build a small house for nearly nothing

Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by marlas1too, Dec 14, 2011.

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    That's pretty cool. I think though that scrounging up pallets that were all identical and in good shape like they used in the video would be tough. I use to ship allot of product and pallets varied in size of both thickness,width and length by as mush as 6". Someone with some simple building skills could overcome this pretty easy.

    It's honestly pretty hard to beat the simplicity and minimal materials used in a pole building. Not to mentions the added strength of having the building fastened into the ground. I like this concept though as someone with min skills and a few nails could make a shelter.

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    Don't show it to the Occupy crowd...
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    Ship new keyboard and monitor to 45804 plz. [fnny]
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    Pallets can be hard to come by. I have some as a store owner, but technically they belong to someone else.
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    I used to work for CHEP. If you've ever seen a blue painted one in a grocery those are usually CHEP's and they take theft of them very seriously. When I worked there I believe they said each of theirs (heavier duty than the average pallet) cost around $150.
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    i bought over 300 pallets from a company for 25.00 and a lot of them are blue-about a third-they sold them to me and i don't care who they got them from i have a receipt for all of them and that makes them mine-its on their head not mine but they are hard to take i save them to make compost bins
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    Can't say I blame you. CHEP is well known though for actually having police raid businesses to retrieve their pallets. I won't take one for free let alone pay a cent for one. If it's CHEP's they get a call and told to pick it up or it will be destroyed.

    Pallet Enterprise Article - The Ups and Downs of Big Blue
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    yeah when i drove truck we had to take the chep pallets back where we got em from
    they were the best of all the pallets ive ever worked with
    as far as building cheaply, find an amish sawmill that makes pallets
    you can get slabwood for like $5 a pickup load, all in 8 ft or longer lengths
    these make real quick n easy stringers and siding for pole structures
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    Every one of my used landscape & utility trailers have been re-decked with amazing rough hewn 2x12 amish lumber. Fantastic non slip surface for wet weather use and the price can't be beat.
  11. beast

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    i hope you used white oak or ash
    they are pretty rot resistant
    other woods arent
    my big trailer is decked in rough cut ash
    its 7 years old and solid as the day i decked it
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    Even with a receipt, if you paid for stolen property, it can be confiscated.
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    When I worked at a landscape supply yard and stone dealer we would have given you every pallet you would take. They would be a good place to start looking.

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