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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Yard Dart, May 1, 2014.

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    Southern California wildfire forces evacuations - Yahoo News

    So you have just received a notice that the fire is moving your direction and mandatory evacuation has been declared, you have a Cat5 hurricane, record flood levels..... and so on, are you ready to load up and get outa dodge before the..... shtf? What have you done to prepare, pre-packed containers, spare boxes to load out food stores, portable.. potable water, camping gear organized and so on....

    Yep, it is a scenario, but have you thought it through....

    What happens if your house is destroyed.... do you have all pertinent paperwork archived for who you are, insurance info, your titles to land/vehicles/and so on, enough cash in pocket to make due, contact numbers and address's to safe haven family and friends, a means to protect yourself while in transit to wherever and the other essentials important for you and yours?

    Some Monkeys tonight are wading through stuff in Florida as we speak checking on their stuff after flooding, some are dealing with family/neighbors in the mid west and South areas hit by tornadoes.... Have you planned your emergency egress?

    For us at my home, we have three locations on the property that have to be secured and loaded with prepared containers.... which will cover all areas of food, personal ID, shelter, water and defense..... what say you?
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    Naw, the trick, is to not live in a conventional Dwelling that is subject to the issues that can happen in your AoO... If you live in Tornado Alley, you do NOT live in a Stick House, or a Trailer. If you live in a Flood Plain, you do NOT live in a House that is NOT built on solid Steel Stilts above the 200 Year Flood level. If you live in an EarthQuake Zone, you do NOT live a home that can' t sway without falling down. Finally, If you live in a Brush Fire Zone, you do NOT live in a home, that has combustable Materials on the Exterior.... These are just simple FACTS, that one needs to understand, BEFORE, you decide where you are going to live.... I mean, just think about it....
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    I agree one hundred percent BT.... but some have occupied before they became "aware".... and need to now plan for the what if's, to make sure they have a plan that will preserve their most important things..... life and so on.
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    If anything happens, we hook the truck to the house and leave. BTDT, more than once in our lives.
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    good post ..
    and it gives people alot more to think about than just guns and ammo!!!
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    We have about 2 years worth of food, BOB's for all fully stocked, defensive measures more than ample, alternate location within hiking distance, and a few choice others to band together at a moments notice.
    But even the best laid plans of Mice and Men..... Depending on the Disaster or Scenario, you can never plan for everything adequately!

    When it Hits the Fan there will be plenty of guns and ammo for the taking lying around on the ground!! You may have to pry cold dead fingers off it but, there will more than likely be plenty!
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