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    A while back I talked to a friend of mine that had come back from Iraq. He was telling me about his emergency plan and all the stuff he has. Well I thought about it and realized if anything was to happen I would need to get out of where I’m at fast. I’m close to a major city and live in an apartment with no means of fending for myself. I decided that I should make a bug out bag just in case I needed to get out of there and head for my family’s farm up north. I started getting things together just from my hunting gear and stuff I had lying around. This is what I have so far, any suggestions about what I have or what I need to buy would be appreciated.
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    My bug out bag
    Surprisingly there is still lots of room in the bag and it doesn’t weigh that much.
    -Belt +pouch
    (30) rounds .357/.38
    (15) rounds 7.62X54r
    Double edged combat knife

    -small zipper pocket
    Swiss army knife with LED light
    (1)Trash bag
    (5)clear gallon bags
    Sharpening stone
    -Front zipper pocket
    (25) strike anywhere matches
    (50) rounds of 7.62x54r in a bandoleer
    Small lock pick set
    (3) glow sticks
    Swedish steel fire starter and a wad of dryer lint
    Small fishing kit(Home made)
    Flask of 151(It burns in more ways than one)
    -2 Side pockets
    Small Gun cleaning kit
    Other side is empty
    -Main bag
    Change of socks
    Gold bond foot powder
    Survivor blanket taken from old first aid kit.
    Very old and beaten up combat knife
    Pad of paper and a mechanical pencil
    Rain coat
    16” tactical flashlight its way too big but it’s all I have.
    -Large first aid kit that I will either carry with the shoulder strap that’s on it or if there is room I’ll put it in my bag

    Pound and a half of rice
    (6) tea bags
    (1) packet of dry alfredo noodles
    (1) can of peas
    (1)can of tomato soap
    -Weapons available
    Mosin nagant I have 400 rounds for it and an extra bolt. Bayonet will be attached “Probably”
    Remington .270 but I only have 39 rounds and I can’t carry the Mosin to
    Dan Wesson .357 mag 6” barrel in an under arm holster
    (2) combat knives

    I don't have any experience with this so I could use some help.
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    First question to ask yourself is "How long will it take to get to the farm?" (You have about one day's worth of calories, that won't do if you have to hoof it, methinks.) Then think cache at the farm, and have a look here -


    And you better add some water or water treatment stuff to the bag, that will be your most critical need.

    You may find that your escape pouch is more than you need, and may attract attention you don't need with the MN. There are several discussions on the forum regarding BOBs and BIBs, with pros and cons for each. I think I ought not rob you of the reading pleasure by putting links here, that would be too easy --

    Welcome to the board.
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    Damn I thought that food would get me at least a few days if I only ate once a day. If I need to walk all the way to the farm it will take me 3 days to a week depending on a few things. I'm taking the NM because I happen to know the people around here are very well armed; I want something with a lot of take down power and range. In fact I'm looking to buy a Dragunov SVD soon. I might be a little stuck in my ways but I like lots of firepower. [flm]

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    For a lightweight food source that can carry you a long way is what the Native Americans used for hundreds of years; Pinole, take some regular yellow dent corn, roast in a pan with hardwood ashes intill all the kernals have expanded, remove from the heat and ashes then grind in a blender or grinder. I also mix instant oatmeal and other ceral grains with this, place in a airtight plastic container for transport in my BOB. If you cannot start a fire to cook this, then just swallow a couple of tablespoons uncooked and drink with a couple of glasses of water. This instant MRE will expand in your stomach and give you a full fealing in about twenty minutes.

    I have survived on this for two weeks straight with vitamin suppliments with no adverse affects.
  6. Sharpie44

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    How much do I need for say a 4 day trip and would MREs be a better choice?

