Bug Out Bag Ideas for Beginning Preppers

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    Bug Out Bag Ideas for Beginning Preppers
    by Dale
    [​IMG]We hear all the time about what we absolutely need in our bug out bag, and for the most part it’s true. Is putting together a bug out bag for a beginning prepper without a mag bar or a water filter a waste of time? I believe the answer is twofold. Yes, these supplies are critical to putting together a good bug out bag, but are not going to do us any good if we have no idea how to use them.

    I recently had a conversation with a friend who is a beginning prepper, and he asked me what should go in a bug out bag? Before I go into detail about what I told him to put in his bug out bag, I want to give a you little backstory. It is becoming a success story about how to get someone interested in preparedness, and it applies to all areas of preparedness…not just bug out bags.

    SPP154 Bug Out Bag Ideas for Beginning Preppers

    We have been friends for a very long time (even before I became interested in preparedness) so when he asked me about my website, and why I was prepping, I was a little surprised. What surprised me even more was his willingness to learn about it and set aside his preconceived notions. It’s also because of the way I approach our conversations and not go overboard talking about doomsday scenarios.

    Addition & Subtraction
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    Some water, and something to carry it in, food - oatmeal works for me, a can or small pot to cook in, something to start a fire with, a poncho to ward off the rain and also serve as a hooch, some kind of cordage - small rope or whatever, map of area you will be traversing, a cutting tool - small hatchet or old butcher knife, and if your rich then throw in a flashlight and blanket, the rest is all fluff.
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    Start simple, that is my advice. Also I have tailored my bag so that the items in it usually have more then one purpose. Learn/think of all the uses that one item can do. It you learn to think and see something as a multi-tool I think that is the best education. Some people will get a BOB list from the web, buy all the stuff and can't carry the bag. I have seen lists that have pounds of suggested stuff.
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    On someones advice, I spent a weekend with just my bag. I walked 7 miles to a friends house on Saturday, stayed in the woods that night, and back home Sunday afternoon while trying to avoid roads as much as possible. Probably 10 miles. Once home, my bag went from 37# to 18#. I had so much in there that was cool, or could be useful but wasn't needed to preserve my life. It's back to 20# as I added a light coat and a pair of socks. My bag is a "get home" bag anyway.
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    Excellent @Tempstar that is so cool that you could do that. I bet that was a great experience and learned a lot.
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    Use what's in your bag regularly, and replenish it regularly .
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    You all might just want to take a squint at @Falcon15 's Booklet about BOBs... to get some ideas.... or listen to his "In case of Emergency" Internet Radio show on Sunday Afternoon/Evening.... http://shtfseries.com/radio-show/ All good stuff....

    Just leave his Bananas alone, You have been warned.....
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