Energy Build Your Own 12 VDC Engine / Generator 1994

Building Your Own Generator Using An Automobile Alternator And Small 4 Cycle Motor

  1. Asia-Off-Grid

    Asia-Off-Grid RIP 11-8-2018

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  2. arleigh

    arleigh Goophy monkey

    This is an especially great resource to have ready , especially if you have a battery bank and rely on solar.
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  3. oil pan 4

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    An automotive alternator can produce a lot more than 12 volts dc if you mod it.
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  4. ghrit

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    No mods needed for 14 volts or a bit more. Above that, well, you want it, you might get a tractor alternator that does 24 and better without mods.
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  5. oil pan 4

    oil pan 4 Monkey+++

    I get up to 88 volts out of my ACdelco DR44G serries alternator welder. But it's been heavily modified.
    For example I can take a standard obsolete 12si style alternator and use it on a 12 or 24v system just by swapping out the voltage regulator.
    Then to get more voltage just takes a bit of creativity.
    Anything over 24v or that is intended to charge a battery bank is going to need an external rectifier because the factory bridge rectifier is likely not sized and cooled to run at full power for a long period of time.
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