  7. Tango3

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    Not too shabby and Welcome sharpie 44):
    IMHO you're missing: Water!
    (Tip:prioritize by the "rule of threes"
    You can live 3minutes without air
    3hours exposed to inclement weather,
    3 days with out water,
    3weeks without food( live,not perform hard work)

    a waterfilter, canteen,"camel back" or other water bottle,
    cook pot or metal canteen cup to cook the rice/ boil water to make it safe.tomato soup can would work after consuming the contents..
    A poncho gives you a small tarp to sleep under and rain protection..squat under a tree, light a candle underneath and it could provide wearable emergency shelter...

    perhaps a small wool "watch cap" for cool nights /mornings leather gloves make moving through brush easier on your hands wool socks make cool weather gloves too.
    I'll question two bolt action rifles seems the mn should be sufficient(?) are you carrying the 400 rounds of 7.62x54?
    read "fer fals'" experience in the collapse of argentina he's got some valuable real world experience in the firearms section its here on the monkey and several places on the web.I've got a"big" surplus centerfire bolt action Enfield mk4 smle, I just recently coughed up the change for a roumanian ak clone.I don't figure the bad guys are gonna shoot at me from hundreds of yards away.and I doubt any that want trouble would try solo.
    You're off to a good start and head and shoulders above most folks!

    Gotta try some of your "Pinole" R C..
  8. Sharpie44

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    Thanks : )
    But no I was just saying those are the rifles available to me and I'm only going to carry one of them. More than likely it will be the nagant with 70 or so rounds. I actual just remembered That i have a pair of wool hunting socks and an old pair of leather gloves.

    Also would it be beneficial to carry a field dressing/butchering kit. I have a leather sleeve that has a small meat cleaver and a bone saw in it that i take when I go hunting.
  9. RouteClearance

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    My two week BOB supply fills a large 40oz plastic penut butter jar.
  10. WestPointMAG

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    I think I posted this photo before if I did MHFA.

    I need to add a few things to but most of what I would need is here. It just gos to show what can be stuffed in a little back pack.
  11. QuietOne

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    Just my opinions.
    Are you going to walk? Carrying a rifle? Better hope for no police, martial law checkpoints or gun-toting folks who get upset about an "armed intruder" in their neighborhood.
    Like Tango2 said: water. Maybe a hydration pack? Water is heavy. Purification tabs are lighter than a filter.
    A couple of rolls of Life Savers, Charms or other sugar candy. They don't satisfy hunger but they'll keep you going when you can't stop.
    Too many knives! A multi-tool does most everything. A mini hacksaw does more than a knife.
    Put everything in plastic bags. Including a mini-roll of toilet paper. You'll need it.
    More rain gear. Good boots!
    A pre-arraigned signal to let your family know it's you approaching the farm.
    When you get to that farm are you going to be an asset or just another mouth to feed? Now's the time to talk to your family and help them stock up.
  12. Sharpie44

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    Thanks for the advice but if there is a situation that’s bad enough to make me bug out I’m going to stick to the woods. There are only a few areas I’ll have to come out into populated areas. I would avoid all major populations and definitely anyone attached to the government, if civilians give me a problem they better not miss the first time. I have no problems with shooting them and taking their stuff. I know how to hide and move around in the woods just fine and I would rather avoid people anyway. If I meet someone in the woods I’m going to want to be armed because more than likely they will be. I have good red wing boots and I just ordered a water filter.

    I know a good deal about brewing
    I can work on the farm
    Wood working
    Limited metal working
    Good mechanical knowledge
    College education
    Limited medical training
  13. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    [coffee2][soap][peep]Just had a thought flash through; for snoop'n and poopin through the country side a decent pair of binoc s around the neck helps you see them before they see you. AndI whole heartedly agree with keeping a lowprofile.. a handgun can be hidden under a shirt( thougnot legally here) and may let you pass without stirring up the locals. You've got your objective( gettingto the farm) engaging; i.e. returning long range rifle fire may not be a great idea especilly if you are limited in numbers and ammunition. if they miss, hit the bush and move out cautiously(perhaps after dark?) break contact. Some of the "legs" here (Ozark Goatman or Blackjack come to mind )can better advise on field tactics

    The Field butchering stuff could just be cached at the farm. If by chance you come across and shoot a big mammal for food( on your bug out trip?) you are going to alert every hungry redneck in 50 miles plus its gonna tie you down time and weight wise. Rabbit or grouse are far more plentiful (.38) can be field dressed without tools. Though even a pocket knife makes it easier. Sometimes "actively Hunting" takes more calories than it generates. and generally is considered a bad idea in a pure "survival" situation...Calories become a simple credit/debit game if you hike over hill and dale and burn 2,000 calories and the one rabbit you roll adds 1000 calories to the pot(wild guess), you wasted1000 calories of yourbody reserves and can't survive too many days of that. :) Though a target of opportunity and a wrist rocket may put you on the positive side of the equation :) ...:D
  14. Sharpie44

