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    Do you eat there? If so, you're lining the pockets of libtards. Lots of other places to choose from.....

  2. ditch witch

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    SOB! I've never noticed it at either Amarillo location. In Texas they would have to post a PC 30.06 sign, because that sign by itself would not constitute proper written communication banning firearms. There are very few 30.06 signs posted at businesses in TX.

    We freakin LOVE Buffalo Wild Wings. My only other option here is Hooters. I loved Hooters over in DFW but the Amarillo one is a disaster. Duct tape on the booth seats, dead flies in the windows, hugely preggo waitress brought me a tray full of borderline burnt wings swimming in a full half inch of grease, the concave butted one never remembers our fried pickles... ugh.
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    It could be that WW is a franchise and the owners can do whatever they wish. My guess, however, is that it is not and that they realize that ANY restaurant in Texas that puts up a sign like that, with the exception of Austin, would quickly go out of business. Wouldn't you agree?
  4. ghrit

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    Not being a Texan, I wouldn't know. But I can say that any shop putting something like that in the window would suffer a huge loss of business here in PA (unless in Philadelphia, Allentown, or Harrisburg.)
  5. ditch witch

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    You know I always hear people squawking about how they're going to boycott so and so but at the end of the day when they're out of milk, they still run to Walmart so I doubt BWW is in any real danger of losing business over it. You have to figure that what they lose in CCW support they gain in anti-gun support so it probably evens out.

    When Starbucks said they welcomed concealed carry holders, the anti-gunners cried a blue streak but I'm betting they still went in for their Venti non fat soy green tea latte light on the foam please.
  6. gunbunny

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    Hey now, Ghrit, don't lump Harrisburg in with all that riff-raff!

    I have yet to see ANY sign saying that we cannot carry in any business, restaurant, or store that I have ever been to. Only federal and state buildings.

    The problem with Harrisburg is it's voting record; it makes the whole county of Dauphin blue. And they can't seem to figure out who's responcible for the incinerator...
  7. The one in Fredrericksburg, VA closed down. Shucks.
  8. kellory

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    All of my inlaws are cops. (Yes, my mother-in-law wears combat boots.) And I hear about some stuff that makes the news early, and some that never makes the news, like the two guys who decided to walk into a bar and hold it up. Long fatigue coats, you typical hoods, and out come two sawed off shotguns, and these guys thought they were tough,....right up until the time about a second later when guns sprouted from every handbag, concealed holster, and duty belt. You see, this bar was where the cops hung out after shift and on their way home. two shotguns pointed at the bar:VS: about 40 off duty cops pointed at them from all sides. [own2]I think concealed carry aught to be appreciated everywhere. Had there been even one CCW in that theater that got shot up, the outcome would have been a lot different. :(
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  9. Jaybird

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    Had a convenience store here post a no handgun sign once. After a month, they took it down. Guess they didn't like the loss of business.
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  10. CATO

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    Here's another one in Chattanooga, TN.


  11. ditch witch

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    OK, well we just got back from Amarillo and that sign is not on the Airport freeway BWW. Posted inside the building is one that reads about criminal charges if you carry "unlicensed". I told the hostess that someone told me BWW did not allow concealed carry inside their restaurants. She said she didn't know anything about that, only that if you were carrying you'd better have a license.

    SO, YMMV, but just to find out where corporate stood, I just shot them the following email through their online contact form.

    "First off I would like to say that my husband and I really enjoy eating at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Amarillo on I-40 East, as do several of our family members. The service has always been wonderful and the atmosphere is fun and entertaining.

    Recently on a message board I frequent, the topic of BWW's policy of banning licensed concealed carry permit holders from carrying guns inside the restaurant came up. Several posters uploaded photos of the front door with decals stating BWW banned guns on the premises. Several others, myself included, said we'd never seen anything of the sort.

    Tonight we stopped at the I-40 location for dinner before going home and I made a point to look. I only saw the usual sign stating that unlicensed carry was not acceptable. I asked the hostess but she had never heard of BWW banning them either.

    Any clarification you can offer to help clear the confusion would be appreciated!"

    I'll letcha know what they say
  12. CATO

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    From a Teressa Tichy at Buffalo Wild Wings (TTichy@buffalowildwings.com):

    Thank you for your comments, we appreciate your feedback.

    Buffalo Wild Wings respects the right of individuals to carry firearms. One of our top priorities is the comfort, safety and enjoyment of our Guests and we have elected to exercise our right to prohibit the carrying of firearms in our Company-owned restaurants. We regret any inconvenience this may cause but believe this position is in the best interest of our Guests and our Team Members. This position may vary in independently-owned franchised locations.

    Thank you!

    Buffalo Wild Wings
    5500 Wayzata Blvd.,
    Suite 1600,
    Minneapolis, MN 55416
  13. BTPost

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    Send her a letter back, and state.... " Fine... Then if I get shot by someone while dining in your establishment, I will sue the pants off you, for failing to protect "Me" since you will not allow "Me" to protect myself. You are on Notice.". See what she has to say about THAT.......
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  15. kellory

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    images (10)A.
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    NO SPAM.
    In other words, do not act like a liberal.

    Kathy Benning
    Executive Vice President Global Marketing and Brand Identity

    Ben Nelsen
    Vice President, Guest Experience and Innovation

    Dave Langefels
    Vice President RIsk Management and Government Relations

    Gary Siddel
    Chairman of the Board

    Kenneth Dahlberg

    Sally M Smith
    President and Chief Executive Officer

    Alan Majerko
    Director, Global Business Development

    Eric Krygier
    Director of Operations

    Bobby Kramer
    Vice President of Operations

    Andrew Kulseth
    Guest Experience
  17. ghrit

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    "Company owned." That leaves franchises to set their own policy ---
  18. gunbunny

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    I just saw in the local news that one of those BWW restaurants opened up around these parts. I was glad to watch in the news the "NO GUN POLICY" controversy has brought. The more people that know, the less people will enter the place and patronage it without knowing BWW's views on the matter of self defense.

    It was looked at as a private property rights issue. Sure you can say "leave this place, we don't serve your kind." It's within their rights. I also know that I'm within my rights to never give them a dime.

    I know I will steer clear of the place. I can't believe they even thought about putting one here, acting like this and expecting to make money. Oh well, good luck, I say!
  19. ditch witch

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    That probably explains why none of the ones around here prohibit concealed carry.

    I never got any kind of response from corporate, kinda forgot about it until just now.
  20. kckndrgn

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    Too bad for them, that's not valid in TN! It must be either the gun-busters sign (gun with slash through it) and/or the following:
    (3) (A) If a sign is used as the method of posting, it shall contain language substantially similar to the following:
    (B) As used in this section, “language substantially similar to” means the sign contains language plainly stating that:
    (i) The property is posted under authority of Tennessee law;
    (ii) Weapons or firearms are prohibited on the property, in the building, or on the portion of the property or building that is posted; and
    (iii) Possessing a weapon in an area that has been posted is a criminal offense.
    (C) A building, property or a portion of a building or property, shall be considered properly posted in accordance with this section if one (1) or both of the following is displayed in prominent locations, including all entrances primarily used by persons entering the property, building, or portion of the property or building where weapon possession is prohibited:
    (i) The international circle and slash symbolizing the prohibition of the item within the circle; or
    (ii) The posting sign described in this subdivision (b)(3).

    Still wouldn't eat there because of the posting, but just know that the only thing they could do is ask me to leave the restaurant.
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