exotics like eggplants. We have had homegrown eggplants for curry for years this way

    Wonderful for late season so you can bring them inside at night

    I get free buckets at the local supermarket bakery dept. They even clean them out and have lids available if you want to use them for storage. For growing I drill 1/2 inch holes for drainage with wood drill bits

    I can't wait for our greenhouses and hothouse on the flat roof of our new home
  5. Goldwampum

    Goldwampum Monkey+

    Bookmarked thanks. Cheap AND easy.
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