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  1. I always thought a LENCO Bearcat would have been a nice toy to have until I ran across the Marauder APV while watching the television show, Top Gear. Possibly outdone only by the Matador APV. Now, if I only had a few hundred thousand in disposable income.

    Although, the Bearcat is available with better side armor (for the more expensive package) which can handle up to .50 BMG AP. The Marauder and Matador do up to Level III on the side plates, but can handle massive anti-tank mines and IED's from below (which the Lenco can't).

    Strategically, I think side-armor would be more useful for domestic resistance forces. In contrast, IED protection is probably more useful for the more powerful force since the more powerful force is more likely to face guerrilla warfare tactics (i.e. IED's). I can't see the military making use of mine's on domestic territory to fight resistance forces. Not in the initial stages of battle, in any case. Still, the way that Marauder runs over the cars with relative ease as if it was a tank could possibly come in handy during evasion during SHTF, so it's a trade-off.

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    A quart Glass Bottle of 25/75 Gas/Diesel, with a flaming wick in the neck, is a whole lot cheaper, very much easier to come by, and much more effective, in dealing with such vehicles.... ...... YMMV....
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    Now, Now BT... the wick in the neck is so old fashioned... everyone knows its a well sealed bottle with a gas soaked kotex in a sealed plastic bag .... there's no splash back/spills...
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    That's assuming the sugar in the fuel lets them run at all.....:rolleyes:
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    We didn't have plastic Bags, back in my day... Just liter Glass Coke bottles.... I have a stache of them for my Root Beer Fix during the hot Summers...
  6. Witch Doctor 01

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    Root beer... much more civilized.... I like it...
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