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    Me warp speed!
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    Michael, I think you overstate your case....

    Sometimes, the cost of not righting a wrong, is worse than the cost of righting the wrong itself. It isn't axiomatic that correcting moral wrongs via government legislation / regulation need be a bloody affair, resulting in massive loss of life. Great Britain, managed to abolish slavery over a period of time, mostly by parliamentary bloodletting required.

    Timeline of abolition of slavery and serfdom - Wikipedia

    Why was Slavery finally abolished in the British Empire?: The Abolition of Slavery Project

    Although there had been a long history of anti Semitism in the USA, to my knowledge "Killing Jews", was never legal. Prohibiting, by law, acts of murder, and manslaughter (regardless of the victims religious affiliation, or ethnicity) is a legitimate interest of good government.

    History of antisemitism in the United States - Wikipedia

    I guess both sides can make value judgements concerning segregation V desegregation, as also the appropriateness, and value to society of government intervention in legislating racial desegregation; However, although desegregation resulted in some social turmoil, resulting in some loss of life, it didn't require a war, involving the loss of millions of lives....Constitutional amendments, SCOTUS rulings, Congressional legislation, and Presidential executive orders managed to correct the moral wrong of racial (and other forms of) segregation, relatively peaceably.

    The Timeline and History of Desegregation in the United States
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    Michaelelliot We build colonies. And the homes they live in .

    I guess to get technical Slavery was ended over fighting the civil war . So legislation didn't help 6 million dead bodies did. The overthrow of the democratically elected government of Germany ended the law to kill jews 20 million civilian war dead . legislation didn't help . And well 100 years of lynchings and civilian street battles ended segregation unknown dead but legislation ended it and the bat and gun enforced it YES I THINK THE BEST WAY IS STARVING A BEAST BECAUSE IT is IN AGONY AS YOU WATCH ,COMFORTABLE AS IT DIES? BUT damn caps lol But hey if people were free to live as they choose questions like segregation get answered by free market means not at the end of a gun .
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    No, but it saved countless others after the fact. If slavery was still legal, it would have been going on for the last 100+ years. If killing Jews was still "okay", the death toll would be even greater. If segregation were still the law of the land, how bad would it still be? Methinks it would be much worse.

    You say "questions like segregation get answered by free market means, not the end of a gun"...well, um, in this case "free market means" (as opposed to laws I presume) WERE at the end of a gun, or rope, bat, knife or molotov cocktail. It was a problem that was getting worse because the murder was condoned.

    Do I think that government is way out of control? Yes. Do I agree with some on this site that we can govern ourselves with only natural laws? Hell no, clearly we can't because left to our own devices we're a vicious, mean, selfish species and in general we're not very nice. Do I know what the perfect balance is? Nope, but I never claimed to either.

    And for the record, a line of all caps text in the middle of a post is generally seen as emphasis whereas an entire post followed by a line "oops caps" is generally seen as a bullshit "apology", which is what I was referring to in my earlier post and what you appeared to be referencing...especially since you fixed the caps lock after you were done yelling in the same post.
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    Michaelelliot We build colonies. And the homes they live in .

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Well caps lock is to trigger sjws and it works great didn't notice still had on from fb but hey if you think that's yelling .... well to bad you are a willing slave afraid to be free . I hope its not genetic so your children and theres have a chance
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    Nice, I appreciate the personal attack rather than the desire to have a meaningful dialog, and ad hominem rather than addressing my points.

    No, you didn't forget it was on from Facebook, you typed far too much for an accident because unless you type one handed, it would have been very easy to go back and fix.

    People questioned you rather than giving you instant and immediate validation and you got butt hurt and started lashing out and attacking...much like, no exactly like the social justice warrior snowflakes that you claim to despise.

    Not a slave, but thanks for your simple minded rhetorical repetition. Go ahead and cling to that. It's too bad you can't come up with something...anything, more compelling or worthy of discourse.

    I say go for it dude. Build whatever, wherever and damn The Man. Be free. Buck the system. To hell with laws and codes and permits and licenses and you know what, if someone gets hurt or heaven forbid killed because of something you did in the spirit of freedom, well then I'm sure it won't be any big deal to you. All of those things are just there to hold you down, make you a slave, and you ain't nobody's slave.


    *Editorial note - the above capitalized three word sentence is not meant to trigger any social justice warriors or snowflakes. I'm just so gosh darned excited and enthused about throwing off my shackles and escaping the plantation that I can't contain myself!

    Oh, and I'd put any if my three kids up against you, including the youngest who isn't yet in her teens, when it comes too an intelligent, reasoned, well thought out, cogent discussion on civics, liberty or freedom...or grammar, spelling and the correct use of punctuation for that matter.

    What the hell is that even supposed to mean?
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    Relax, DL, he finally stepped over the line.

    Good work, whoever hit the button.
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    No great loss.

    @DarkLight....agree with you whole heartedly. Good reply!

    I think the banned one is out of his mind...I never figured DL as a sjw. ;)
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