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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Wild Trapper, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. Wild Trapper

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    Yesterday the whole clan here joined into making some apple cider. Lots of work for all. the press was a borrowed outfit, (all manual). We have neighbors that have apple trees and apples they don't use. So we picked apples day before yesterday and made the juice yesterday. [stirpot]

    If you have ever helped in this process, you may have seen the apples that go into the press. We didn't cut out the worms and bad spots, only the rotted spots got cut out. I ran the press and as I was cranking the handle, I saw all those wormy apples getting ground up for pressing. [rofllmao] Got this thought, maybe this is one of the reasons for calling it bug juice. Then again, if you have seen it made you may never drink another glass of cider in your life. :D

    Anyway, we got between 25 and 30 gallons of cider for all the effort. I've no idea what we are going to do with that much cider, I mean, there is just so much of it a person dares drink in a day.[flush] We plan to give some to the neighbor who allowed us to pick so many apples, can some and probably freeze some. Maybe have a cider party with a few friends. [beer]
  2. UGRev

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    Ohh. yeah, I think I'll be passing on the cider from this point on. Thanks for making me throw up the past 36 years of my life.. [yukface]
  3. kckndrgn

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    yeah, prolly didn't need to know that.

    Then again, my sister and her hubby make apple cider but they DO remove the worms, bug, & rotted spots.

    Y'all need to make some "hard" cider, that will preserve some of it (and you at the same time)
  4. bnmb

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    What's wrong with few worms and bugs? They just prove that apples or other fruits are good and healthy. No self-respecting worm would eat heavily sprayed or toxic fruits... :D
  5. Seawolf1090

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    Just 'extra protein'! :D
  6. Wild Trapper

    Wild Trapper Pirate Biker

    No spray, no fertilizer, all natural organically grown apples. Actually there is vary little chance the bugs or worms could contaminate the apples, as the press probably doesn't even harm them much. The pulp is used as compost and that's probably where most of the bugs go for their final meal.

    Next project, butchering chickens or hand picking the field corn.... idle hands, devils workshop...
  7. bnmb

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    Exactly right guys! Here we have a kind of cherries that are huge, almost black, and so sweet that you could get diabetes just looking at them!... :D
    And there's no single cherry without a worm! Finding a wormless cherry is like winning the lottery!
    Anyways, they are twice more expensive than any other cherry kind we have...
    Whenever they show up on the market, they last 30 minutes max! It's like buying riots when people see them...
    My family ate tons of those over the years, and along with them thousands of fruit worms! Hey, a protein is a protein!
    I just love those cherries...
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