Build a firewood stand without much of a time investment

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    ** Notice: this is for new people or lurkers who are new to this lifestyle. No need for you regulars to show us the way you've been collecting wood for the last 20 years or to criticize without trying it yourself. If you've got a better way, start a new thread. If you don't like it--great, move on, I don't care. What I do care about is helping people who aren't "handy."

    Back to the post: The title is a bit of a stretch. It appears that you need a hammer/nails or screws/screwdriver and perhaps a handsaw. I also think I would set another cinder block in the middle to keep the cross-ties from bowing (see last pic). I think you could modify this easily to have a roof.

    Firewood rack using no tools

    Building a no-tools-needed firewood rack

    A stable, strong, easily-movable, cheap firewood rack is a thought-provoking project. This is what i have used for years and it works extremely well.

    It holds a face-cord of heavy, wet wood with no problem and is very stable.
    This is what you need:
    2 or 3 concrete blocks
    2 landscape timbers
    2 2x4s - 8 or 10 footers cut in half.
    total material cost about 15 bucks

    I think the pics say it all but some tips:
    - place 2 concrete blocks holes up on a stable surface, 3 if support needed in center (not often).
    - place timbers across outside edges of blocks
    - place 2x4 pieces in holes in blocks. If on dirt put a few
    small rocks in holes first to help drain water from 2x4' ends.
    - its designed so the 2x4's are leaning out at the top. it's
    very strong like this. if you find the 2x4s are spread too wide, you
    can tap them closer together on a full rack as there is not that much weight on them. the last pic shows my new double rack. one more block but 4 less 2x4 pieces and stronger because of center blocks. if you enlarge the last pic, you can really see how much weight this set-up will hold. and i could put a lot more on it but its over my head..hahah
    If you have any doubts about whether or not this works like i say, just read a few comments from other members, real people just telling it like it is.

    I cut a piece of plastic tarp about 4' wide and 10' long to cover wood... i take a couple of holed bricks and tie lite 3' rope from one to the other and lay over tarped ends to keep tarp on in wind. all of this works really well together. rack gets stronger with more wood and is very stable. everything comes apart to move to another spot or put in storage (or use for other projects). Rack is high enough off ground to blow leaves from underneath or spray for bugs. Its nice to be able to easily move a woodrack as sometimes the ground under it becomes unstable and the rack will lean. Or sometimes you just find a better place and moving individual pieces is so much easier than moving the whole rack at once. One more thought: if you use 8' 2x4s, if you cut them in half at a 45 degree angle, you get more length and also the angle will help them drain at the top.
    Update: i like to shoot pellet rifles and have a picnic table for shooting from and a nice rest. the end of the long firewood rack was in the way so i just put a "window" in it with a 2"x6" frame and now shoot thru the window 70' to my pellet trap...i love it..hahah
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    Very nice [winkthumb]
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    Nice cato. Even I could do that... I think. :D
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    Got me to rethinking how I had planned to set up the wood pile this year! Thanks @CATO for the great post..
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    Best firewood tarp I have found yet is free. Lumber at my lumberyard, buy local not big box, comes covered in a very heavy plastic and they give me all I need free. Asked real polite like and the guys in the yard even opened the lumber skids as to minimize damage to the plastic covering. Pile my firewood on skids, 4 foot wide, free from my local Tractor Supply box store, with the ends made by standing a skid on end. Covered with the plastic they don't dry as well, but they are much neater and keep the wife happy. Seeing as the wood I am splitting now is for 3 years from now, it will be dry by then. It is useless to cut firewood and not store it properly, it will rot and mildue in a very short time , please don't ask how I know that to be true.
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    Thanks CATO! Great info!
  8. kellory

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    I did something very similar for a neighbor, but used railroad ties instead of cinder blocks, with steel poles instead of wood. Everything slides apart to shift it anywhere.
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    Effing brilliant......
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    I really like how high it is off the ground. I have seen bricks used but when that low the wood pile becomes a place for mice, snakes and all sorts of critters. I think being cinder block high would keep the critter out better. Also, you can see if someone is standing behind the wood pile.
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    Of course you did. Maybe you should start your own thread and show everyone your expert handiwork.
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  12. kellory

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    No, I have no pictures of it, but it was simple of design like this. I'm not interested in upstaging this, just recognized the design.
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    I will use this method next year, Thanks
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