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    Good Idea. I have a pair of binoculars somewhere. If I take my .270 I can drop someone at 300 yards without a problem but with the MN I'm limited to about 100 yards with the iron sights. I'll be carrying my .357 under my jacket as well. technically anyone is allowed to carry a non concealed weapon here and I have a conceal and carry permit anyway. I'd rather avoid people altogether tough. I'll need the ammo to hunt with.

    I was thinking about making another post about my roommates. Together we would have a Nagant, an Ar15(or a .308), and an SKS. with an assortment of handguns. The problem is that we all would be bugging out to different places. I'm pretty sure my roommate with the SKS would be coming with me at least till near the end of the trip. If I could convince them to forget there families in the suberbs and come with me we would have a well armed group.
  15. ghrit

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    Initially you said your pack wasn't very heavy. But the ammo, rifle, and water were not included. I think weighing it after adding that stuff would be worth your time.
  16. Sharpie44

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    I counted 50 rounds that are in a bandoleer in the fount pocket. The other 15 are on stripper clips in a pouch connected to my belt. I didn't count the gun but I'm use to carrying it from hunting so I'm hoping that will help. I'll look into it.

  17. homeshow

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    weighing your bag is an excellent idea. putting it all on and going for a day hike would put some real world experience along with that. i walk 4 or 5 miles twice a week with nothing more than a cup of coffee. this in no way prepares me for the long hikes to my remote location. so this will mean a more leisurely pase than some may anticipate. that's ok because the sound of me tramping through the brush at a good clip is not something i want. a moderate speed, eyes wide open with plenty of rest and drink breaks will do a couple things for me. prevent seriouse fatigue. allow me to be less detectable. my personal favorite is to allready be able to sneek up or sneak away. depending upon the need at the time. as to your comment about "being able to kill people and take their stuff" i hope this will be a strictly defensive situation. unless you have been under fire before i humbly suggest you really don't know what you will do. i suggest cautious avoidance in all things "buggy".
    and wecome to the board.
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    just a thought since you know were your going, caching along your route might be a good idea? it might lighten your load. also as a backup as you might not know when or how you might be forced to BO? just a thought...

    and i 2nd the idea of avoiding a fire fight or any contact if at all possable... just my 2cents

    and welcome to the monkey Sharpie44
  19. robfindlay

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    Personally I would have one complete MRE for each days journey PLUS couple bricks of those high-calorie coconut bars.

    Bedroll? If you plan on sleep/rest in the day and travel at night you might be able to get away with a wool blanket and a solar blanket. The inverse is still true, though in cold weather I'd travel by night instead of trying to sleep in EXTREME cold.

    I'd ditch the mosin-nagant. It would be good for a bug in, but if your walking it's just going to draw attention. I'd stick with the .357 and stay under the radar. (though if you can acquire an AK/AR with a folding or collaspable stock this would be MUCH easier to conseal say under a poncho or under a LARGE windbreaker. Short of that pickup a 12GA pump, you can find em for 100 bucks at pawn shops. Slap a folding stock on it and it can be easily consealed and god yes USE THE STOCK, dont go hollywood with it.

    You need water, I'd get a 100 oz. bladder and carrier and put it on your gear fill it before you leave. Also get a G1 canteen kit or a 32oz Nalgene bottle and purification tablets. If you can afford it get a filter pump.

    Also I'd throw in a small chemical stove or a portable butane stove and a some bullion cubes. It's not a meal but it can make you feel LOTS better.

    You also need a first aid kit. I recomend buying one of the larger kits and making several smaller ones.

    K, now make a 2nd bag. Keep one in the car. What if stuff goes down while your at work or school? On top of that google altoids kit and build one, keep it on ya at all times.

    Lastly make or buy a simple 72 hour kit for short duration emergencies i.e. chemical spill and you just have to leave home for a day or two...that sort of thing.

    My .75 cents.

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