Bugging out "On the Road"

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    n my book, for the not insignificant US$899.99 outlay (okay, a little less from Amazon) for the Bushtrekka, I'd ideally like it to sleep two, perhaps by means of a specially-integrated tent designed specifically for the unit, perhaps with a system of unfolding legs to provide the additional floor area that would be necessary.

    Much better option:

    Frontline Hammock / Jungle Hammock - DD Hammocks
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    True, as they lived in the boonies, the NVA and VC used them. Our LRRP/SF patrols did also but in a more limited fashion. Regular Infantry didn't use them as a jungle hammock is a distance above the ground or a bad place to be when mortars or RPGs visit.

    Most BO types don't spend a week of their vacation testing their BOB as if they did they'd discover "stuff" grows on the body quickly.
    Medical jungle rot is a tropical ulcer; aka "Aden ulcer," "Malabar ulcer," and "Tropical phagedena." To us, it was any fungus which grew on the body.

    As it meant base camp until it cleared up, a bad case was a good thing.
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