Buckshot/Slug mix for Home Defense

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by buster1958, Oct 29, 2011.

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    No I'm trying to stop getting shot. I have that T-shirt but thanks anyway. As long as you have put lots of thought in to your ammo and it's short comings.
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    I have a Winchester Model 1400 that can repeatedly hit bowling pins at 100 yards shooting Winchester super X 1oz lead slugs. It has a smoothbore barrel and a bead front sight.
    Would I use that for a HD situation? Heck NO!! It is too long and bulky to be effective in CQB.
    What you can prove your gun to do at the range does not equate into it's ability to be a good choice for HD. At the range you are not hampered by key factors that make HD difficult like stress, mobility, distance to target, and the fact your target is moving and can think for itself.
    HD is a personal decision that everyone has to make. It is like drawing a picture, there is no "right" answer. There may be bad decisions but that is not up to someone else to judge.
    Personally, I am not a shotgun kinda guy. I do own them because I can recognize their merit and do have a couple in areas where they would be beneficial for defense. My primary HD weapon is in a two piece pkg. It is a Dan Wesson Valor and a Spikes tactical AR carbine loaded down with 68gr SP ammo. That is my choice and after killing whitetail deer with both of these weapons and opening up said deer to gut them out, I am incredibly confident in my ability to stop any threat to my family.
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    Not enough capacity and reloading is too slow for CQB.
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    Wow; I'm not gonna invade any of youse guys houses! All these scarey bullets will certainly keep Mr. Badguy at bay, and anyone that would load rounds that will go through walls and kill their own children and neighbors as well as the intruder certainly will shoot Mr. Badguy, no doubt. Are you all turning into Gunkid? geeze.
    Just a little bit of common sense might be used when selecting rounds for home defense.
    I had a good friend many years ago, that was walking a picket line on the promise that when the Union took over, he would get a job as a Teamster. One of the security guards shot Richard through his car door with a load of double-oo because he was cutting doughnuts in the parking lot and this was obviously a threat. One ball hit Richard in the left leg and he insanguinated and died in moments. the door of a Dodge Charger is a bit sturdier than the typical interior wall of a house. Are you 100% certain that you will be able to select and control your field of fire during a home invasion?
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    At those moments the only thing most people would be absolutely certain of would be their desire to survive.
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    my point exactly, and absolutely no regard for their own children's bedroom on the other side of that wall.
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    We don't have children at home; neither do we wish to blow holes in the walls. That being said usually around the house what one wants to shoot will be framed in a doorway. Patience is a virtue.
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    No others here, either. But I expect as you do, that the target will be visible. That said, any walls behind the target are expendable.
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    Same situation here and neighbors around here would be hard to hit with a well placed rifle shot from outside the house, that's why I use 00 buck. I want anyone unwanted coming into this house DEAD and I don't have to worry about hitting the wife through a wall because she will be next to me with another 00 buck loaded shotgun.
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    Just my 2 cents... If I have had to resort to pulling the 12 gauge out of the safe in a home defense situation, something has gone severely wrong and my last concern would be over penetration. I have other toys that I keep for burglars and such. But for the 12 I keep 00 buck and Slugs.
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    I switched to #4 buck. Less chance of hitting something I dont want to and it makes a nice big hole in the bad guys.
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    My coach gun is loaded with Winchester PDX-1,Buck&Ball.
    My daughters room is in the addition furthest from the front door.In order to penetrate her room,a round would have to go through 1/2"drywall,12"Myraflex insulation compressed to 6",3/4"T-111 siding,and 1" knotty pine tongue and groove.
    A long arm shooting through,maybe.With a shotgun,not gonna happen.
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  14. Seacowboys

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    Well, all you home defense experts contribute to the statistics that the Brady bunch throws around every time there is over penetration and an accidental fatality or injury and that is undeniable. Although their statistics are skewed to the max, they don't make them up entirely, they come from people with the best of intentions that never believed buckshot would penetrate six interior walls and still have enough energy to kill their house cat (or sleeping daughter). I own a belt-fed machine gun, obviously by these standards, the ultimate home defense tool. Got a M79 grenade launcher too; maybe some flecthettes followed by a round or two of HE? Hell, I got a 22-18 Beehive round for that; 18 .22 LR rounds with one pull of the trigger. and my mileage will not vary.
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    Can i come over and play with your toys?[drooling]
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    Great information if you are shooting intruders down your football field length hallway or across a large yard - 30 yards is 90 feet, 40 yards is 120 feet. Me? I live in a modest sized house. The largest room in the house (my living room) is 12 feet end to end and side to side. The only hallway in my home from front to back is 10 feet long. That is it. At the ranges I am shooting (0-12 feet), intruders will get 100% of the muzzle velocity delivered in a 2" diameter area, max. Your mileage definitely does not vary at close, home defense, ranges.

    So, lets see...1.25 ounces of steel shot at 1450 FPS, at my "working ranges"...works for me.

    Oh, and the circumstances SC is talking about worsen if you live in a trailer. Those "interior walls" are barely 2 layers of drywall thick. Slug and buck literally tear butt through those walls like they are not even there.
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    There was discussion on the shotgun's effective range which depends on the choke. I have a cylinder bore I need a rapid spread. Once a coyote reaches the brush it is a moot point.

    As I am a firm believer in they all work; please leave me out of the what works debate.

    As most likely it will take him longer than 4' to finish dying that was not a good quote. ;)

    As I said earlier; we don't want to destroy the house; so IMO lack of a pattern is a good thing. Plus there is less risk hurting the dogs. :D

    The shotgun's combat limitations are lack of capacity and reloading is too slow which doesn't apply to home protection.
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    birdshot within 15-20 feet makes hamburger, you cant sew hamburger back together.
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    So, you know the layout of everyone's house? You know the proximity of neighboring houses to everyone posting in this thread? You know the shooting positions of all who comment on here? You know all about everyone's pre-plan for a home invasion? How does one gain such intel?

    You seem to be assuming an awful lot including we are all stupid and never used a firearm a day in our lives. I guarantee you are no authority in how to defend my home. I decide how I want to defend MY family, MY home, and MY property, get it?

    I take exception to the notion that I would deliberately put my child's life in jeopardy. I have done my homework, I KNOW the layout of my house, I KNOW where my children are, I KNOW where the neighboring houses are, and I KNOW what directions are safe to shoot in. If that doesnt pass your sniff test then too damned bad, it isnt YOUR decision to make!!
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    Ok Monkeys, lets try and keep this a civil conversation..... whatever you believe is right for your situation, is good enough for you... We all have our opinions on this, so let us respect others opinions for their outfits. Some like Shot. Some like Buck. Some like Slugs, and some like a mix of all the above. Cool, Nice, there really is NO Right Answer, in a one size fits all answer to the question. For Momma and I, the Winchester Stainless 1300 with Extended Tube. loaded with a #9 in the pipe, and then 00 Buck, and slugs, alternating thru the rest of the load-out, IS RIGHT for US, in our situation. It lives above the Front Door on the Header, on Pegs. We have NO children living here anymore, and they live where they do so that Grandchildren and neighbors children can visit without issues. If I need to retrieve it from it's place Momma is standing 10 feet behind me, with her Dan Wesson Stainless .357, 6" barrel installed ready to back me up, thru the front or out the Kitchen Pantry Door. This is how we have things setup for the Last Two Decades, and it works for US.... ..... YMMV.... and likey does, but that is just fine with US.....
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